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I had a terrible experience yesterday:


my entire skin folder which i use for IL2 A/C has gone.

Sub folders files everything, nothing in the dustbin, nothing found through recovery apps, just gone as if it never existed.


My only luck is that I posted 2 days earlier some skins on Mediafire.

But the last ones I worked on are gone, I have to start all over again (her should be an emoticon crying out it's eyeballs)

And bought a bigger and faster external HD for a more regular back-up.


I had  some *.dds files for testing but they are not completely what I wanted.


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Because of stick ID change?  I haven't actually tried anything yet....but I did start up the game and went into the settings > key mapping for a different reason.  I didn't get that usual message that says it found new devices and asks if you want to transfer the functions assigned to the "old" devices to the "new" ones....so I assumed all was normal.

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