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  1. ~S~ It seems I have it working now. I had to go the, "nuke it from orbit" route. But all seems to be working properly. Now if that only could have helped with my gunnery.... Thank you everyone for your ideas and assistance. D
  2. ~S~ I discovered an issue last evening that I can use any help/advise on. I will preface that I have no problem offline with throttle adjustments in Spits or Hurricanes. When going through engine start and starting to taxi in a 109 I can not get over 1100 RPM. I can taxi real slow but nothing more than that. My engine start proc is fuel cock on prop pitch 100 Magneto 1 Water Rad open Oil Rad open trim and flaps set. Throttle 20% or so and wait until 40C I advance the throttle and the graphics showing it going forward properly but it never develops any RPM past 1100. Going into the ingame config the Throttle shows the proper throw from 0-100% when moving the device. Color me stumped. System consists of CH FighterStick CH Pro Throttle SIMP Vario Pedal. Windows 10 Pro x64(anniversary edition) Core I7 4790 32GB RAM ATI R9 290 SamSung 850 Pro 512GB (system drive) TIA, Drucker
  3. Ouch! You can always be the exception Herr Labroisse
  4. What is your Timezone?: MDT (UTC -7) Do you have a joystick or HOTAS?: CH Fighterstick,CH Pro Throttle, Simp Vario Pro Pedals Teamspeak, Microphone?: Yes. TrackIR, FreeTrack?: TrackIR Pro 4 (soon to be upgraded) What sims are you currently flying?: ROF, IL2 BOS, IL2 CLOD How did you hear about JG1?: These weird old farts, Richter and Kadin and Labroisse said the flying was good and the bar bill was reasonable. Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?: Amazingly handsome and modest to boot. And very very rarely shoot Folks on my own side.
  5. Got them! Thank You. btw your mailbox must be full, or you have a virtual "no soliciting" sign up.
  6. S! Herr Klaiber, I could use one for RoF and Clod. Downloading IL2 Battle of Stalingrad now, so I will be looking at how the controls are setup on that. Thinking it should be similar to RoF. Drucker
  7. Hi Gents, That is great to hear. New job, new computer bits on the way to be assembled, CH sticks to be dusted off. I will be hunting ya'll up, or down in the very near future. And if anyone has a good CH profile please give a yell. I will need all the help I can get. S!
  8. S! Gentlemen.. and Labroisse After having escaped the internment camp, I am wondering if there is a squad presence other than in RoF? While the whirlygigs are fun I have been looking at starting back up with an eye to IL2 BoS. Is there anyone to direct this lost soul in the right direction. The pointy end still goes forward right? S! Drucker
  9. I hope this is not considered a spam post. But. This linked footage is some I had never seen before.
  10. S! Very interesting new look to the web site. I stop lurking for a couple of months and now I have to learn to navigate again.. much like my flying on line. Drucker
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