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  1. @Gus, Completely agree. I keep the room dark, or should I say no sunlight coming into the room. Yes it does I noticed that when I went to setup SteamVR, at 100% it is way over the native resolution. I'm currently running at 100% still playing around with that setting. So far no frame drops, solid 90 still. I will see what happens in DCS once up and running. Gus, look forward to your impressions, especially IPD. I wear glasses so I know my IPD, but I seems to get the best view with the widest setting in the IPD. I will be curious with your results.
  2. Update, Very very happy. Picture perfect, never a frame drop while racing. I have had no issues with tracking then I keep my room dark for that very reason having has a WMR headset before. All parts for DCS now in hand I will hopefully get to the setup and testing soon!! šŸ˜
  3. Grief, I'm currently boycotting anything to do with IL2. They screwed me on FC, and I don't have any of the other stuff from that company. šŸ˜ RAM: 3600MHz I won't be able to do any flying tests until I have DCS up and running which will be sometime in Dec I hope In Assetto Corsa (racing), a solid 90 FPS, more testing on that next week. Snag
  4. Initial Impressions HP Reverb G2 System: Windows 10 Home: Build 19042 Processor: i9-10900K @ 3.7 10 Cores Ram: 32 GB GPU: Geforce RTX 3080 Previous VR: HP VR Headset VR1000-010 Windows Mixed Reality Headset 1440 X 1440 Note the headset I still consider very good for a first gen headset G2 is third+ gen? The following is my initial impressions. I drove 45 minutes in Assetto Corsa at Thompson Road The headset is very light and extremely comfortable Headset IPD adjustment is mechanical on the headset!! Speakers and sound!! Awesome!! Large sweet spot, and even the areas outside the sweet spot are much more clear, if that makes sense. All colors and the environment are sharp and crisp!! IMO as good as my monitor running at 3840x2160 @ 60hz I can easily read the road makers at speed, the tiny 50 meter boards clearly stand out. The pit crew I can read the tiniest wording on their suits. Picture perfect. Tracking dead on!! Will not make me drive better, but at least I will see the crash coming. If you have questions go ahead and PM me.
  5. Finished the updates over the weekend!!, Thanks
  6. HP Reverb G2 arrives tomorrow, more to follow!
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