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"Race Against Death" - an event by Liberator!


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I had a lot of fun this evening on Liberator's "Race Against Death" event. Thanks for hosting it Lib! icon_e_salute.gifHere is the archived Twitch stream:



Might be a bit tedious to watch for some, as I had to crash several times before I even reached the airfield! If you want to skip to the really dicey part, skip to the end at about 1 hour and 44 mins. Attempting to land in 15 meter/second wind, with snow, in near-IFR conditions. One of the most tense experiences in my ROF career! icon_eek.gif

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Lol! Shoulda guessed. So...when I was dropping all my extra ordinance, I was bathing the countryside in beir! What a waste...oh well, at least the locals love me now!


Random farmer to his wife: "I'm telling you, my wish came true - it was raining bier from the heavens! That's why I smell like a distillery - honest!"  :D

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