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  1. Just started "Agent 110" by Scott Miller https://www.amazon.com/Agent-110-American-Spymaster-Resistance-ebook/dp/B01HMXV268
  2. I've casually played HOI 4 but never really got hooked on it. I have a bunch of hours in Stellaris though. I have debated on picking up Crusader Kings 3.
  3. I have flown Pacific events in both Warbirds and Aces High. Was a part of a F6F-5N and then F4U-1 squad. So when the Pacific came up we got to fly allies every other event was were needed. We also flew P40s in AVG scenario I had fun in them all despite having the advantage or being at a disadvantage. We can talk all we want about this plane has advantage or this country has advantage. The thing that is left out is time and time again is that I have seen inferior planes take out the so called uber planes. Whether it was because they were flown by a great squad or because they had an al
  4. Its funny you picked this video. It happened to be the other video I thought about posting.
  5. Local rock station is playing 1057 requests to start off the new year. Anything they have played in the last 40+ years is fair game. They played this today. Never heard it before and it is usually not my genre of music but like it.
  6. I recall seeing something weird like that when I was using that mod for VR zoom. Every time there was an update it messed with that mod. If you have used mods in that past I would check your mod install folder or JSMGE to see if there is something there that is no longer supported or needs an update. What about shaders.
  7. Those would also be mine. Happy Holidays
  8. MRTV just did a basic Youtube video of the HP Reverb G2. I really love his channel for all things VR. I will wait for a Index versus Reverb video before I make any decisions. I have a feeling though this will be my next VR headset.
  9. A guy I work with and I were just talking about that song today. We talked about the Crossroads Festival 2010 version. Winwood got brought up due to the fact that Spencer Davis passed away yesterday. So here is a different song from the same concert.
  10. Oh, you meant that whisky.
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