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  1. TG Vik I worked for the aftermath of the Paradise fire. I saw the devastation, and "mind of it own" way, the fire touched one house, but not the next. Cant imagine the stress of the roll of the dice All the best Mox
  2. ~S~ Gents! Id like to turn you on to a "studio quality" EQ'ing program called Equalizer APO. Looking at the SimHub program, it seems to process audio output events! Although Box is out putting some udp "events"... their for motion not audio. With EQapo, you can isolate individual audio output channel's and EQ them...in other words in the case for Labrosse, if the kicker is kicking too hard at a certain frequency or not enough, (dont know what tweaking can be done in/comes with butt kicker) with this program, you can EQ things to the n'th degree I have a sub in my phones and chair https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/ Mox Im currently working with a program called Waves NX. head tracking, with binaural algorithms so you get audio positioning Most important in VR, too bad windows Vista and forward killed audio 3d
  3. Because ambient sound effects are really kool.
  4. ~S~ Il be here tonight To launch Thanks to Vonard for taking care of the server in my absence! Hope to see all! Moxy
  5. All This is the invite link to the Discord intel. This gives information regarding the current state of the map. https://discord.gg/Dj89cRf
  6. Thanks for the intel! Adjustments can be made and tested. Weather, Cant control much. Auto generated. But... can find a clam weather at test launch's. After that its on it own. Static AC...no settings, have to do a substitution. Mox
  7. ~S~ Gents! A good decision, that we restarted the campaign, with an updated version of the map, and some new perimeters towards game play. Our 1st mission had an invasion, and the war is rollin. Hopefully, it keep rolling, into a Blitzkrieg! I think thats the direction the campaign will head toward LOL. Testing and the 2nd server...I need a little help. I lowered the "Hanger" destruction values, and their on the campaign mission "we" flew in your game. JG1DynCampaign_1... Also I razed the values, on the oil tanks at the factories. If someone can drop some bombs or fire some bullets on these objects and test that would be great? 2nd server: Im setting up what were flying currently up on the primary server. IE stats, intel etc. We will continue with these current values, and of course "we" are flying war, and the flying is good! The test server, we will use to tweak whatever anomalies we find or can change. One of the things that is most frustrating, is... most changes can not be made on the fly. Therefore in order to "launch" a full "real" competition, the map/campaign, must be solid and gameplay adaptable, if an anomaly is found during a competition. We are close to seceding! But we have some things to get solid A list of WiP's Object Destructibility.."If you can kill it it works" But how you have to kill it effects the game play! And therefore template/world design can be a possible adaption. Aircraft statics: Have lowered some numbers for tests. Substitution of model will work. And can set AC in nets as a type. IE bombers are in nets fighters "open". Aircraft availability: Production and a configuration, set the availability. Number of players determines the usage. Need to check Discord stats as missions progress.Everyone fly's!, But planes need to be precious Production: Their are so many things effected by the factories output, and includes how long the war will run. Theirs a sweet spot...I think in a few sessions, "we'll" get a "feel" on the current settings. Something to consider.. a sessions, mission, weather its time length is long or short. The "mission" will be the same! In a short mission, the convoys will just come up faster,(not travel faster) pending the limit allowed by the conf. So in order to expedite campaign map finalizing, we could run 2 mission a night! We've done this in the past...But it really means less sortie time per mission. See you Wednesday Moxy
  8. OK Von And agreed...here's the thing, when, and a real reason why. Saving the campaign is not a problem...its on its own server. Right now I know a low production, will cause Blitzkrieg. But at what cost? Or how it will effect game play. In the campaign are we on the edge as production was hit hard. Testing will require, a re-launch at every "production" rate percentage increase, and the a continuation of missions once the feel of "Automatic" is gone...is there a threshold, or can "we" get what were looking for? Working on the sweet spot...but as we saw before and this is problematic...a balance between completely automatic could be just fun. Or something understandable if possible. And all of this vs. game play time. Blitzkrieg in my test ran 3 game days that's 15 weeks (1 round a week) with out interactions. Working on it Mox My thought is Wednesday run blitzkrieg! Its a mission. It will be fun. Because the feel will be enhanced. With 2 servers, we can test n play or campaign, by using 1 or the other in ether facet. Mox
