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  1. That was you yesterday? Was really great flyin with you, welcome on board!! S! Etzel
  2. Wellcome on board Spartan, looking forward to fly with you
  3. FYI: At least 2 of the european group will do some flying today at around 1900 UTC
  4. Some impressions from todays TIF Dry-Run. 1st set of Pics is attack on Kartoffel HQ with @J30_Reinamann and me in A20 in a low level attack. Pics 1 - 3 is my run with dropping 20x100s in one row with a delay of (I think) 0.1 seconds (maybe I set to 0.25 but I don't think so). Anyhow the range covered HQ area pretty well Reinamann finally finished Objective, but ground fire shot off his rudder... unbelievable he was able to land at the refuel and repair base with that plane 2nd set is out of the run on the northern HQ, where @Pragr first scored some hits from
  5. FYI: Will be online at IL2 GB in around 1 hour, maybe some other like to join
  6. For Info: Will be online in IL2 GB in about 10 Minutes S! Etzel
  7. FYI: Planning to fly WW2 tonight, probably around 2100 UTC (2200 CET) S! Etz
  8. Btw Guys, 2 additional points to mention after I checked the stats at Finnish VirtualPilots & Loose Deuce (IL2 stats) (loose-deuce.org) 1st) Don't forget to register at JG1 via the link posted by Britchot here: 2nd) Just for Info for @loopy & @Greif: Seems there was never any Tempest around, only Spitfires
  9. ...and just before @Vonrd, @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @Greif and me had lot's of action at the finnish virtual loos deuce one; @Pragr also participated partially in tanks. Screens taken out of the last mission where we attacked depot again, Greif in an A5 (sadly lost during the action) and the rest in 110s:
  10. Some screens again from nice action I had toghter last days On Friday several missions at finnish virtual (old server) with @Erhardt, @=GenMarkof007=, @Heinrich, @Greif, @loopy and @Pragr, at one mission we went for a depot with Heinrich in MC 202, Greif in a 109 and the rest in a nice 110 formation:
  11. Very interesting vid on a controlled detonation of a 1000 kg WW2 bomb in Exeter (GB): Drone footage shows WW2-era bomb being detonated in Exeter, England - YouTube ...allthough I definitely don't would like to be in any of the buildings around seen in the video, I find it nevertheless interesting that based pure on optical impression none of the buildings that stand even in the 1st row next to the explosion show any signifikant damage. So for me this confirms the arguments out of several other threads on that topic, that a 1000 kg bomb does not have a very big impact as it woul
  12. Will be online at any WW2 server in probably 1 - 1.5 hour (~2000 UTC) if anyone likes to join
  13. Hi Guys, planning to fly at J5 Flugpark tonight again, should be ready for take off between 2000 and 2100 UTC S! Etzel
  14. Again some great missions at finnish virtual loose deuce together with @Greif, @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @Wittmann and @Vonrd. Also @Dudley was active in parallel but driving a tank 1st impression are from attacking a station, where Gen flew the 110 and all others took FW-190, most with the A6 modification with 3x250kg (what is nice and accurate load out btw). We were pretty seccussfull and on our way home we even shot down 2 U-2s after Dudley reported them (but I no recording of that action) 2nd group of pics is of the last mission, where Vonrd and me flew Ju-52 in a paradrop missi
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