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  1. Sorry, I have it on Steam.
  2. Yes you will definitely want to get that mod in Brit's post. Another thing you may want to look at is getting Voice Attack. I have some commands I use instead of mapping buttons. I made a command to feather engines. It will select the engine feather it, deselect it and select the good one. You can also use it to assign key commands to a controller. I use that feature with the VR mod. Saves having to use a controller profile or a keystroke program. For me its less stuff running in the background.
  3. I have off tomorrow so I will join you then.
  4. Hi ataribaby, just FYI, America is on a holiday right now. Klaiber and Britchot may not see this right away. Just letting you know in case no one gets to you right away.
  5. Hey Emerlist Halloween would not be complete without a Cthulhu inspired song so here you go
  6. Don't see why it wouldn't. It should read as two separate controls. Not sure. I use 4 and have had 5 in but never tried to use my game pad as a controller. I don't use my DSD controller at the moment. I could put it in and my game pad controller which would make 6. I will do it Sunday if I remember.
  7. There is another way. You can install the VR mod that some of us use. There are a few features that apply for VR and standard. One of them is a brightness and saturation change. You can toggle between two settings in the game at anytime. The values can also be changed to your individual liking. I'm using the 2 default settings right now mod version 14.1. Haven't had time to mess with the settings. Back in previous version I had my settings tweaked but he overhauled the color system since then and I really haven't felt the need to tweak them. May be during Thanksgiving when I have a couple days off I will. Mod in IL2 forum
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