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So, I created a campaign in Northwest Europe.

Allied supply zone is Büderiech, according to DCG, but as there is no Büderiech in the .rds file, only Büderiech, when a column gets destroyed, it doesn't come back. In fact, Büderich is Axis.




Edit: now you all know I like Digimon

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On 6/19/2020 at 11:13 PM, Lowengrin said:

So in the .rds file it's "Büderiech"...?


However, I've been thinking about it and something similar happens with my Age of Empires.

Say, the stock description of a unit or civilization has a description with áéíóúñ.

If I mod it and I preserve the áéíóúñ the game either crashes or doesn't show the text. So maybe the issue is with Windows codification. I remember we discussed something similar with a Zielona Góra Airfield.

When you write the .rds files, do you use notepad? vi? vim? other?


Edit: new development in Age of Empires. If I save a txt (or .per file, which are the AI files) in ANSI, the game gives me troubles, BUT if I save it as UTF-8, the game runs fine. I'll guess I'll try it in DCG some of these days and I'll update.

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