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  1. You should. I did. I was actually blown away by how much new music they've made since I was in high school. Apple Music FTW.
  2. Peak USMC. Pretty sweet to be the last dude to pick up that secondary MOS.
  3. Herr was definitely one of our students. Can't remember if he was a LCpl or a Cpl at the time. I saw his name on that Casmo podcast and had a wee chuckle. The truth of the matter of success as a UAS operator is that it's easy to be successful: Utilize the system within specified parameters and maintain the aircraft properly. Follow the damn checklist, make solid calls and be reliable. It takes a speshul person to be an unsuccessful UAS operator. Ignore system limits, fail to follow procedures, make questionable risk calls, and see yourself on the wall of shame of the faces and names that echo throughout eternity in the UAS world as being a dumb ass. Success as a Marine, on the other hand, is quite a different thing. It has little to do with proficiency in your primary MOS (this is only a significant portion of your value for the first few years and first few ranks) and everything to do with your ability to navigate the Marine Corps and Marine Air Wing life, and to shepherd your junior Marines through at the same time. The simple fact that Chris has reached the Staff NCO tier of ranks speaks to those intangibles. Congratulations on a great (in progress) career, brother!
  4. Of course I remember it, Riptide came on right after Magnum, P.I.
  5. Apple Watch 4. Don't @ me LOL
  6. I see what you did there. This is who I'm addressing - the people that think the plural of cat is cat's. Did you fix that guy?
  7. There's a lot of otherwise intelligent humans out there that allow themselves to look like drooling morons because they don't know how to operate the apostrophe to standard. https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Apostrophes I'm on a mission to civilize.
  8. Not using an S, because of what it represents, is essential.
  9. Was that the same one that cracked the sky open on departure that afternoon? I got outside of Hangar 1 just in time. Only time I’d ever seen a Phantom II in flight. My God what a sound. What struck me the most was how flat it was flying, as in zero difference between the longitudinal axis and the path of flight. It was just on a rail. Pure power.
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