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  1. Hi, I've seen the streamed videos. They don't help me because I would like to find our flight with the Gotha. This only works with the 'Tracks' from the RoF/data/Tracks - directory!
  2. Hi, did someone record the initial phase of the last FiF session in RoF. I would like to have the 'tracks' files. Can someone help? Salute!
  3. Hi,
    I saw your video on YouTube about the last mission in FiF2021.
    I would like to ask you if you still have the 'tracks' from RoF and if I could get them then.
    Unfortunately I didn't record, but we also had some nice fights. I would like to find out.
    Best Regards

  4. Hello Klaiber,
    we are unsure when the tournament will start on Saturday.
    In Europe, the changeover to summer time does not take place until the last Sunday in March. In the US now !?

    When does the map (UTC) start?

    1. Klaiber


      Hi Himmelhund.  If you're in Germany, the mission will start at 7PM CET (which is 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC).  UTC is the same as GMT.

      When in doubt, I love using this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/edt-to-germany-berlin

      It really helps, especially at this time of year when some areas (but not all) start moving from standard to daylight savings.

      Hope this helps!

    2. J99*Himmelhund


      That was helpful. Many Thanks!


  5. Salute,

    J99*Falke would also like to take part in the tournament! Is that possible?

    1. Klaiber


      Sure, I'll add him.

  6. Ãœbersetzt auf: Englisch Original anzeigen That happened to me too. The map was downloaded, but then you land in the hangar. I could use the card but with its own server. Original text Contribute a better translation
  7. Salute Gentlemen! In-Game Name: J99*Himmelhund Squadron affiliation: Jasta 99, http://jasta99.de Preferred side: Central Timezone: CEST (GMT+2)
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