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  1. Don't forget to make the download available, so it can be installed to servers and PCs..
  2. Will be flying FC this Saturday 24 Standard times. 😁
  3. Zandvoort, Netherlands Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race Starts at the 1:11 mark
  4. S! The Zandvoort, Netherlands race will be 15 laps no longer timed, this seems to be the prevailing request of the group. No better time to test. 15 laps predicated on 1:22 lap times. Snag
  5. v1.4.0 ------ Added: * A calendar that automatically populates with scheduled events! Intended to help users see when events are planned and sign up for them if required. * New Car Details pages! You can now manage your car collection right in Server Manager! * Car Search! Search for cars by name, tags, BHP, weight, etc. Car search is connected into Quick Races, Custom Races, Championships. Check out the 'Search Help' on any pages with the search bar to find out what kind of things you can search for! * Scheduled Race recurrence! You can now set scheduled races to recur at regular intervals. * Skin Upload - you can now upload individual skins on the Car Details page * Skin Delete - you can now delete individual skins on the Car Details page. * Improved asset handling - this is a bit behind-the-scenes, but we've made some efforts to make Server Manager's styles (and fonts!) load quicker. * Car Notes and Download links - you can now add notes and download links to a car. * Car Tags - you can now add and remove tags to cars. This means if you have a group of cars you use regularly, you can add a tag to them and just search for that tag! * Improved Content Manager integration! You can now enable a "Content Manager Wrapper" in Server Options, which provides extra information to entrants in the Content Manager server information! If enabled, Content Manager Wrapper shows download links for the cars that you have uploaded (if they have a Download URL set), Championship information positions, and more! As well, the Content Manager Wrapper will make loading server information quicker. * Added an option to config.yml to use a filesystem session store instead of a cookie session store. This should fix issues that people were having with login not being persisted when running multiple Server Manager instances on the same address but different port. Now, you can specify a different filesystem store for each instance of Server Manager. Check out the config.yml 'http' section for more information on this. * Added a Content Manager join link to the Live Timings page. This join link can be turned on/off on the server settings page. * Added a generic welcome message for all drivers on connect, it will also warn the driver if the server is running Sol. * Server Manager now uses gzip compression where possible. This should improve page load times considerably! * Added server "Performance Mode" option to config.yml. If this mode is enabled server manager will disable live timings completely, reducing cpu utilisation. This setting may be used in the future to disable further advanced options in order to improve performance. * You'll now see this Changelog in Server Manager once per account every time you upgrade. You can also view the Changelog in Server Manager itself at any time using the link in the footer! Note, all of the new Car features work best when you have uploaded your cars to Server Manager. If you haven't, the pages will still work, but won't be anywhere near as cool! Fixes: * Improved error handling when parsing config.yml, this should give an error with more detail rather than crashing. * MOTD text will now be automatically wrapped to prevent large horizontal messages on join. * Fixes a bug where drivers who connect but do not load were left in the Connected Drivers table in Live Timings. * Live Timings will now reconnect automatically if your connection drops. * Only upload official ks content is now working again! * Fixes an issue where Open Championship EntryLists would not be correctly preserved when assigning car slots to pre-existing Entrants. * Added a server wide fallback sorting option for events where AC has outputted an incorrect driver order in the result json file. Only enable this if you have sorting issues. If you have championship events where the sorting is incorrect you will need to re-import the results files using Manage Event, Import Results. * Fixes an issue where the sessions "Time" / "Laps" selector did not show an input field when loading a previously saved race setup. * Some errors which were being seen often are now 'warnings' not errors, so you won't see them as often. * Reworked the Live Timings table to perform better and prevent scrolling issues. * Removed the strict frontend sorting of pit IDs when creating an event. Now you can put cars wherever you like, but they will then be automatically sorted based on weighting. E.g. 0-3-5-5-6 becomes 0-1-2-3-4. Please try to avoid multiple entrants with the same pit ID, as their pitbox will essentially become random. * Entrants in the autofill list should no longer duplicate when using the json store, although you will need to manually remove any existing duplicates. ---
  6. Nurburgring - GP, Germany Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race Race starts around 1:38
  7. Do a quick google on the issue Delete the update folder and then it will update, other have had the issue.
  8. Saturday I will be flying FC during normal FiF time.
  9. ***STEWARD***OFFICIAL REPORT**** 🙄 After reviewing the first bump Car ahead didn't make an aggressive move to defend their position, contact was incidental. Second incident both cars exceeded track limits (4 tires off racing surface) Lead car appears to loose control to right, but makes correction as seen by angle of front right wheel. Second car may or may not have been in blind spot of leading car. Second car if they had been fully on racing surface may or may not have been involved in an incident, but was at that time the responsible car to safety pass the car in front if they were faster. This incident is a racing incident, no action required. ***END OF REPORT*** Obviously this is meant to be in good fun. Racing incidents happen.😁😁
  10. Red Bull Ring - Layout GP Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race
  11. Imola, Italy Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race
  12. Barcelona - GP, Spain Britchot: Twitch Broadcast of the Race race starts around 30 minute mark.
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