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  1. Really great work on the skins. Thank you!
  2. Congratulations Hotlead and fiance! Best wishes to you both.
  3. Lol. That guy needs to lay off the W-odka for awhile.
  4. Mmmmmmm, bacon. Happy 4th !
  5. Yeah, but look at the wide range of pilot models we have in-game.
  6. Congratulations Hotlead! Now off to work with you.
  7. I went on a roller coaster once. Well, ok, a kiddie coaster. I passed out.
  8. One of my kids turned me on to Orville Peck. I'm not really into Country and the guy is a bit of a nimrod with the hula skirt mask, but the music is enjoyable:
  9. I would recommend you email Ian, J. link: here : http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php#nxt and see if he is still making the Uber II Nxt mod. It's expensive, but I modded mine about 10 years ago and still works perfectly. Ian is really nice and helpful (at least he used to be). Otherwise, that link page has everything re the Cougar. Good luck! Ferd
  10. Thought you all might enjoy a little levity:
  11. I only had 4 hours but could have spent 4 days they have so much stuff.
  12. I went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH this weekend. If you haven't been, GO, it is really awesome! A few cellphone pics:
  13. Welcome aboard Ladybrit. Watch out for our squadron X.O.
  14. Hey Leep! Let's go bomb some shi...... stuff.
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