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  1. Just one Idea: For the testing it might be an option to reduce defence forces significantly... It would make it easier to check within one mission if the desctruction of a specific target leads to the desired results then, esp. as there will probably be only one plane per target. Also in the drop zone it would be gread to see some results of successfull para drops And that ground units are defending the targets pretty effective we tested already successfully last week 😉
  2. Hi, ja, alles klar und verständlich; dein Deutsch ist sogar sehr gut, im wesentlichen fehlen eigentlich nur die Umlaute (was logisch ist)! Und mit deinem Hintergrund kennst du dich ja bestens aus in der Beziehung zw. DE und AT.... 😁 Ich bin übrigens gerade am Freitag von einer Woche Skifahren aus Tirol zurück gekommen. Ich hoffe deiner Grossmutter geht es gut, Tirol ist aktuell in Österreich das am stärksten Betroffene Bundesland vom Corona-Virus 😕 Freue mich jedenfalls schon darauf, wenn wir mal gemeinsam fliegen 😉 S
  3. When I saw the title I thought it's a posting about the corona virus.... 🤧 But Perfect... due to DST shift I'll anyhow make it very late to the FIF (if I make it at all) and I am very happy for having something usefull to do after the session 🙂 I volunteer as dare-devil 😉
  4. Hi BernTeas, bin zwar kein Deutscher, aber komme aus Österreich => da sprechen wir sowas ähnliches wie deutsch 😉 Looking forward to see u in virtual skies! Salute Etzel
  5. Hi Dutch, nice to see u again!! 🙂
  6. As during last weeks several pilots joined who are interested in Il2 BoX and/or FC => yet another good chance to fill up the portfolio of planes and scenarios: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58774-leap-into-the-cockpit-sale-is-on-feb-17th-mar-9th-bobp-fc-and-more/ 😉
  7. Info: it seems there will be a group of euro plaxers fly online at around 21 PM UTC Either FC or IL2.... Any one willing to join will find us in the respective TS channel 😉
  8. Heilung seems really to be great live band, esp. as far as I can judge from the videos I saw. There was a concert in Vienna last November relatively close to my flat, unfortunately it was sold out very quickly! Next time they are here I want to see them for sure!
  9. Yes, same issue here. Question @Vonrd: Ist your recording done with the ingame record function or with any film feature out of the game?
  10. thx, happy to have one consolidated packwith all skins now again.... 😉
  11. Welcome Richard, happy to see another european Il2 Pilot joining us 🙂
  12. Herzlich willkommen Anstennje
  13. At the moment it's lazyness to be honest... I have 2 250 GB SSD, 1 where I have the operation system, several tools and general programes (office, etc) and 2nd one for games dedicted... all other stuff (like media) I have already on a additional hard disk.... If I'd buy a new one I need to get rid of the old one, meaning I have to ensure that the data is transferred properly, Steam needs to be re-installed and all the other stuff there... so overall there would be some work to do which I'd like to postpone to the time when I'll buy anyhow a complete new machine... 😉 Regarding the management of skins: Well, I could clean up the skin-folder on myself but therefor it must least to be clear, which one is the Main-Skin for the Pilot... otherwise I delete this one and have the other (maybe just rarely used one) still on the disk....
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