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  1. Not using an S, because of what it represents, is essential.
  2. Was that the same one that cracked the sky open on departure that afternoon? I got outside of Hangar 1 just in time. Only time I’d ever seen a Phantom II in flight. My God what a sound. What struck me the most was how flat it was flying, as in zero difference between the longitudinal axis and the path of flight. It was just on a rail. Pure power.
  3. One of the best rap albums I think I’ve ever heard:
  4. Still looking to do F-14's at 1500 EST Sunday 10 May 2020
  5. This is such an interesting small war to study.
  6. Yeah he's the kind of absurdly good guitarist that almost makes you want to hang 'em up for good.
  7. Like "What are you guys listening to?" YouTube, Twitch, etc. Here's one:
  8. My experience was not as joyful. The one I got had a massive amount of drift in both axes so I had to apply about a 75% dead band for X and Y. Clearly, I got a bad unit. As a result, the remaining 25% of physical throw had 100% of the input range, so I had to cut the sensitivity down accordingly. Works fine now, but i had to work to get it to a usable state.
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