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  1. this old chestnut has raised it's ugly head again. This time it's in the Singapore campaign. All I did was at "Dumai Airfield" (the 'Netherlands Base') to rds and airfields. Any idea what to do? As you can see, the front is hundreds of miles away and in no way is the base threatened! https://imgur.com/0PSmezS
  2. I have noticed DCG does not like generating campaigns if I modify the stock 'Masters' using anything above V4.10, I get all sorts of errors, from locking up to the dreaded beep but mostly the 'exploding planes' problem. Is there a recommended version to use? I have every version from 4.07 up to 4.12.2m
  3. I have noticed in all the stock campaigns ground limit numbers and chief numbers are low. is this to speed up the game? What is a realistic number of ground units and chiefs that wont bog down the game? for example, in New Guinea 43 there are only 12 columns: 0_Chief Armor.2-MatildaMkII_AU 1 @Buna $4-MatildaMkII_AU_0 ~C 1_Chief Armor.4-HaGo 2 @Blank $4-HaGo_1 ~X 2_Chief Armor.4-HaGo 2 @Blank $4-HaGo_2 ~X 3_Chief Vehicles.USACarsColumnA 1 @Schwimmer_Airfield $USACarsColumnA_3 ~A 4_Chief Vehicles.JapanCarsColumnB 2 @Buna $JapanCarsColumnB_4 ~C 5_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_5 ~A 6_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_6 ~A 7_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X 8_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X 9_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X 10_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_10 ~A 11_Chief Ships.IJNAkizukiDD42 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X 12_Chief Ships.USSWardDD139 1 @Coral_Sea $USS Ward ~A and (off topic) I could have sworn I saw Paul post in the old forum "dont have Maltildas against Japanese forces because they cant be defeated" If so, why are they still in the standard campaign file?
  4. thanks! that's the one, I couldnt remember the author's name. quick google search found a link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/huplrffmqz0ooxt/dcg_campaign_info_v321.zip
  5. back into IL2 and DCG after a hiatus caused by a hard disk failure. The 'old forum' had an excellent tutorial on how to create a third party campaign, explaining every file that DCG needs. I cant seem to find it here, does anyone have a copy?
  6. It is possible to change any unit's type of aircraft using the timetable feature, but is it possible to change the active unit using timetable? ie, lets say the player is in 77SQN RAAF flying Spitfires MKVs in the excellent Darwin campaign and is currently at Sattler's AF, can he be "posted" or "transferred" to 75SQN RAAF flying Spitfire MKIIIs at Darwin AF? Obviously I can do this in the squadron editor and generate a new mission and it will take effect, but I wan't the generator to do it in campaign at a certain date, with a nice little message explaining the brass' reason for transferring you out of your cushy little posting to the front line
  7. I'll give that a go and report back Lonestar, but they may run into the hills, the routes they take from their bases always go over some big hills
  8. currently running a modified "siege of Rabaul" campaign using the cup mod and relevent data files. The campaign runs very well, but for reasons unknown to me DCG generates mission waypoints for Betty bombers armed with torpedoes attacking a US carrier at level bombing altitudes. DCG is choosing the correct weapons load from the payloads.dcg and allpayloads file, but somehow is making them fly a level bombing route As you can see, the Bettys are flying at 3000 metres and 320kmh, and do not drop down into a typical low altitude torpedo run, and they just drop their torpedoes like a bomb, with the obvious useless outcome [iJN_AG_1_FS00_Way] NORMFLY 340745.00 297601.00 4000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 356809.00 275058.00 4000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 374973.00 250415.00 4000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 388937.00 229972.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 405366.00 181586.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 425994.00 129000.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 GATTACK 428099.00 106100.00 3000.0 320.00 16_Chief 0 &0 GATTACK 425994.00 79000.00 3000.0 320.00 16_Chief 1 &0 NORMFLY 397116.00 179336.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 372437.00 225472.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 NORMFLY 348559.00 272808.00 3000.0 320.00 &0 LANDING 328880.72 315945.53 0 0 &0 payloads line: G4M1_11 50x15 default 1x800 default 1xtype91mod1 default all payloads data: G4M1_11 B 12x60 G4M1_11 B 16x50 G4M1_11 B 16x50inc G4M1_11 B 1x250 G4M1_11 B 1x500 G4M1_11 B 1x5002x250 G4M1_11 B 1x600 G4M1_11 B 1x800 G4M1_11 B 2x250 G4M1_11 B 3x250 G4M1_11 B 50x15 G4M1_11 B 8x100 G4M1_11 T type91mod1 DCG class settings: Is there a file I can edit to make the bettys drop down?