  9. ~S~ Campaigners Ive set up a 2nd server and started running tests! My tests have been on the value of production vs losses and towards gameplay. "Our" campaign has stabilized...Our production outputs are keeping up with usage and losses! But "outputs" are starting to wayn. Bottom line, many missions. On the other hand! in a test run, I halved the production output, and without inter action. It was Blitzkreg, everything popping all over the map, till victory. I also dbl'd the output and ran a campaign.It Stabilized. In other words, There is a sweet spot. 2 factors come into this...1st, Any adjustments require a restart of a campaign, 2nd, At some point, testing and campaigning will have meld. All testing will be done on the test server, so the "GS Campaign will be always be intact. If everything goes right over the next 2 days,We should have the choice between running Blitzkreg on the test server,and bypassing the campaign mission, or running GS. See ya Wednesday Posts, Questions Mox
  10. ~S~ Gents I realy want to get those tanks moving! Going through the code, Coconuts posts and manual, and doing some math on the discord intel. Im finding what seems to be a thread, about the stabilized front. If Im right there is a balance between "production" and "forces" that needs to get unbalanced! The code is complex, it takes into consideration production, forces, and everything in between, regionally, and as a whole. It assigns values,and then makes decisions IE the min/max algorithm. But overall through out the code, "production" and "forces" are listed/coded over and over. Ive "played" the next mission...no invasion yet. But I like to, for op-ords, hit the factories and tank parks like "bats out of hell" and see if we can get those tanks moving! Also Ive lowered the production output values, Im also hoping (by adding up some numbers) that this will yield results in movement and increase the tactics. Im setting up a 2nd campaign server as a test platform. This way changes and tests can be made, without wiping out the current campaign. I have a tweaked version of the map, coconuts also has and updated version of the program, and more that need the capabilities of experimentation. I know everyone is trying to figure out what makes this thing tick, I also feel were very close. The flying is getting killer See you Wednesday Server should start at 7:30 mountain PS Mission time is 8am a new day (Mission is now 2hours...that way everything is top of the hour) Moxy
  11. ~S~ Campaigning tonight!!! On comm's soon Mox
  12. ~S~ Thanks Duck! The info will lead me. Yea it was me looking for modifications. Vaals scoring formula is something like Kills/death x Kills/hour x 1000 Whatever it is, Id like to get rid of Kills/hour or at least have the score be 1 to 1. Thank you II./JG1_Schulte "Moxy" Mox
  13. ~S~ Hanger and static plane thing is noted and posted on forums (certain weapons, target models, etc are out of balance) Did a lot of looking around tonight, and checking things. Can do a "work around" . by substituting the "type/model" on the ground (no il2 or pe2) Hangers (I think I can change the destroyed value, without a re launch, if so "we" can test for a sweet spot) Map rotated for me Also Coconuts posted killing tanks, will get a stalled invading situation moving again. Is it the cat out of the bag, High priority, in the algorithm? Mox
  14. ~S~ Gents For tomorrow...If everything goes correct in the launch We have interesting re-supply stuff going on, so with a little study of the map, there's all kinds of tactical options. And Im guessing we should see offensive movement in a mission or 2? Im going to up the death penalty up a notch or two.... because tatic's are coming into play, and we have start to meld into real tournament play. We'll have a tactical discussion before launch See ya tomorrow Moxy
  15. ~S~ Good question....1st unfortunately "we" can not "order" an attempt at a sector capture. Thats the program and it algorithms. Were believing that (from experience) we can start the capture process, by really weakening a territory. But..in testing, I have seen your described scenario (pockets). And it all depends (if left alone) on whats in the territory. If the region contains a "Factory"...it will "produce" and keep that territory supplied, and damage re build able, including tanks. But since (if surrounded) supply convoys cant get out...other adjacent territories will will lose the benefit of "near" re supply. If the territory does not contain a factory but an airbase. Air usage will "deplete" the territories aircraft and bombs. Since convoy's cant get in. But then there's air re supply. So with the map design (a territory has ether an AB or factory)....One or the other would be a good choice, as a direct approach. An indirect approach, would be its connected sub effects/systems...IE Factories re