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  1. Event 3 at Donington Park - National Circuit, Donington, Great Britain
  2. All, just download an update, it appears to fix the issue of plane selection in QM.
  3. His is a default skin from the skin pack on Race Department
  4. Lip you should have your replay file, the game automatically records it. If using content manager it is under media if not look for replays in Assetto Corsa otherwise I can post it out on drop box.
  5. Event 2 at Brands Hatch - Indy Circuit, Fawkham, Great Britain Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race Snaggle's Race Video: Like and Subscribe
  6. Was about to respond... just a little lateπŸ€”
  7. Too much money or free time... 😱
  8. Mine didn't work either let me know how it goes I will check back later.
  9. New download has the Arras Map!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
  10. I do run a temp program to monitor the card, 50 to 60 degrees C is about the most I see.
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