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  1. I thought those letters were to help Luft tell us which wing he just lost.
  2. Great flying with you last night VW. Welcome!
  3. The physics of that thing is amazing. At 2:09 you can see the rear propellor stop as the ship goes to level hover.
  4. Thanks Fred, looks great.
  5. That's pretty cool Pfeil. Love the Game of Thrones themed instruments.
  6. The wife is a huge theater fan. She went to see Hamilton during the original run on Broadway but I couldn't go due to work, regrettable actually. But, although I'm not the biggest fan of musical theater, I have to say the Hamilton soundtrack is exceedingly good. I read the book about Hamilton that inspired the musical, and it makes the songs all the more meaningful. Anyway, here are two of my favorites from the soundtrack (the lyrics in You'll be Back are hilarious, King George singing about the revolt in the colonies):
  7. This is really interesting: https://youtu.be/--2H9Dj9eMY
  8. Very cool Maus. Much respect to that generation.
  9. Lol. I think there would have been less blowback had you actually killed someone.
  10. I really miss some of those maps.
  11. Larner that was a very cool fight.... right up until Hunter fragged me lol. Cheers to all the US103rd!
  12. Yeah, it's strange that only this version of the driver seemed to cause the problem. I reverted back to an earlier version and can run full screen with no Win7 compatibility needed. Go figure.
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