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  1. Colors are buyer's choice, many options for the metal and brown or black for the chair. Here's the reddit article that caught my eye: The maker is only on Facebook, but for those with the account, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/SIMpleSIMpit/ That MiG-29 ($599) stick is amazing, but I'm doing alright with my current TM set. I might order the chair ($299) without the throttle stand and use my current set-up, probably adjusted with an extension on the TM sticks, and quite possibly mount one of the collectives that are out there!
  2. Great info, Raz! I moved this thread to technical support so it’s easier to locate in the future.
  3. LOL, gives a ton of advice (with links!) and apologizes...
  4. The first Hind I ever saw in person (and the Hip I was a door gunner in):
  5. I’m sure, it was the early fielding of the -24P.
  6. I found a great tutorial and (finally) made a thread for Mi-8 tips:
  7. Slight change of pace with some peacekeeping instead of explosions. However, it does give a great shot of the crewmembers in addition to the helo.
  8. Do you have the Hip? That's a beast to fly but damn she's fast. I'm learning the Ka-50, finally. I've only owned it for 10 years or so and only sat in the cockpit once. I figure if I need to do single pilot, modern map, helo CAS, that'll be easier than the Mi-24. Then again, bring a MiG-21 in hot!
  9. Used Google to translate this scale model website. A lot off good info and photos! https://www.spmodelismo.com.br/howto/he/progress/progress04.01.php
  10. That's simply amazing. That was a hard life, back there.
  11. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/254461-official-news-2021/?do=findComment&comment=4647455 AI interface for single player Hind.
  12. That's pretty cool. I wonder if he could submit those to TacView to be implemented, officially?
  13. I'll pass. I only need to go "real enough" in my flight sim. Red Orchestra 2 was brutal enough.
  14. Your summary is absolutely correct in all aspects. It is meant to be a more structured PUG alert. General chatting in the sections but nothing too serious because it isn't as easy to search on Discord, as it is here on the forum.
  15. Not sure about "combat conditions", looked like a range to me. Still nice raw video.
  16. We had a speculative thread about it, previously:
  17. Practice night BlueFlag infiltration! Baby steps, but damn I'm glad I know how to use the doppler navigation! Cue Ride of the Valkyries! CAS on station and good effects! This mortar team really did have a great spot, they pounded the enemy FARP.
  18. The Mirage 2000C, with all the influence from Escadron 2/5, I have to believe it has a lot of realism implemented. Way beyond what the armchair pilots complain about on the forums.
  19. Wounded badges, finally! It sounds morbid, but that has been sitting for ever!
  20. The forums are pretty convoluted as it is, and the PUG thread is only reasonably used. I can really only see a few pros to making it a whole separate forum, the major one is creating your own title to say “Flying Circus 22APR”, possibly gaining more attention to your post. However, once this event passes, it just remains a single post with one or two responses. This differs from the practice posts within the squadrons that sometimes contain planning and/or debriefings. Also it can contain information that might want to be searched, later. Personally, this is why we originally cre
  21. He does admit to not being an authority (not a helicopter pilot) and pins authoritative corrections to his mistakes when they're made. A fine example is the hover tutorial.
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