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  1. After TAW we switched to combat box where we flew allied side (same group of pilots like we had before: @Greif@Vonrd @Heinrich @loopy and me)... after defensive patrol with Spits we took P-38s to attack defense position. As combat box has Tacview recordings enabled I drop my file of the fight here: dogfight.2021-01-23_23-35-11_00.acmi For me tac view does not load any ground objects so its not helpfull to see our performance on the ground attack, but it contains the fight against a 109 that joined us And it shows that also a FW-190 was there but it did not join the party for what
  2. So another illustrated short report of a mission we had yesterday on TAW: @Vonrd and me in Ju-88s on a long range bombing mission to enemy depot, @Heinrich, @loopy, @Greif in fighters to escort us and help to distract and surpress ground fire. Due to heave cloud cover and strong windy situation we decided to make it a dive bomb run. We flew straight from As airfield just on top of upper cloud layer and arrived there according to plan: First trouble we had than was that we missed the point of pushing down because of the cloud cover, so we overflew and had to turn back towards
  3. I plan to stay online after the FiF Dry run tonight for some flying on any IL2 server... Considering some time for debrief-discussions after FiF I think 2130 UTC is a realistic starting time....
  4. Yes, that makes more sense.... but of course still suprisingly few episodes with him...
  5. Really??? Only 13 episodes of the complete DS9 series??? Cannot believe this...
  6. Had some other great action tonight with @Greif @loopy @Heinrich @Erhardt and @=GenMarkof007=: We just skip the mission Greif and me flew on TAW... So first action was at Combat Box where we attacked Port of Antwerp, where Erhardt and me flew the 110s and others gave escort: ....package delivered: Our fighter escort had fun meanwhile doing aerobats with some enemy fighters over the city After that we flew on FinnishVirtual and did ground attacks on 2 enemy depots, Greif & Heinrich providing fighter escort, other in 110s At t
  7. DS9 especially from the point the Dominion joined the story is my absolute favourite! "In the pale moonlight" is probably the best star trek episode ever made
  8. Hi Guys, will be flying tonight, targeting 2000 UTC for beeing online (maybe even a bid ealier). Would like to fly TAW Axis side, if server population allows ... Btw. 1: There was a map rotation, so every pilot has a fresh plane set! Btw 2: Don't forget to inform Britchot via this thread if you have newly registered so that he can add you to our squad
  9. FYI: Going online for flying on TAW now, Heinrich will join and maybe later Hess will be with us too. Maybe some one else wanna join the party?
  10. Sorry, won't attend tomorrow. Would be anyhow not available before 9 pm UTC and if I make it online at all I'll probably go and catch some WW1 bird at J5 Flugpark again....
  11. Thanks for the update and take care, Hoping that symptoms keep mild and that you recover quickly!
  12. Some Impressions of a bombing run with P-38s by @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @TedsOnMeds and me on Finnish Virtual Server from today. Overall it went fine, allthough we unfortunatly lost Loopy on our way home, because we were feeling to save and some fighter simply surprised us from behind and shot Loopy down. Later on Gen got that guy, but if we would have taken more care on our formation we might have avoided that loss... Gen was leading , Ted #2, Loopy #4, both on Gens 4 Postion and me #3 on his 8 Turning in for the attack Dropping the bomb as #2 in the attack
  13. Sorry Guys but I cannot attend today! Hope things run smooth and looking forward to fly next session again S! Etzel
  14. Well, I have to say that at least my older one (4.5 Y) is very typical girl-stuff orientated, everything is about princesses and their princes... and in doubt put pink glitter on everything On the other side she still enjoyed the flights with me, and she esp. likes when we I do some dives with her (to be clear: some very gentle ones). And I also let her try flying a little bid on the PC from time to time, e.g. some round with an Albatros in RoF (without any shooting of course, just take off, fly over a village and land again!!) so I think (or I hope) the interest for all the typical girl
  15. I have also 2 girls and believe me I do my very best to influence them in the right direction. My long term plans are to fly that long actively IRL with them until they make their own licenses and take their old dad with them from time to time... In maybe 12 to 15 years I can let you know how successfull I was... The walls in the kids room are decorated with that motives
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