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Spotting in RoF


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Participated in the first really organized mission in RoF, the test mission from FiF. 

Was quite fun and all, however there was one downside - i had a really hard time both in spotting, and keeping track of aircraft, way harder then in all the WW2 sims, even BoS, which is based on the same engine.

Does anyone have any specific tips, how i could tweak my graphics, to make this better/as best as possible?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Manu,


My apologies if these are dumb questions.


Are you using any form of TrackIR or FreeTrack?


Also, are you using the Increase and Decrease Field of View (FOV) feature in the game? 


I believe Increase FOV is keypad -


And Decrease FOV is keypad +


If you already use both of these, then it could be a graphical setting.


I could always tell you what I'm running ROF at, but it might be different for your set up.


Either way, hope this helps!

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