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  1. I was excited to see McLaren on the podium and yes I saw the celebration last year in Brazil!. Unfortunately, this will be the only race I watch this year as they have fallen into my boycott group, for personal reasons. 😢😢
  2. All, After careful consideration and since we are entering the summer months.... I'm moving the next series (Indy Car) to start 14 September 2020 the week following Labor day. I will be making one off races in our standard Monday night time frame, for the weeks between now and then. Cars and tracks will be default Assetto Corsa with the default setup. No need to practice just show up and race if so inclined. I will be posting cars and tracks soonest. July 2020 13th: Monza - Alfa Romeo GTA 20th: Brands Hatch - GP - Toyota Supra MKIV 27th: Magione - RUF RT12 R August 2020 3rd: Imola - Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 10th: Silverstone 1967 - Tatuus FA01 17th: Barcelona - GP - Ford Mustang 2015 24th: Red Bull Ring GP - Maserati MC12 GT1 31st: Nurburgring - GP (GT) - Maserati 250F 12 cylinder Race Parameters: Setups are Default Fixed Race in game is at 1PM Clear, Temperature 20 degree C base road Temperature 26 degrees C Track grip at start will be 98% Damage multiplier 80% Practice 20 Minutes Qualify 10 minutes I left the fuel as standard which should be enough for the indicated time, if not the pits are always open.
  3. Well Done to all, let's carry this through to the next 2 weeks!!
  4. Welcome Ted!! You have missed the last few races. 😲
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