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  1. What? Where? I'm intrigued!
  2. I might have you all beat. This was my first simulator:
  3. Just stumbled on this guy's content. Quite nice to see some close up coverage of aircraft I might never see. Like the VAK-191B! Note that the series is called "Inside the Cockpit" but the museum may not allow him to enter all the displays. Note the use of FC for flying visuals
  4. Who else has this in their wish list at only $74k? https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/aston-martin-racing-simulator-esports-rig/
  5. Yes, I've been using external hubs for a while. I try to keep the VR headset and mouse and keyboard connected directly to the board but almost everything else is on a hub.
  6. Again, it would only show that way on your computer. The modification of the file is what the anti-cheat measure was all about.
  7. I do believe you can be the gunner for any of the planes, even if you don’t own them. If so, you can support in that manner, as well.
  8. As long as the mission has those airframes, you’d be good in them. Both are very good scouts.
  9. Britchot

    For BernTeas

    That reminds me of Sniglets.
  10. Deepest condolences from myself and LadyBrit.
  11. I've been using a GPS and laser altimeter autoland in a $12M military drone for over 12 years. I'd probably still get very nervous at the round out, though. Ours flies to the ground, it isn't pretty but it is under G and reusable Today, I found some errors in the G1000 in the DA40NG, at least. One IAF was WAAAY off and a small airport didn't even have its VOR approach available.
  12. Don’t worry, most of us hardly turn on the radar, to be honest. It seems to be only good as a beacon to the enemy. Thank you for the information, as Butzzell has mentioned, our CO will be emailing you soon. Welcome to our forums!
  13. I highly agree! I had to go to an aerobatic school to learn spin recovery, hands on.
  14. @Lee Full/full for initial takeoff. Reduce RPM to 2260 at a safe altitude (prop pitch lever), throttle full, airspeed 65 KIAS for initial climb and 70 KIAS after flaps up. In the manual there’s a chart for best climb speeds at various altitudes and flaps, it decreases as you get higher (4k and up). Cruise, RPM 1700-2260, throttle “as required”. If you’re serious about a single airplane, google the Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) or Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) for that plane and at least look through chapter 4, normal procedures. Here’s the Rotax DV20: http://support.diamond-air.at/fileadmin/uploads/files/after_sales_support/DV20_Katana/Airplane_Flight_Manual/Basic_Manual/40120e-r1-DV20-100-AFM.pdf
  15. I would try it out first and see if it gets it right. JoyID was the program I was trying to explain that you can assign your own Controller IDs. Apparently, it may not work according to that thread. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13009
  16. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/8/27/21403769/hurricane-laura-microsoft-flight-simulator
  17. Ever been to a motorcycle mechanic?
  18. Yeah, it rendered a large warehouse and some outbuildings in the middle of the local water reclamation pond...
  19. The Pawnees, Citabrias, Cub, and Decathlon I’ve flown, do. I love holding onto the rails when I’m cruising. I do it in the UAS control shelter’s monitor handle, too, lol.
  20. Flying the DA40 is a lot like flying an ASK-21, especially landing. I have many hours in both. i was disappointed to find out that the DA40 NG in MSFS has nosewheel steering. The real plane has a castoring nosewheel and steers like a MiG-21.
  21. I'll fly the DA40 because I know it, very well. I'll see about doing some sort of career mode moving cargo in C208s, not sure why but I love that plane.
  22. I’ll be flying approaches into my airports in the 4-seat aircraft I am intimately familiar with, this weekend, I hope. I can certainly let you know how that “feels”, minus VR.
  23. I’ll pick it up this weekend to practice my approaches for my IPC, next month.
  24. @TedOnMeds here you go 😎
  25. I love the civilian flight sim aspect of flying procedures. Military sims are exciting but mostly people just get up and get to shooting each other in the face.
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