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  1. This is really interesting and worth the watch.
  2. @Greif I do dabble into techno and EDM music. I never posted any before but here is one goto and one session that I really like.
  3. This my favorite SNL Bieber moment.
  4. @Lipfert I don't recall if I had that all ready but it is on my local liquor stores website. Now for something interesting.
  5. I agree with listening to albums as a whole for the most part. Now with that said I have an Ipod for my car and I have it on single track random it takes me most of the winter months to get through all the songs this way. For the most part it doesn't bother me to listen to my music this way until I get to Pinkfloyd, Tool, certain Rush albums, NIN's Down the Downward Spiral just to name a few. They loose all their momentum as single tracks. Water, A&W Rootbeer are my go to drinks during the week. I stay away from caffeine for the most part. Yesterday while golfing, I did have a couple Jack Daniels with Coca-cola which is known as a Jack and Coke in the U.S. That is the about the only time I will have caffeine. As far as whisky goes I prefer Scotch and Irish Whiskey. Scotch is very subjective as far as preference goes. Right now I have been drinking Laphroaig Lore and Glenfarclas 17. Irish whiskey you can't go wrong with Green Spot or Read breast. For beer I prefer stouts, porters and Belgian ales. I did have an IPA recently called Zombie Dust that was pretty good. As far as Belgian beers in the U.S. Goose Island is a really good brewery. Also a fan of Bells Brewery, Left Hand, New Belgian and Anchor Steam to name a few. Most of there products are pretty good.
  6. I'm assuming call for price means its fairly cheap.
  7. I would love to see it in VR along with the EIII.
  8. Razwald

    Zuper VR!

    Hell there are 1911's that cost that much. At least with those you know if there is something wrong it can be fixed. With a new company its hard to say what the long term would bring for customer support and repairing. So even if I had the money it would be hard to make this purchase.
  9. Razwald

    Zuper VR!

    Only if I can get a tax break.
  10. Razwald

    Zuper VR!

    Lets all chip in on one. We can keep it at my house for safe keeping.
  11. This just popped up in my recommendations.
  12. Its unplugged but not uninstalled.
  13. I uninstalled it so I wouldn't get picked last.
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