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Looking for carrier takeoff failure hint


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So, there are planes that absolutely don't go along with moving  [Chief] carriers (that actually should be able to take-off with out issue), like the Avenger. Now, this has nothing to do with DCG. but with the game itself. Knowing that, what kind of wourkarounds in DCG are there for that? For example, in a Kyushu map, there are the moving carriers and there is Townsville airfield. My first idea is to assign Avengers to Townsville airfield, but that would defeat the purpose of having carries in the first place. Other workaround would be assign Avengers to Townsville airfield and place a static carrer, but then, why have chief carriers in the first place then.

What other workarounds would you thing would be good? Would adding something like
    NORMFLY 189432.94 166343.06 300.00 300.00
    NORMFLY 189842.50 167100.62 600.00 300.00


[Carrier_name] or [Carrier_class] (like Ships.HMSIllustriousCV, for example)

to airfields.dcg work?

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On 8/15/2019 at 12:16 AM, Lowengrin said:

Using wind, probably you have to have the Illustrious sailing into the wind (and my code doesn't consider wind...though it probably should).  :(

That would be REALLY bothersome to implement, I guess. Because basically, you'll have to check carrier/airplane combinations that make planes accident prone* and, if there are, place the first two waypoints of ALL the taskforce in a way that the movement is parallel to the wind. AND it should check if they are in the patrol box specified in the prd file. Maybe those two waypoints should be the vertices of the patrol box that are more apart?

*Maybe a file for that? Something like carrier_plane.dcg. If user places a plane/carrier combination, DCG modifies waypoints, or whatever, so modders can add their own plane/carrier combo.

**Or maybe, don't check and always place the two waypoints so velocity is parallel to wind speed.

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You could take the unitary vectors that define every side of the payrol box and point multiply with the unitary vector of the wind. The first waypoint should be on the side in which the product of vectors is less. The second waypoint should be on the side that gives the most distance to the first waypoint.



Edit: I don't know what I was thinking. Just calculate the max lentgh formed by a segment paralell to the wind, inside the patrol box. Get the equation of the segment and evaluate points from the easternmost point of the patrol box.

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