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  1. Is this Il2 or across all of Great Battles?
  2. OK Final Version, the cars have been tested, replace your current download with the following. JG1RT Indy Cars with better Pitstops
  3. v1.7.8 ------ Added: * Added the ability to toggle on/off the ACSR skill gate for ACSR exported championships. * Added compatibility with Real Penalty v3.00.02 * You can now specify which tab in a Championship is active by default on page load. * Added a page that allows admins to view a read-only copy of the server_cfg.ini and entry_list.ini currently applied to the server. * You can now add tags to a group of cars before uploading them on the car list page! * Drivers/Teams in a Championship with equal points will now be automatically sorted by their number of top finishes (the highest number of 1st place finishes, if equal then highest number of 2nd place finishes etc.) * Added new "Split Type" functionality to Race Weekend filters, allowing you to split entire sessions by Championship Class. * We've redesigned the Custom Races page! Hopefully it's easier to find things in it! * Track images now show the track map in the bottom right corner. * New lua plugin file (race-control.lua) containing onChat function which is called whenever a chat message is sent in-game, from the live timings page or from a lua script * (Multiserver) Events across all servers will now be shown on the Calendar, events on other servers will be marked as so. * Events using "Any Available Car" now split the car types evenly between the number of entrants. * Added a "Download Logs" button to the Real Penalty Options page. You can use this to view logs from your previous Real Penalty sessions, including the penalties applied by the tool. Fixed: * Added a check for "Session Openness" when starting events. If the first event of a session is set to "No Join", Server Manager will correct it to "Free Join" (for Practice/Qualifying) and "Free join until 20 seconds to the Green Light" for Race sessions. This fixes an issue where the acServer will constantly loop sessions if the first session is not joinable. * Race Weekends now correctly handle entrants which have their car choice set to "Any Available Car" * Chat messages displayed on the Live Timings page will now show the correct timestamp for messages sent by drivers on the server. * Race session wait time should now be included in live timings session time * Fixes an issue where signed up Championship Entrants would show as 'Unranked' in ACSR. * Commands (anything starting with a /) will no longer be displayed in the Live Timings chat window. * The Live Timings timer will now show the number of days remaining in an event if it is longer than a day. * Fixes an issue where duplicating a Race Weekend in a Championship could cause Server Manager to crash. * Fixes an issue where decimal values could not be modified in Real Penalty Options. * Fixes an issue where scheduled Championship Race Weekends could cause excessive CPU load when rendering the calendar. * Race Weekend sessions with multiple parents now filter out any duplicate entrants, keeping the entrant with the lowest sort position.
  4. Can't be any worse than F1 and the St Pete, Detroit, Toronto, and Long Beach have always been interesting, we we can only hope.
  5. Ted, You are good to go, Please do. FYI: I also link your YouTube at the end of my video!!
  6. Ted, Scott told me about this, so proceed please! If it isn't ready by Monday, (Enough time to get it to everyone), we still have 6 races! Thanks for your efforts!!!
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