build supply storage. it self, hangers, tanks, flak, So basically anything, destroyed is going to have an effect! How much depends on the "balance" of production vs storage vs re building. So you would like to threaten Manoylin...lol thanks for the intel lol! Look at the territory(s) intel on the Gui map. Mox Sidenote: If you would want to case study or mega pin point a mission... I would look at coconuts manual (the point charts) in conjunction with the discord intel and the GUI map. Then one could tabulate out the actual values, and overall consequences. Two things, the Gui map give a great overall perspective towards this with a little study, proactive. The discord intel gives, a status of the now. If you compare the results of consecutive sessions, one can access results from mission to mission to the now. OK this thing can be pretty in depth. The kicker to all of this, is we cant order an invasion...but it will happen. So tactical planing, needs to keep this in mind! "pressure"
  16. ~S~ Gents Some great action last week! And for everybody's benefit Im posting in the public section. After the session several JG1's got together and had a discussion about Tactical, and strategic situations regarding tactical decisions, towards success and victory. Basically the bits of how the campaign works, and effect of actions. 1st let me say that since I didn't write the campaign program, and certain parts of the program are algorithms, namly the ground war. Discerning veracious effects towards event triggers, would be a huge case study, since each "action" by both sides, plays an effect. Consider the algorithms as a chess program. But the "real" question" is...How can one be "proactive" towards Victory? The first thing would be What is a victory. Unlike a pre written mission, a Dynamic campaign doesn't have a victory condition! We could decide some like length of the campaign, or a point system. But if were defining victory as totally..it would come down to the inability to wage war by your enemy, for whatever reasons. So without complete "control" of the program IE the algorithms, or my enemy. My tactical decisions would be based towards the concept of eliminating my enemy's ability to wage, base on available "intel" and what I know of how this works, as compared to speculating an effect to trigger if "we" do a certain somethings,! So exploring a bit of last weeks mission, lets look at some possibility, intel, scenarios, for both sides, using only intel on the map for next week. Maphttps://www.dropbox.com/s/q51vb677ib30i67/2%2021%20Ww%20Jg1.bmp?dl=0 Start in the middle: Elva "Russian" Weakly defended, full supplies, 7 tanks, 37% of full compliment (bombs) (red bar) (full bar) (Elva #) (9.0/24.0T) Berezovsky "German" Well defended, full supplies, 16 tanks, 87% of full compliment (bombs) (dark green bar) (full bar) (name #) ((20.4/23.3T) In just these 2 territories the map "intel" tells me since Elva was just captured. Its air base probably is limited in aircraft. Flak is low, any bombers coming out of of the AB are going to use up more bombs...so I would count on more fighters than bombers till resupply. Anything the Germans destroy in Elva next week, can be "re built" (full bar, full supplies, at a cost) But flak is now low! Its not doing too good on tanks. In other words Elva as a territory with its airfield...is not in great shape. But can possibly get back up to speed with diligence and resupply. Berezovsky: German..Good flak, over 2 to 1 in tanks(Elva) (if we get an invasion), lots of bombs, and 2 convoys of stuff coming in! Many interesting multi-able choices on the Strategies to wage war! Supply Buildings around the Tank parks....reduce the capability to rebuild with in a territory Hangers at the Air bases....reduce the amount of bombs available at that base Tanks...Alter the balance of ground forces and its reasons tactically ... ground to ground, and in the air Convoys... their tactical advantages (supplies build and repair) Static aircraft...reduce an Airbases aircraft inventory These are just possible ground targets and potential "effect", that can be considered in the tactical planing of 2 territories But.............Now consider all its/the adjacent Territories Questions? Start posting, Lets talk strategies with how this works on TS, Moxy
  17. ~S~ Luft The BoS platform is "locked" at 150* FoV although the files go to 180* Which you can do in MOD. Its the same one size fits all, that the DEV's have inflicted. Sorry Mox
  18. Try Audacity. Its free, and will open a very spectrum of formats Mox
  19. ~S~ See you Thursday Heinz Schulte "Moxy"
  20. Goat For like RoF, I re-center, or trim the elevators in the "curves" Gui. Pushing "my" stick forward all the time...well it just hurts. lol personal preference, try and check it out, and learn and see if it works for you. If setting curves, is an advantage for you, take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mox
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