  9. I have experienced this, a lot of the RAAF squadrons are really effected bad. Marked as German, complete with German ranks
  10. I had this problem reoccur on the airfield on the south island of the pacific islands map with both 4.122 stock and 4.122 modded to CUP. I seemed to have fixed it with new waypoints in the airfields.dcg file, the trick was as Lonestar suggested to have the first two "normal fly" points straight ahead as long as possible before turning and have the turning points far from any hills because they will also use these points on the landing cycle, though it did not work on the CUP mod "Dutch New Guinea" map that I created an external campaign for, no matter what I did they kept crashing into the hills near Tami Airfield, they all just kept following the second plane into the hills at a loss to explain why it doesnt work on that map, but I never did get the campaign working properly so have since given up on it
  11. just a couple of quick questions Paul. Is there a limit to the number of airfields DCG can support? In the Solomons 44 map there is no less than 22 plus 4 sea plane bases. If there is no limit, does a large number degrade performance in any way? I notice in your stock campaigns that often not all airfields arent added, ie the New Guinea campaigns where the large airfield on Goodenough Island is not added, is there a reason for this? Has it got to do with how DCG moves squadrons and the supply system? Next question, on your old forum you explained how to add airfields to existing campaigns. My memory is scratchy but I think you said to add 4 waypoints coming from the east to the first airfield icon, then 1 to the next icon, then a further four, going west and it always had to be east-west? Is that correct? It's just that I am a bit puzzled because that is not how it is explained in the "create new campaign" tutorial, in it the instructions say 7 waypoints no less than 150m apart going from icon to icon and east west is not mentioned, in fact the tutorial explains how to add airfields and airstrips on bases with two strips and they have opposing directions? Ideally I want to make an external Solomons 44 map, but it is huge (22 airfields!) and I am concerned that DCG might continually transfer most units to the front, is there a way to prevent DCG from clustering units, or is there a built in limit to how many units can be active on one airfield/airstrip? For info: Airfields/Airstrips/SPB on Solomons 44 map ****Bouganville*** Buka Bonis Tenekau Kieta SPB Tenekau Piva AF Uncle Torikina Kara Kahilli ***Shortland Island*** Balalle AF Shortland SPB ***Treasury Island*** Stirling AF ***Vellahavella*** Barakoma ***Kolombongara*** Vila (Abandoned) may be made active by use of "test Runway" trick? ***New Georgia*** Ondonga SPB Ondonga Nth Ondonga Sth Kokengola ***Russel Island*** Sunlight Renard AF Russel Island SPB ***Florida Island*** Halavo SPB ***Guadalcanal*** Henderson Fighter No2 Henderson Bomber No1 AF Henderson Fighter No1 Carney Bomber No2 AF Crash Strip Koli Bomber No3 AF
  12. After making a master mission, I notice that when DCG "generates" the campaign files it removes quite a few objects that I specifically populated the map with to "pretty it up". Is this an object number limitation or is it something to do with supply? Stationary ships, stationary vehicles and stationary planes seem to be the main items removed, which makes me think they have to have a matching non stationary type in the master mission to prevent them being removed? Though that said sometimes static "objects" are removed
  13. Going through the tutorial it's quite confusing, especially the grammar! It's driving me batty. At first I was confused by the different names, but I think I have finally got it. Beach: loading point Beachhead: unloading point Bay Harbor: departure and arrival point Sea Now for a land invasion from the I think the following is required: Attacking force: Must have both a departure and a loading point, specifically a "Beach" (loading) and a "Harbor" (departure) ie Jimdigris_Beach (loading of vehicles) and Jimdigris_Beach_Harbor (Ship position when being loaded and from where ships leave) and the beach must always be an equivalent name land position in the roads rds file, ie Jimdigris_Beach in the rds file, Jimdigris_Beach_Harbor in the srd file Landing point and offloading point, specifically a "Beachhead" (landing) and a "Harbor" (offloading) ie Angela_Beach_Beachhead (landing of vehicles) and Angela_Beach_Harbor (Ship position when being unloaded) and the "beachhead" must match the equivalent name land "beach" position in the roads rds file, ie Angela_Beach in the rds file, Angela_Beach_Beachhead in the rds file Defending force: Defensive Position, specifically a "Beach" ie Angela_Beach (tutorial says this is waypoint two of a three waypoint route in the rds file) According to the tutorial the attacking force must have the following: "Tramp" "LCVP" "Tral" "MFP" "DaihatsuLC" Does the invading force have to have both a tramp and a landing craft or just a tramp? Now what I find confusing is how the red and blue supply routes are set up differently in the tutorial, is the comment that "Red" forces follow against ship route waypoint numbers and "Blue" forces follow with the ship route waypoint numbers a hard fact?
  14. Just going through the "Create of an external DCG campaign" tutorial and it says the following "Now to the "red" island and we start here with the beach and connect it to the runway located closest! Note that the direction or routes is always from the "blue" side to the "red" side. At this island you only need 2 tracks (beach to runway and runway to runway), because at this island no invasion will occur and no ground vehicles will drive on it! This route only serves to define positions on this island!" My question is, is DCG limited to only having one side "invading"? This is setup by the "front" in the campaign file? The reason I ask is some "Pacific" maps have more than one land mass or island and I'd like to have the Japanese attacking the defending allies on one island meanwhile the allies attacking the Japanese on another. Is this possible? ie to have red forces invading one island at the same time blue forces are invading another? Or is it limited to only one "attacking" force? ie as in the campaign file can you have more than one "front" Front=Battle_Area_1_Sea DeHome=Rabaul RuHome=Port_Moresby DeBase=Rabaul_Airstrip RuBase=Port_Moresby_Airstrip My goal is to set up a DCG campaign for "SAS~farang65's" excellent "Dutch New Guinea" map in C.U.P. Ideally I would like Red forces attacking at the red box and blue forces counter-attacking at the blue box. Which brings me to another question. Does it have to be a "beachhead" for a main attacking force? Could I also have red forces attacking from land in the pink box pushing to the red box? Ideally I would like the "end campaign" scenario to be blue forces taking the airfield at the "Aru Island Group" or Red forces taking BOTH Momi and Babo Airfields. Can the objective be "two" airfields or is DCG limited to only one "victory" endpoint?
  15. I have noticed in a lot of DCG replace DGen missions the ships follow curved routes between waypoints. How does DCG do this? In FMb you can only travel in a straight line between points, and if you click on one of the curved routes FMB will convert the curve to a straight line. So how does DCG "bend" the rules?
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