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Sunday Vintage Mission - Standoff in Sissonne - November 1916


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Greetings gentlemen, this Sunday's Vintage Mission will feature a new early war map that has only been run once before and has been modified a bit from the original version. 


Here is the situation: It is a desperate mission in the Sissonne sector that puts the Entente scouts having to destroy trucks and trains just behind the enemy lines as it appears a counter attack is massing after a failed Entente offensive and limited ground attack 2 seaters are available. 


Two points to pay attention to. 

1. "Laser flak" has at long last been eliminated on both sides and over the mud.  The machine guns are still there and are a threat, but it isn't suicide to attempt a low level attack.

2.  Most airframes are limited on both sides and aircraft replace individually every 5min, however if you run completely out of a type of airframe, it is 30min before they will be replaced.  So, use the aircraft wisely and try to return them to the aerodromes when possible.

Entente is furnished with unlimited DH2's and Central has unlimited EIII's.


Good luck gentlemen!




Standoff in Sissonne


Date: November, 1916


Intel report: Recent Intelligence reports indicate that the Germans might prepare a counter attack after our failed offensive. A lot of troop movements have been spotted just behind their lines.  French escadrilles stationed at Bonnemaison Ferme are operating from forward airfields at Vauxcere and Maizy, supported by a small contingent of RFC and AFC Squadrons. In a desperate attempt to prevent an immediate counter attack, the scouts are ordered to strafe the enemy transports.


**Note: Limited Entente reconnaissance two seaters have been pressed into service as bombers, however reinforcements are not available and Entente two-seater airframes will not replace if lost!** 


German HQ is anxious to know what the state is of the French defences therefore a photo recon missions have been requested. If the recons are succesful, German bombers are to attack targets behind the French lines.



Mission objectives:


Entente forces will attack enemy transports; vehicles and trains. Central Forces will have to defend the transports and recon the enemy lines.  How to complete a recon sortie: Take the special recon plane (Recon Plane 1,2,3,4) and fly to one of the endpoints of the recon area at the designated height (see map). Follow subtitles. You must land at an active airfield.


Weather report:  We will attempt to match real world weather conditions at the time of the mission.

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Thanks Sturm, I didn't see that before the event but I ended up looking at the Wargrounds TS server and saw they had a channel for Cuban's missions, and also saw Cuban and Wrongway on the Entente channel, so I figured that's the place to be, and went there.  Ended up by myself most of the time, but later Loopy and Emerlist joined me there.


Not sure where J2 goes, but in the future as Central (at least this time), we should pick one place for everybody so we can coordinate a little better.




PS, not sure how important it is to you guys, but this is a public part of our forum, so you can PM the password if you want instead of posting it here....   :)

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