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Hola Lo! Questions about DCG and new units with HSFX 7

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Well Ive been trying and trying and trying to like the new IL2 BOS.   Its great eye candy. not much else so far..

Ive dusted off  the  Rnzoli DCS server box and got my DCG campaigns going again.. then decided to see about updating everything

from the current 4.09/HSFX 4 install to the new 4.12.2/HSFX 7.03 


Of course IM sitting here adding ships/armor/planes to mission files and pulling them out to add into all the  DCG files..


So I got a question for ya Lo..

with some of the new  suqadron and company items...  How will DCG handle those in campaign?

for instance.. here is my armor entries for the cruiser MKIII tank...




1-Crusader_III    1 194209 194401 none              02/03
2-Crusader_III    1 194209 194401 none              02/03
3-Crusader_III    1 194209 194401 none              02/03
4-Crusader_III    1 194209 194401 none              02/03
5-Crusader_III       1 194209 194401 none              02/03
Crusader_III_Sqn  1 194209 194401 none              02/03
Armor.1-CruiserMKIII 1
Armor.2-CruiserMKIII 1
Armor.3-CruiserMKIII 1
Armor.4-CruiserMKIII 1
Armor.5-CruiserMKIII 1
Armor.CruiserMKIII_Sqn 1
Now Ive always assumed of course, DCG knew how many units there are in group due to the first integer found in the line.
with the new Sqn and Cpy  formations, there is no longer an integer.
if one gets destroyed, well it reduces that number in the next mission.
Is this going to throw a monkey in the machine if you add one of these units to the campaign? IE.. it either cant be destroyed, or destroying one tank in the group takes out the entire unit?
and as a side note...
considering the new   armor.2  armor.3   armor.5  entries in the game.  Can I assume Im not wasting my time by adding them to the armor/gunits files.
I figured if  I selected an armor.3   group for the campaign,  and if I didn't have it in those files, it would scrub it out.


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I hope you didn't wait for an answer from me and started experimenting on your own, because it'd be faster than waiting for me to figure out the answer.  I can't remember if the armor counts are hard-coded to a maximum of four or if the game just takes it from the armor.dcg file.  You only need one entry for the Crusader III (the one with .5 or .4).  The Sqn unit won't work.  DCG won't know what to do with it.

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Ha. no I wasnt waiting.  Im still puttering around getting back into the swing of things. I wish I and written down all the stuff you and I exchanged back and forth as now I forget that stuff!!! lol.  Like what the  ~X  ~C and ~A means on the columns file. I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to figure out why I was getting a location check fail error, then realized it was cause I had a space between the allied and axis  coordinates in the PRD file.  Slowing geting back up to speed.

I already did a full armor.dcg file for  HSFX 7.03.  I wasnt  sure if I only needed one entry for the max #.  So Ive got entries for every item  1-xxx, 2-xxx, 3-xxx, 4-xxx, 5-xxx, 12-xxx.  etc

Im guessing its not hard coded as when Ive generated campaigns with 5 armor units, DCG handles them just fine apparently. Havn't play tested them but they generated and the 5-xxx armor units are showing in the columns.dcg file.

RGR on the squadron/Company Items. I figured that would be the case.


thanks Lo

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