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  1. Amazing job Lo! Ur hard work and continous support is inspiring. As long as there are people like u, il2 1946 will never die!
  2. What is the exact command to the timetabke to control the squad transfers? Date Transfers On/Off?
  3. Wow! Thanks Paul.. u r the man!!!! Cheers
  4. Thanks for the report Lo ... Ill check it out to narrow the problem out Cheers
  5. Oh I see, thxs idefix ... The problem is that everytime this happens in the mis file, It doesnt load the mission ... Have u ever experienced that? Cheers
  6. Paul, Im using the new 3.49 version of DCG and I have modified the carcolumns file and updated both the gunits as well as gobjects accordingly. Everything went fine for all the columns I introduced for both soviets and germans but today after introducing columns for the US side, the generated mission is introducing the following lines into the Static objects in the .mis file, making it unreadable by the game: 100090_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$PaK38 2 339795.00 173290.00 529.0 0.0 100100_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$MatildaMkII_UK 1 339298.00 173183.00 349.0 0.0 100110
  7. Great news sniperton! Hope u can share ur work with us as well
  8. I dont have cup but that map is also present in HSFX 7.0.3 so it should be ok. Just send me the mission template and tell me exactly where u want the front at (dividing the channel in the middle?)
  9. Oh ok... got it now. Thxs Paul
  10. I can take a looo and create the front for u if u wish ....
  11. Could we have the transfer off command for the timetable? It would be very useful
  12. What does the contactlevel and bugoutradius do exactly?
  13. Amazing job with the new version of dcg Lo. The customization option for the columns is a great addition. One question, if u dont mind, is there anyway to have wind in the missions? It keeps generating missions with random weather (as it should) but it never has any wind speed
  14. Lo, I just transferred the third party folder with all the pertinent files into the beta 18 version of DCG and it worked flawlessly. The same folder with no modifications at all ... thats weird. Well time to enjoy Thxs for the support
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