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Knights of the Sea III 1918 - Dec. 17th 1800GMT


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Salute gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the gents at Syndicate Squadron have given us a special treat to share with the ROF community.  Knights of the Sea III, featuring a 1918 plane set.  This map differs somewhat from the first two Knights of the Sea events in not only the plane set, but some naval targets being moved farther SW closer to the area between Dover and Calais.  This should allow for more action over the water without having to navigate extreme distances offshore with no land marks.  However, for the brave there are still a few naval targets operating out to sea of Ostende Harbor and far east of Felixstowe, England.  There is also the long haul Gotha raid of the infamous "England Squadron" that is tasked with flying completely across the Channel and hitting Felixstowe and Harwich, and returning home, about a 3hour round trip wink.png


We will run this in place of the normal Sunday Vintage Mission, just remember you will have to go "Mods On" mode to see the server.

This is a 6 hour mission that starts at 0500 just before dawn.  For those who don't care for night flying, don't worry, there will be light enough to see 30min after mission start.


IMPORTANT - This tournament is mods on.  It requires only 2 mods to be run by all players


- Soldiers_Package_2v4(SYN)

- Tirpitz_Battery_Object_v1.0


Here is a dropbox link to a folder containing both mods and the JGSME.exe tool for those that don't already have it.




Simply download the two mods, drop them into your ROF MODS folder and activate them using JGSME.  Make sure they are the ONLY two mods you have activated.  There is a quick how-to for those that have never used mods in ROF before at the bottom of this post.



Mission Background: 


The unrestricted submarine warfare campaign has failed to end the war, now it is down to the German army, reinforced by units from the Eastern Front.  The German Marinekorps are to support the army with attempts to hinder British logistics and reinforcements, and to defend the U-boats in and around their ports.  The Royal Navy have discovered that the Dover barrage has been ineffective.  Admiral Bacon has been replaced by Admiral Keyes, who has emphasised the defence of the Straits and also has plans to attack Ostend and Zeebrugge.

The side which completes the most objectives will win.  The Germans have the advantage and will be awarded a free objective at the beginning of the mission so that they win any ties.








Bomb the naval dump at Harwich, Dover Station and either the dump or station at Ramsgate.

Sink merchant ships in port at Dunkirk and Calais.

Sink merchant ships in English ports and home waters.

Sink Royal Navy drifters.

Destroy bridges on the rail route out of Calais.

Bomb the big British depot at Furnes.

Destroy Entente balloons and transport, also complete the indicated recces.




Sink a German destroyer as the flotilla returns to Zeebrugge from northeast of Ramsgate.

Sink German minesweepers as they clear the old advanced barrage.

Sink a U-boat as it attempts to ambush the Dutch convoy.

Sink a U-boat between the barrages as it tries to pass the Dover Straits .

Sink U-boats in port at Bruges, and also Ostend and Zeebrugge.

Destroy coastal defences at Zeebrugge and Ostend.<br>Bomb bridges over the Bruges ship canal at Zeebrugge.

Bomb the dump and railyard at Bruges.

Destroy German balloons and transport, also complete the indicated recces.

NOTES - Only the fuel dumps need to be destroyed at Harwich.  The Ramsgate target can be either the station or the ammunition dump in the harbour.  The Bruges dump consists of the fuel tanks and surrounding sheds, as well as the sheds around the railyard.
-Both Bray Dunes and Klemskerke aerodromes will be deactivated if their hangars are destroyed.  Any machines based there will have ten minutes to take off, or they will be lost.

-The coast bombardment can only be conducted once.  It may begin shortly after it is light enough for balloons, though the Ostend balloon has to be destroyed before the cruisers will approach the coast.  German seaplanes have radios and can direct fire on the bombarding ships.

-Further recces of Bruges and Zeebrugge and targets in England are needed to complete the bombing missions.  The bridges are tough and may also be repaired.

-Balloons are vulnerable just before dawn.  No recces possible before dawn!

Thanks to SYN_Vander and SYN_Bandy for the original drifter vessels mod which then made it into the game!


Good luck gentlemen!

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