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  1. I would recommend you email Ian, J. link: here : http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php#nxt and see if he is still making the Uber II Nxt mod. It's expensive, but I modded mine about 10 years ago and still works perfectly. Ian is really nice and helpful (at least he used to be). Otherwise, that link page has everything re the Cougar. Good luck! Ferd
  2. Thought you all might enjoy a little levity:
  3. I only had 4 hours but could have spent 4 days they have so much stuff.
  4. I went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH this weekend. If you haven't been, GO, it is really awesome! A few cellphone pics:
  5. Welcome aboard Ladybrit. Watch out for our squadron X.O.
  6. Hey Leep! Let's go bomb some shi...... stuff.
  7. You might try uninstalling the the 2015-2019 Visual C++ and reinstalling them using the Visual C++ executables that are inside the game's redistribution folder. That should have occurred when you reinstalled the game, but perhaps they didn't install then because you already had a newer version installed. Anyway, worth a try since sometimes games can be finicky if the correct version of the VCC package isn't installed.
  8. Did you try running SFC /SCANNOW from the command prompt to see if any system files are corrupt? NVM, I saw you said you tried this earlier.
  9. Not yet, been holding out to see if the tech would get better. Seems like the Reverb is a definite step up from the 1st gen so I'm quite excited. At a minimum I can blame my crappy piloting on the new hardware for awhile.
  10. So I took the plunge and ordered the HP Reverb VR. Should be here by end of the week. Anyone else using the Reverb and any tips for getting it up and running? Labroisse
  11. That's fantastic Klieg. Congrats!! Ferd
  12. Lol. Doc don't need no stinkin' wings. Welcome back!
  13. Doc don't need no stinkin' video card.
  14. Luft, you might try updating to the latest Nvidia driver. One just came out yesterday that I haven't tried, but the one before that was one of the better drivers for my 1080. Here's a link to a clean version of the latest with some of the junk removed: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/441-12-clean-version.421390/
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