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  1. damn... did read too late... but would be happy to join right now! (would be avbailable in 5 Min)
  2. That would be a pretty good timeslot... if I would be at home tonight... 🙄 But hope that it runs fine and this event will take place reguarly, then there will be for sure good chances for me to participate... 😉
  3. Gratulations!! My wedding day is in June too => great time, long days & warm evenings to celebrate that great day every year again... and almost 1 year preperation time is also pretty easily needed, so good that you have enough time to organize everything! Looking forward to the wedding pics next year 😉
  4. Planning to fly online at any IL2 WW2 server tonight, rougly somewhen around 2000 UTC As last week I met some NA pilots online at EU friendly times too I thought it might be good Idea to post that announcement for today, maybe some pilots have time again 😉
  5. Congrats!!! Very pretty decorations u received there, Greif & ScorchedBeans 😉
  6. hmmm... I'm a little bid disillusioned as I really hoped (or better to say dreamed) after the anouncement that 4.007 would bring e.g. features as some new mission types, new possibilities for Mission builders or MP lobby... ...well, anyhow: The new zoom seems to be OK at least. Regarding the 3D migoto maybe a usefull tip for some: I made the mistake to install that mod without using jsgme and was worried now if I can get rid of it properly. 😣 For all others who did it the same way => There is a uninstall.bat file in the Mod-zip included that works perfect; after using that uninstall-file I was able to login to all servers again (for example WOL did not allow me to join before, after the uninstall login was possible with no issue....)😉 Thanks for the heads up. Etzel...
  7. Very cool to read, Congratulations Hotlead!! 🥂
  8. Hey... european group is growing further! 😁😁😁 Welcome to party
  9. Welcome McDonnell, that was already a very nice first flight with you today! Looking forward for some more 😉
  10. @Heinrich: That sounds great, many thanks! The only thing I don't get => according to my understanding the official Il2 skins are any how not a part of that "graphics\skins"-folder in the game but stored anywhere else. So even if u delete that "skins" folder completely I think (!) you will anyhow have all skins that are delivered with the game available. So I don't think that this 1st zip-file as you plan would be needed...
  11. Hi, thanks for the respond Von. Sorry for the confusion, I know that there is no way that all obsolete files can be delteted automatically => it's clear that this is in everyone's own responsibility! I just wanted to say that this file can be deleted out of the downloadable file so that it is at least not further spreaded around... And totally clear that it's neither your nor anyones else responsibility to do that organisational Sisyphus work of keeping the skin jungle here in a consolidated form. My post was just meant for the case that it would be nice IF someone (whoever) would work on a complete overview again, because as long as as we don't have such a thing we will never come to the moment where we all fly on the same skin consolidated versions anymore. For me that skinning is anyhow a nice to have side-topic; so I simply want to thank everyone for putting work into this topic, but I never would expect anyone to take care of it...
  12. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/60308-a-heads-up/ => Seems to be a pretty big update, might affect existing settings, so back-ups are recomended....
  13. Thanks Brit 4 the clarification.... Yes, I am talking about the Tactical Air War in IL2 BoX
  14. Some of us Euro Guys planning to fly TAW tonight, starting probably around 2000 UTC.... ...maybe other want to join (e.g. some home workers at EST zone that simply quit the working day a little bid earlier... or others that do a flight in the lunch break 😉)
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