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  1. I also like this channel I've been on it a few times before. Worth checking out for anyone interested in antique firearms.
  2. I changed mine by clicking on my name in the upper right corner. Then under account settings I found display name. It says you can change it up to 3X every 30 days.
  3. Not sure where you got it but the translation is wrong. It should read Next Level Flying. Looks like you will enjoy it.
  4. Was not looking for reggae, break-beat nor symphony music today. This symphony version of "Out of Space" popped up on my recommend list. It would seem they are covering the Prodigy version which is a cover of Peter Tosh. Here is all three to show if anyone interested.
  5. Out of curiosity I slowed down the original by half. The vibrato sounded too jerky or ratchety. Which made me think about it. The time between each pitch change for the vibrato is so great at 800X slower it becomes a gradual swell.
  6. This is crazy how well it actually works for this song. Those who know the song may appreciate it more. However it would make a great ambient soundtrack. For those who know it feel free to skip around.
  7. So far for me, turning all the shadows off is the biggest difference. I can set the textures, terrain, water, and visibility range to high and not see any real drop in FPS. Shadows is immediate. I saw somewhere for DCS a list of things they want to accomplish one being clicking the radio GUI in VR so we don't have to use Voice attack or fumble around for the function keys. Another was making in cockpit shadows a separate setting. That would be big for me I could care less about terrain shadows. The glare in the cockpit without shadows on is brutal.
  8. After your second post I decided to actually check out this guys channel. Very good stuff. I've always been a fan of the old school blues with a slide.
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