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Control Panel in the current version of WIndows 10

IRFC Hawkeye

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This applies to the version of Windows 10 which is current at this time; the "creator's update".


I don't know why Microsoft wants to stop you from using Control Panel.  They have another, new interface under "Settings" (accessed by Win + X menu, which Control Panel used to be accessed from) , which I would have no problem with, if you could access all of the functions that you used to be able to access from Control Panel.


However, using that interface, there is a LOT you can't access.  For me personally, one of the biggest ones is being able to make an image backup of your computer.  Why they would want to make that a secret is beyond me, in this day and age.


So here is how you can do it.


Right-click on your desktop, and choose New > Shortcut.


Then enter:




Then enter "Control Panel" or whatever you want to call it.


Once the shortcut is on your desktop, you can drag it to your taskbar if you want to, which is what I always do, considering you can execute programs from there at any time, with one click, and not clutter up your desktop.


Honestly I don't mind them getting rid of crap as long as there's another way to do it.  If there's another easy way to access all of the previous capabilities of Control Panel, I'd be happy to know that; but as far as I know, there isn't right now, and it seems like they want it that way on purpose  :huh:


I realize this post may quickly become obsolete.

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