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    Ewald got a reaction from Lipfert in Ewald's Availablity for weeks of 5 and 12 March   
       FYI my participation will be limited during the next two weeks, during the week, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays due to being out of town for work. I should be available the latter part of the week, and weekends for both weeks.
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    Ewald got a reaction from Britchot in MiG-21s online with Klaiber   
    Great video, really enjoyed it.
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    Ewald reacted to Karl Spackler in This guy absolutely rules   
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    Ewald got a reaction from REDMAN in Co pilot   
    Great, congratulations... New Peter Pilot for the Huey? Bet he/she can land better than me.
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    Ewald got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in Congrats!   
    Salute Blues great job.... Hotlead they did take your wingman first. Must not of been so tasty because they then went for you.
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    Ewald got a reaction from 93rd Aero, R.Talbot in JG I "Richthofen" - Promotions   
    Congratulations to all.
    Just getting caught up from being away.
    Ricky you are correct regarding tradition. My last promotion cost me $500 for my "wetting down".
    So in honor of tradition If anyone is in my area I will buy the beers and a lobster.
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    Ewald reacted to Karl Spackler in Pilot killed after US Navy Blue Angels jet crashes in Tennessee   
    @Snaggle were you there?
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    Ewald got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in JG1 Recruitment   
    Thanks, looking forward to flying with everyone. It seems like a great unit very friendly and alot of comradeship.
    I now wondered why I waited so long to join.
    USN also, 22 years, a Seabee.
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    Ewald got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in Anybody have experience with Arma 3?   
    Hello Hotlead,
       As you have seen it is a very good game. Alot of depth. Of course I've only played in the SP mode but in Steam have 700+ hours. Some of it SP Mission making in the editor. Once you get into the game check out the Mission Editor. You can do alot in it. One example I made was a Recon Team inserted from off shore. Their mission was to patrol a certain route to the extract point. They were not to be spotted and all observed contacts were to be dealt with via supporting arms. Triggers were set up for weather and time changes and if sighted by opfor random artillery or flares would announce their compromise. All contacts were random via scripts either patrols, location garrison or both. So you could see it can be very detailed.
       Hope you enjoy.
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    Ewald got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in JG1 Recruitment   
    Hello All, 
       I am interested in joining your unit if possible.
       In regards to the questions;
    What is your Timezone?    EST Do you have a joystick or HOTAS?    HOTAS @ Warthog Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone?    Yes to both Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control?    TrackIR What sims are you currently flying?    ROF w/most planes, IL2 1946, IL2 CLOD, DCS, IL2 BOS How did you hear about JG1?    In various forums i.e ROF, ATAG, etc Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?    Have been flying since 2013 but never online. Decided to jump to an organized unit to continue to improve. Researched until I saw JG1 which looks like it offers what I am looking for.    Retired military so I know and understand teamwork.    Fully set up with Rudder Pedals, Warthog Throttle and Joystick and modern computer.    Kids have grown up and moved out into the world so I now have some time, well, when I am not building them furniture or fixing their houses, or at my day job.    Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.
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