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  1. Congrats Ted for your Job in Aviation Industry... And Congrats Von for leaving your Job in Aviation Industry behind.... enjoy your retirement, hope that will leads to much more flying time also with us european pilots...
  2. Hello Guys, would like to fly some rounds IL2 WW2 tonight, starting probably around 2130-2200 CET (1930-2000 UTC). Happy about anyone joining Salute Etzel
  3. Early announcment: Plan to fly today WW2 and tomorrow WW1 at Flugpark; starting time both evenings somewhen 2100-2200 CET (1900-200 UTC)
  4. Willkommen an Bord, Bussard! Was fun flying with you yesterday, looking forward to many more hours of flying together Salute Etzel
  5. Correction: Will be in a guest channel to allow new members joining too
  6. FYI: Tonight Jasta 5 flugpark, WW1 action... will be online between 2100 and 2200 CET (=1900-2000 UTC) Will be at Discord in the Richthofen channel
  7. Etzel


    Hello JTB, nice to have u on board, looking forward to fly with you! Salute Etzel (GMT +1 or 2 Pilot)
  8. Welcome EbeBe, nice to see pilots in Central Europeam Timezone joining us Looking forward to meet you in virtual skies
  9. Welcome Philippe, looking forward to fly with you
  10. So who will fly Flugpark today? Today I should be available already 19 UTC, therefor I won't fly too long... Even without our famous ace Hotlead we should show up and represent the squad! Edit: At least Heinrich and me should be there, we'll be on Discord
  11. Black September has a bad timing for me, tomorrow I will hardly make it online before 20 UTC. Beside that I would not find the time to check rules and orders for mission... And btw.: Also today I still need about 1 hour before beeing available...
  12. Planning to fly IL2 tonight and tomorrow evening, should to be online somewhen between between 1900 and 2000 UTC. Open to any form of action and server, today and tomorrow probably focussing more on WW2, as best WW1 action is Sunday on Flugpark Will check in in TS when I am available but I am open to switch over the Discord if needed.
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