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Hint: get wrecked in land war


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Recently I started a Berlin campaign with a Yak-3, so I'm unable to do much damage to tanks, so I steadly start to lose ground. It ocurred to me to activate all Il-2 and Il-10 regiments, and that gave me a little breathing room for a while, but the German Tigers still kill  soviet forces without problem ,so that means that Germans advance at Soviet positions without much resistance. Any hint about what can I do?

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So, what I did is I deleted the 2 panthers and 2 Tigers chiefs BUT I placed 8 panthers and 8 tigers at the same point were there are flak 30, in the bridge North-West (not North) of Swiebodzin. So any Allied tank that wants to get throught will have a bad time.  And the Panzer IV chiefs are more matched with the T-34's.



Edit: reading the manual I realized that I could just place the tiger and panther columns near Frankfurt, in the Berlin.mis file, so they become more dangerous only when the front moves west. No need to do the thing of the previous paragraph.

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