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  1. Correction. The SetPaint seems to work also when campaign is launched from the Grandcampaign.dcg if the squadron in question appears for the first time, but not if the same (non-player) squadron moves from one subcampaign to another.
  2. Thank you. If you need the campaign files, they can be found Here If you need anything else, just let me know.
  3. That is not the case. That also happens if the command is in the middle of the campaign. Or the starting day, as in the example. Maybe it's me, but I cannot make SetPaint work in any campaigns that are lauched from Grandcampaign.dcg. If the very same campaign is launched from Allcampaingns.dcg the SetPaint command works just fine.
  4. Hi there Paul. Long time no see After all these years DCG is still getting better But... Has something changed in player promotion routine? I'm playing a campaign as a RAF pilot and I started as Flight Sergeant (Rank 0). My promotions are a bit weird: EVENT: 29/01/1942: Promoted to Pilot Officer. EVENT: 29/01/1942: Promoted to Flying Officer. EVENT: 16/02/1942: Promoted to Flying Officer. EVENT: 17/02/1942: Promoted to Flying Officer. EVENT: 17/02/1942: Promoted to Flight Lieutenant. It's 18/02/1942. My rank is Flying Officer... I'm almost 100 % sure that worked in 3.49. Another weird thing. Timetable command SetPaint. If the campaign has several subcampaigns that command seems to work only for the first subcampaign. For instance, the campaign has a timetable line in the second subcampaign: 19421221 SetPaint IJA_F_S_87z0 = 87thSentai_Ki44II_Otsu.bmp If I start playing from subcampaign 2, squadron IJA_F_S_87z0 planes have 87thSentai_Ki44II_Otsu.bmp skin, as they should. But if I start playing from subcampaign 1 and advance to subcampaign 2 the SetPaint command seems to have no effect and squadron IJA_F_S_87z0 planes have default skin.
  5. Paul, we discussed the matter at another forum, as arquillos was trying to start a campaign designed by me. There is in the DGEN squadronsxxx file: I_JG1 And in the squadids.dcg: I_JG1 I./JG 1 Yet when he selects the squadron, a line appears in dcgerror.txt when the campaign is created: No entry found for Player Squadron in the squadids.dcg file. Everything works fine on my end and I have not received any reports of this happening to anyone else. Also. from the dcgerror.txt: The aircraft assigned to 2H_12a0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made. Needless to say, the aircraft assigned to 2H_12a0 is present in the class file and is working in my installation... He said the same thing also happened when trying to start stock Lvov41 campaign I have no idea what is happening. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling DCG might help?
  6. Do you remember what the limit is? I've just finished the rds for War Over Italy map with 108 airfields/airstrips. Plus a few seaplane bases...
  7. Is the number calculated by class file lines? I experimented a bit, adding folders to my Skins folder made the planes disappear at around 1100 folders. No alterations to class file.
  8. Got it. ;D Renamed my old Skins folder and created a new one, works perfectly. Still don't understand why it didn't work, as there are no differences in names. And it worked when only the missing section was present in class file. My old Skins folder had 1142 folders as the new one has 963. Maybe that was the reason.
  9. It's not the maximum number. I completely uninstalled DCG - including campaigns - and reinstalled it from scratch using original dcg files . Started campaign Tobruk 41 for RAF - still missing Tomahawks that are present in aircraft settings panel. I copied the skin folder names from air.ini to class.dcg to folder name and skins work in game.
  10. Hello. Is there a maximum number of planes DCG can handle? I use CUP and downloaded class file created by JG7_X_Man. It has 964 lines. I noticed that this section: P_40SUKAISVOLOCH2A Curtiss Tomahawk IIa, 1941 gb 1 1 1 194101 194512 None TomahawkMkIIa None 5000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph P_40SUKAISVOLOCH2B Curtiss Tomahawk IIb, 1941 gb 1 1 1 194101 194512 None TomahawkMkIIb None 5000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TyphoonMk1a Hawker Typhoon MkIA, 1941 gb 1 4 1 194101 194512 None TyphoonMk1a None 3000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TYPHOON1B Hawker Typhoon MkIB, 1942 gb 1 4 1 194201 194512 None TyphoonMkIB None 3000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TYPHOON1BLate Hawker Typhoon MkIB late, 1943 gb 1 4 1 194301 194512 None TyphoonMkIBLate None 3000 Meters 420.00 kph Default 420.00 kph TYPHOON1BLate4Blade Hawker Typhoon MkIB late4, 1944 gb 1 4 1 194401 194512 None TyphoonMkIBLate4 None 3000 Meters 430.00 kph Default 430.00 kph TEMPEST5 Hawker Tempest V, 1944 gb 1 4 1 194401 194512 None TempestMkV None 3000 Meters 440.00 kph Default 440.00 kph TEMPESTFB2 Hawker Tempest MkII FB, 1943 gb 1 4 1 194301 194512 None TempestFBMkII None 3000 Meters 440.00 kph Default 440.00 kph WhirlwindA Westland Whirlwind MkI/II, 1940/42 gb 1 4 1 194001 194512 None WhirlwindMkII None 3000 Meters 420.00 kph Default 420.00 kph was missing from the Squadron editor. I created a new campaign with these planes, all the planes were replaced with other planes (Tomahawks with MS410's, all the rest with Hurricane IIb's) Then I edited the class file, deleted everything but this section and restarted the campaign. All the planes were there. EDIT: JG7_X_Man confirmed that these planes are present in his installation. EDIT2: Historic Production Dates is off. DCG version 3.49 Beta. Windows 7 Ultimate running in Finnish - maybe that messes up text coding?
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