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  1. Thanks very much Vonrd, can't wait to see 🙂
  2. I leave tomorrow for few days vacation so I'll miss tomorrows FC action, but somwhen tonight I'd like to fly a little bid online, either BoX or FC, no prefs... cannot tell exact time, probably somewhen between 8 and 9 p.m. UTC; will look around on our TS-Server if see someone 😉
  3. As I've wrote: Available virtual flying time at the moment is heavily restricted, so pure focus is on BoX / FC (and for FiF still on RoF) as there is enough to explore and learn 😉
  4. Congrats.... I've whatched the posted stream on this event also and was excited about it in general and the performance of my JG1 comrades... 🍾 Made DCS really interesting for me; If I'd had more time available and would also have more chances to meet you guys online I would think about getting started with it. Actually this makes no sense but who knows, maybe someday in future....😉
  5. Thanks for this, I did not hear or read this word up to now.... 😂
  6. If you like german compound words you'll probably like: Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän 😁
  7. Embarrassing, pathetic, pro-american-military-propaga-trash-fim the worst kind .... trailer looks like the took the script and the cast of 1986 and made a new film with some newer planes.... Conclusion for me: An absolute "MUST-SEE" next year!!!!! 😂 😜 😁
  8. Congratulation Boys!! 🍾
  9. Let me know then how u liked the Austrian race scenery.... 😉
  10. Etzel

    ROF issue

    Sounds pretty much like the issue I have with my GPU, see: http://forum.jg1.org/topic/6527-issue-with-gpu-or-cpu-or-anything-in-between…/ ...the connection to windows 10 I never saw so far, but as you are suffering this only now with your new systems it seems obvious that there is one. Only solution for me was to turn graphic settings in RoF down, esp. the post effect super sampling seems to have a high impact. In the last posting of this thread you find the graphic settings I play the RoF torunaments at the moment without any issue so far....
  11. Maybe worth to mention that some Parts of BH are meanwhile part of JG1
  12. Thanks a lot Klaiber for the comprehensive explenation => with this approach the scoring makes more sense...
  13. Emely is touching something I am also wondering about: Maybe it would be good Idea to increase the points for some 2-seater missiosn slightly to reflect risk and strategic contribution a little better? I think at the moment the system is not really reflecting the importance and esp. the risk of some 2-seater missions, e.g.: If someone does a long recon flight deep in enemy territory, have to stay some time over the target to take the pics, thus have a significant higher risk of beeing intercepted, needs to land safely on an active field gets (if successfull) 1 point, while a pilot who heads directly to a scondary target, destroys 3 trucks or horse units there in 2 minutes and ditches his plane 1 km inside friendly territory gets 3 points... To make it clear: It will never be possible to highlight everyones contribution 100% fair and accurate, beside that the rewards are for sure not the main reson for flying events like FiF, nevertheless I think a slight recalibration of the points granted for successfull recon, spy, capture and spotter missions could help to outline the job done by those pilots better (...and would also not be too complicated I hope...). ...just my 2 cents...
  14. Congratulations guys.... And also many thanks to all the people making such events possible and the ones who take over organizational tasks and providing us with so much fun!
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