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  1. In-Game Name: -NW-FourSpeed Squadron affiliation: New Wings (https://newwingstraining.org) Timezone: GMT - 7 (USA - MST) PS> I'll have to look into Discord (not a fan) -- TeamSpeak does everything I need without the excess bloat...
  2. So, that means I didn't get viciously murdered by that crazed killer Luftritter? Whew! What a relief, it was all just a bad dream... Cheers, 4 ~S!~
  3. He's really just going through some of the kinds of things that the greats like Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and others of that timeframe pioneered in the flat picking and finger picking styles, which leads us to some of the current wizzards like Richard Smith and Tommy Emmanuel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e-88q4znyA Here's a good place to start, if you're actually interested in starting to learn that type of playing style. ...and ultimately, you're aiming towards playing stuff like this... Cheers, 4 <S!>
  4. Gentlemen, It was my privilege and pleasure to help. FiF, and other tournament events like it, are some the greatest community events of Rise of Flight, and I am glad I was able to contribute to that effort in some small way when called upon. Best Regards, 4 ~S!~
  5. I can't wait until we get to play with those same .50 cals in a couple of weeks! Cheers, 4 ~S!~
  6. I'm not seeing the "downside" Cheers, 4 ~S!~
  7. If you have an hour to spare, Brian's talk (~1:10) at Lawrence Livermore is pretty good. It also includes that story (it's from his ('92?) book "Sled Driver") but he has a lot of other interesting experiences and viewpoints he shares. He spent a year in a military hospital, recovering from an AT28 shootdown in 'Nam, before his "sled" days, for instance. He's quite an entertaining and good speaker, plus he brought some great SR-71 pics to show as well. Here's a link --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wigZsFypdyI Regards, 4 <S!> PS> That "speed" story is on
  8. Lol for the "Troll Bridge" mission... I've had a lot of experience flying under bridges in our Tuesday Night Fly-In sessions, so I'd definitely sign up for that one! That said, something a little more historic is probably a bit more appropriate, and I think Luftritter had a couple good ideas there. Still, thanks for the chuckle! Regards, 4 <S!>
  9. Were it not for the bulk and weight, maybe they should do some analysis on the Martin Baker 0-0 ejection seats as well as the canopy. Either way though, it's a dangerous business, and sometimes, for jet-jocks and F1 drivers alike it's just "Kobayashi Maru"... Regards, 4 <S!>
  10. Hi Klaiber, I'm not aware of any incident, per se. I did have one pilot tell me he disco'd and ask if it was ok for him to fly again. I asked him the circumstances, and my understanding was that he was over enemy territory, but not actively engaged with any enemy contacts at the time of the disconnect. At that point I mentioned the 5 minute re-fly timeout and then cleared him to fly again once that time limit was past. I'm not aware of any issues, problems, or complaints with disco's from Saturday's mission, so I just assumed that Vonrd's question was one of general policy. If th
  11. Thanks for checking Butzzell -- it's good to know the mission wasn't glitched. We'll remind folks to stay under the 3km bubble while they're searching for him. Regards, 4 <S!>
  12. Hmmmm... well, as interim commander this past Saturday, I made one of our guys wait the 5 minutes after he disco'd. I guess my position would be -- "any time you exit a flight, you have a 5 minute wait". The only exception I'm aware of is if you are killed or captured, you can become a gunner for someone else immediately. I see the disco more as "ending a flight" rather than death or capture, so I don't have any issues with a 5 min wait... Additionally, if the guy disco'd, a brief wait might be a good thing, just to see if his connection is settled or not before (potentially) losing ano
  13. Fair Enough. Depending on how far out you are in your line-up and how good (and quick) they are at shooting at you, you may need to do a little bit of jinking on the way in. Otoh, your MiG is pretty quick, so hopefully, you'll be able to get them before they can get you. Unsurprisingly, ground strafing missions are (historically) one of the most dangerous to undertake, and a lot of guys (in several conflicts) met their ends, or became P.O.Ws, attempting it. Good Luck! Regards, 4 <S!>
  14. You might be able to get a little cross-training by strafing truck convoys and trains in RoF. I haven't flown in DCS in many months (and I only have the Sabre, not the MiG), but in RoF, I find that lining-up perpendicular to the truck's line of direction and treat the strafing path like an approach to landing (albeit at substantially higher speed, of course) helped me a lot when it comes to bagging those pesky little targets. Once you get the line-up right, a couple little short bursts is all it takes to get the job done. Hope that helps. Regards, 4 <S!>
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