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Addressing the problem with a practise tweek.


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We've been following the leader in practise. I and Heidie (sorry if I got that name wrong I'm not use to the Germanic grammar) were engaged at the end of our foray against the dreaded Yankee foe. The problem was we were seperated from the gitgo and so couldn't, as the Beatles put it, come together. Without the come together factor teamwork is non-existant. Sooo...


Tweeking the follow the leader aspect of practise would be to have elements follow the leader instead of individuals. With lead member of the element responsible for just one job. The lead (whoever can spot the cons first) keeps his eye on the con and follows him. The wingman tasked with following the lead (as opposed to the con) and maintaining as much of the SA as he can for both he and the man on the attack. So the man in the element 2 position would have 2 jobs and have the harder of the tasks.

Of course, if the lead becomes a target of another con #2 man will have to engage and keep his eye on his wing as best he can. This part of the tactic could very well be tweeked as well. Since we really need to stick together, IMHO. So when the problem of seperation occurs maybe a predefined area of rally can be determined. Like 12 o'clock of the grid in which the fight happened, or a big ground object (city, horseshoe lake, etc.). The fight being discontinued until the element can rejoin.

All that fuel I used and I never did get on anyone's tail anyway. Might as well do, What we called in the Corps, a tactical retrograde (retreat) and, come together.

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