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Forcing 'Unknown' as the airfield


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We are currently running a DCG campaign using the Tempest V operating from the "British" Island on the Normandy map.  Campaign creation = no probs.

We do not want air-starts for ourselves.  To that end I have assigned our squad to the English Airfield, a bunch of Spitfire squads to the English Airstrip (where they take off, carrier-style) and I have assigned 3 squads of Blenheims to "Unknown" to force air-starts for the bombers. 

The problem:  When reopening DCG to generate the next mission, upon checking the Squadron Editor Panel, all of the RAF aircraft have been assigned to one of the two available island airfields which once the next mission is generated forces us (the humans) to an air start.  I have to manually reassign the squads to 'airstrip' and 'unknown' each time.

I had 'air starts' checked under Options and have tried unchecking it but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

What am I missing?




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UPDATE:  I just manually went through the squadrons.dcg file and changed the squadrons (except ours and another) to 'Unknown'.  I imported this campaign into DCG.  All good.  Generated a mission and some of the bombers are assigned to 'English Airfield' but our 'human' squad is also on the tarmac.

I saved the campaign and backed it up.  Upon checking the Squadron Editor Panel, every single RAF squadron is back to being assigned to an airfield or airstrip!!!!

Clearly I'm missing something.  I could delete a bunch of squadrons but that would remove some of the immersion/realism.  There must be a solution to this as I definitely seem to remember assigning 'Unknown' in previous campaigns without any issue.

Any info is appreciated.


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