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  1. Will be online in IL2 in about 30 Minutes, Heinrich plans to join as well. As some pilots having more and more troubles with TS recently, we probably will be on our Discord Oseau channel
  2. Meanwhile I have them also in use and I am very happy with them
  3. Some of us EU pilots like to fly WW1 today at J5 Flugpark; I plan to go online between 1900 and 2000 UTC
  4. Had some nice Missions with @Greif and @GenMarkof last days on Finnish Virtual Server.... Greif and me flew FW-190-A6 in defensive patrols as well as Ground Attacks on Depots and Stations
  5. FYI: Will be online in IL2 in ~ 1 hour (2000 UTC)
  6. Early announcement: After pretty long time I'd like to fly the early birds again, tonight atJ5 Flugpark: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42714-sunday-flying-circus-furball/?do=findComment&comment=1098207 Not sure when exactly I will be there, might be around 19:30 UTC...
  7. Cool to see that many nice decos.... Congrats guys!
  8. No TiF or FiF or tonight, so anyone in the mood to fly around on any server now? Planning to be online in about 1 hour (19 UTC)
  9. @Oseau: Will be online in ~1 hour (1930 UTC), Greif will probably join... Maybe someone else wanna join?
  10. Well, I set it to 18+.... but didn't consider that requires a login to view... => removed the age restriction now
  11. Don't know how to embedd the link in the way that Vid is shown directly... so Admins please feel free to edit the posting accordingly
  12. Hi Guys, from my game recordings of the last TiF I created now my first (longer) film: Well, I used the free movie maker app, have no experience in film creation at all, no wonder it's pretty amateurish.... Nevertheless I hope it gives some impression of the action we had there Salute Etzel
  13. Needed to do this few weeks ago: the relevant files are in the folder ...\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input\ => So definitely backup any file there! For the Control Mapping I think all relevant data is in the "input.map" file, that one you simply copy into the folder on the new system. Very nice feature in IL2 is, that during the 1st startup on the new PC it askes which device of my old PC shall be mapped to which one on the new PC, so that it was not needed to do manually a re-mapping from joy_X to joy_Y.... etc. Unfortunatly I don't remember any more if I did copy any other file from my old system into that system (esp. for the "devices" text file I don't know if it was generated automatically during that described action or if I did copy this file before the 1st start of IL2 => sorry).
  14. 9 PM EST is a little bid late for me; but if anyone would be already available earlier: Heinrich and me are active now
  15. FYI: Will be flying IL2 with Greif now (in few minutes) Maybe some others wanna join us?
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