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  1. S! Butzzell, Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital. Will there be tanks to bomb or is this treated as a factory? or are we knocking out the fuel tanks??
  2. First one shared by Ludwig:
  3. Holiday Fun Racing November 25th Porsche 911 GT3 CUP 2017 Black Cat County – Fictional Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  4. That was a butt clinching moment 🤣🤣
  5. Info posted on discord for the following. Holiday Fun Series of racing... Voting now open for the first series of 2020, starts on the 6th of January!
  6. Caterham Academy Challenge Event 8 - Blackwood – Fictional England, United Kingdom Next Series: Holiday Fun Racing first race: Barcelona - Moto racing the Abarth500 These will be individual weekly races until the new year. Join us if you can, see discord for more information
  7. Did you check your Nvidia card setting in the control panel? Just curious.
  8. Caterham Academy Challenge Event 7 - Silverstone – National -Northamptonshire England, United Kingdom
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