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  1. MRTV just did a basic Youtube video of the HP Reverb G2. I really love his channel for all things VR. I will wait for a Index versus Reverb video before I make any decisions. I have a feeling though this will be my next VR headset.
  2. A guy I work with and I were just talking about that song today. We talked about the Crossroads Festival 2010 version. Winwood got brought up due to the fact that Spencer Davis passed away yesterday. So here is a different song from the same concert.
  3. Oh, you meant that whisky.
  4. Great write up. Current Valve Index user and former HTC Vive Pro user. Its been a year since I used the Vive Pro don't recall what I didn't like about it but the Vive was a step up. I do recall the sweet spot being terrible in the Vive Pro. The Index is better but lets face it I want even better. For the most part when I put on my head set its lined up to the sweet spot. Sometimes its a little too high or low on my nose. I also noticed if its not flush to the face it can look odd at times. An example of not being flush is tight on my forehead but not tight by the nose and cheeks. This causes the lower half of the lenses being tilted away from me. I also wish that games would offer a screen for testing to make sure your headset was adjusted properly. Something as simple the word test repeated on the screen so you can make sure your headset is on properly before you fly a sortie.
  5. First Complex Flight Sim and I will say that looking back it was impressive compared to other titles out at the time.
  6. I played chess off and on through the years never bothered to learn openings. Mostly due to my friends never learned them either. We didn't need to we had some very intense games without them. I haven't played in 10 years never gave it a thought. A chess streamer Twitch popped up on my Youtube recommendations next thing I know I went down a chess rabbit hole. Found a free site Lichess.org with a library of videos from Youtube. Puzzles which are boards setup in the mid to end game. They usually are the best way to get into or avoiding chaeckmate.
  7. The music in that Mig-19 video was amusing. I was expecting some Herb Alpert or Henry Mancini next in the line up.
  8. Found this Youtube Channel The air war starts around 4:30
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