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  1. Luft, Hope she gets well soon and gets out. R/.
  2. Sorry as I cannot be available for this coming Tuesday's event. I am still away for work this week. I am looking forward to rejoining next week. R/
  3. All, FYI my participation will be limited during the next two weeks, during the week, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays due to being out of town for work. I should be available the latter part of the week, and weekends for both weeks. R/
  4. Sorry, will not be available for the next two Tuesday night missions as I will be away, out of town for work. Looking forward to jumping back in on my return. R/
  5. Happy New Year all. Hope you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous year. S!
  6. Salute all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a great group. R/
  7. Great, congratulations... New Peter Pilot for the Huey? Bet he/she can land better than me. S!
  8. I can fly Saturday, can do whatever is best for everyone.
  9. Salute Blues great job.... Hotlead they did take your wingman first. Must not of been so tasty because they then went for you.
  10. Von Wrecker, Buddy, sorry to hear your still not better yet. Hope that everything gets better soon. As per the earlier threads keep in touch and if you ever make it back up my way give a shout and we'll hook up. Salute! W/ respect Ewald
  11. Congratulations to all. Just getting caught up from being away. Ricky you are correct regarding tradition. My last promotion cost me $500 for my "wetting down". So in honor of tradition If anyone is in my area I will buy the beers and a lobster. R/
  12. Barton Thanks, looking forward to flying with everyone. It seems like a great unit very friendly and alot of comradeship. I now wondered why I waited so long to join. USN also, 22 years, a Seabee.
  13. Klaiber Had a great time last Thursday and am looking forward to tonight. Have been practicing.
  14. Somnus, thanks, I agree I took a test flight last Thursday evening and it was great. Wondered why I waited so long. Again thanks.
  15. Rotermann, thanks much appreciated. I am very happy with the choice, it appears to be a great unit.
  16. Hello Hotlead, As you have seen it is a very good game. Alot of depth. Of course I've only played in the SP mode but in Steam have 700+ hours. Some of it SP Mission making in the editor. Once you get into the game check out the Mission Editor. You can do alot in it. One example I made was a Recon Team inserted from off shore. Their mission was to patrol a certain route to the extract point. They were not to be spotted and all observed contacts were to be dealt with via supporting arms. Triggers were set up for weather and time changes and if sighted by opfor random artillery or flares woul
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