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  1. Guess I need to go on a deployment, soon...
  2. Tom, please keep in mind what you have asked was a charity from a group that you aren’t associated with. I’m sure your intent of this phrasing was tongue-in-cheek but a more professional, polite method would go much farther.
  3. I just bought it for $15 on Steam about 3 months ago and haven't even installed it. Oh well.
  4. I have a line in an upcoming DCS F/A-18C Campaign. Hopefully it doesn't wind up on the cutting room floor.
  5. Please be aware that use of the Hartmann tulip along the engine cowlings is within a limited scope of personalization options for Oesau aircraft. Unfortunately we would not approve it's use for you, at this time.
  6. Congrats on the win, even though we didn’t hit the targets, you were certainly wise about your engagements.
  7. It’s live now: https://twitch.tv/64rage
  8. Yes, I got mine sometime in late 2012, iirc.
  9. I had to update mine from 22 to 23, my mini-stick worked just fine. However, the older firmware didn't recognize the new slew. How do I know... I didn't update at first.
  10. Update your firmware on the throttle, if you haven't already.
  11. I would have to verify, but I’m pretty sure I went with the circular. I did this about a year ago and haven’t been happier. I believe Trev did. his late last year, as well.
  12. Maybe? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229207 ED doesn't control Steam's prices.
  13. We could have kept it in the same thread, it's okay. Couldn't you use dual monitors, the TV and the 22"? You mention "monitors" is there another? Would need specs (resolution and refresh rate) to really give you an opinion. I thought this was on a limited budget. I can tell you, from experience, that spotting in IL-2 on an HP Reverb (2080ti) isn't any worse than TrackIR and a TV/monitor. I've spotted things before monitor pilots and I've had troubles seeing things they have, about equally. There is a wonderful mod to help VR pilots with spotting and identifying in IL-2, it's linked in other VR posts, here.
  14. Make sure you either have, or order, a SATA or (if your board and new drive support it) an NVMe cable. Most SSDs do not ship with them.
  15. I recommend getting another SSD and keeping the one you have now, loaded with the OS.
  16. I like how you guys are using Zulu/UTC time.
  17. I used a 36" 1080p tv, for years. If that works better, you'll find an improvement there.
  18. TAW is IL-2: Great Battles (WWII), Trev.
  19. That was a fun match, gunfighters in the stratosphere!
  20. I hope this new group will make a good impression. I'm excited to see this one.
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