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  1. This is indeed excellent news! Wow! The WarBRD base was intended for desktop flying with out extensions. The T-50 was definitely always the go to for folks wanting an extension. I've had a lovely time dealing with Virpil and I really love their customer service and products, so I am definitely highly interested in this. The new extended desk mount is absolutely a must have in my opinion, because with the full extension the stick sits pretty high as is. Very exciting news indeed. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Oh that's a real shame! I thought it would have at least been a good spin out or something worthy of a DNF. Hopefully all goes well in the next one, mate.
  3. Yeah I heard we might not switch back this year! That'd be excellent!
  4. Hmmmm that's not great news. I really hope they decide to make some flight model updates eventually.
  5. You can just do destroyable static blocks in BoX. Not sure if they've added static WWI planes yet though.
  6. Is there a record of previously received decorations for all our pilots? I couldn't find one
  7. Looking forward to it, Emely! You've always been one of the best pilots in the FiF skies.
  8. I was wondering how you didn't see me! I approached from your direct 12, but as close to the trees as I dared. I kept waiting for you to push the nose down to engage, but you never did. I knew something felt off because, you couldn't maneuver very well it seemed. Would have preferred an even fight for sure, Emely! Thanks for sharing!
  9. First video here will be my newest First Outing video in the MiG-15bis! First Outing is a series that I am trying to develop that will be about early experiences in aircraft that I am new to. First Outing could mean first engagement even in single player like it is in this case, or it could mean first time taking a ride in a multiplayer server, but the common theme is that it's when I am still relatively new to the aircraft. Hope you guys enjoy!
  10. Hey guys, I love posting my videos here and seeing what you guys think about them, and being able to share them with you is very fun for me. I do not want to cover the forums with separate threads as I start uploading content more regularly, so I decided to make a master thread that I can update as I release content. Also if you guys enjoy the videos leave a like and subscribe! I'm not trying to make a huge channel, just one that I upload content that I want and one that I think will be enjoyable to other flight simmers. MrDrshadepiece on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YFS
  11. Yeah thankfully I survived! I didn't see anything before I engaged the Ace, and really wish I had.
  12. Here is a video of a sortie from last weekend's FiF session. DavJack and I worked very well together, and I wish I had our first engagement as well, but sadly I wasn't recording.
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