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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. I totally understand not being able to commit fully. I can’t make all of yours as well. I think our numbers are good for tomorrow.
  2. JG1, anyone planning on joining us tomorrow, please let me know here so I can adjust the request coming in from the Great Battles forum. I'll get back with you here as soon as I find out the VVS numbers from the French Flyers...Meka's group.
  3. This coming Sunday, 145PM assembly time and 2PM server startup for the 5th mission in this series. Air role will be PVP and ground combat will be against AI only. Initial map depicts ground start locations and enemy objectives. More to come.
  4. Yeah...I know the feeling Butzzell. I feel like they pick me out of a crowd as well.
  5. Update on the mission. SCG_Meka is gone on holiday and we have no participation numbers from the French Flyers. It's looking like the VVS will be AI again, and we might limit our air attendance to JG1 and SCG only to keep from recreating that problem we had last mission with too many OKL and not enough opposition. We'll see how it shapes up in the morning. Thanks
  6. Mission IV, continues as 19th Panzer pushes onward to relieve the embattled 1st Parachute Division holding on to the captured Kuniya Airbase. This airborne drop was vital to both advance our air contingent and capture a vital rail hub for our push into Russia. Our OKL anticipates a fierce confrontation with the VVS who will throw everything they have into the breach to regain air supremacy in the region. The Russians are hell bent on destroying the 1st Parachute Division and retaking that airbase. 19th Panzer can expect heavy resistance to try and block our unit from reinforcing this unit.
  7. Thanks Butzzell. We are learning all the time. Next mission will be player vs player in the air, and I need to make some flak adjustments...Thanks always to JG1 land and air for joining in on our fun.
  8. Zug 3 Leader will be Butzzell for this event. Zug 3 comprised of Butzzell, GenMarkof007, Lipfert and Neun safely in the rear of column listening to Wagner, when the needle isn't skipping.(Porter Wagner) Understood Lipfert.
  9. Okay, if you do you can be in the JG1 Zug.....Hope to see you there
  10. We could use some more tankers if anyone is interested. I thought DangerDogz were going to show up, but they didn't have enough interest with such short notice. Anyways, JG1 is always welcome. This will be a good one with para drop and a good air element. What we need is more panzers so we can split our forces as per plans.....
  11. Another mission set for this coming Sunday if anyone is interested.
  12. This post is to the JG1 guys that flew American this past Sunday. I'd like to apologize for the lack of flak protection there. What happened was I moved that base from way North to Aachen to reduce flight time, and in my hurry, I placed flak there, but I did not test it out. The original mission had the American base.....off base with a scheduled attack on the German base, so I had standard flak protection for German base to make it realistic. I did not know who would fly American or OKL at that time...and I let Terref decide on that and he chose OKL. So, if it placed you guys in a bad s
  13. Americans will have an airbase now at Aachen, which will reduce flight time to the battle. 707th Tank Brigade, will start off with all tankers, Judge will be Commander. After taking 116th Forward Base, Neun, Butzzell,General, and if numbers are good, Longwood, will switch to German MkIV's coming out of Schmidt. Butzzell will command the German Panzer Unit. Our mission will be to hold Schmidt at all cost. If we lose Schmidt, we will regroup into a reserve Zug that was a few km outside of town. We will attempt to retake Schmidt.American Airforce will be comprised of JG1 members with Thorns. Luft
  14. Wittmann, if you join our website you can see our events page and I can give you a tag that will automatically invite you for events. www.simulatedcombatgroup.com but the server name will always start with SCG and the week for this one is “ami9” we will be on our team speak at: comms.simulatedcombatgroup.com pw “enjoy”. It would be great if you could fly luftwafffe....
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