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  1. Planning to be online in ~1 hour (10 pm UTC) for some flights. Have no preferences for WWI or WWII, but as J2 server still seems to be offline, it will probably any WW2 server (TAW maybe?).
  2. Etzel


    Willkommen Marc! Fliege selber nur IL2 BoX & Flying Circus und wΓΌrde mich freuen mit dir ein paar runden zu drehen, falls du von den Jets genug hast und doch mal bei WW1 und/oder WW2 andocken mΓΆchtest πŸ˜‰
  3. Plan to join also in maybe about 1 hour.... let's see
  4. Cooool, another CET located player yet... Welcome ataribaby.... I am not flying DCS, but looking forward to fly in WW2 and WW1 worlds of BoX/FC with you! 😁
  5. Great News Grandpa!!! 😁 Congratulations!!
  6. And just as a reminder my prediction some weeks ago: 😜 ...well, it's not confirmed by now, but I am pretty confident that there will be also some FC announcement soon...
  7. Hey Guys, there 3 (!) new announcements in the IL2-Forum.... The most important: The next Theater in WW2 will be "Battle of Normandy" and guys..... please look at the map and esp. on the city-names you read on the eastern part of it: So if THAT map does not shout out loud "PLEASE RE-USE ME FOR FLYING CIRCUS Vol. II - The Channel Map" .... (and also for a Battle of Britain-Usage... but thats anther question).... πŸ€” ...then I don't know.... 😁
  8. It is possible direct in the Game itself: Via "Settings" then "Game"
  9. Nevermind, found it directly in the game menu in the settings, there u can activate and game will restart with Mods on. Nevertheless thanks for your advice πŸ™‚
  10. Thanks, but I did not find a similar setting menue anywhere in steam, nor something similar to a launcher.exe. Well, there are startup options to enter parameters via line-commands, probably its possible to switch modes on this way.... Will search IL2-Forums for this when I really need it πŸ˜‰
  11. That is the way Mods are activated in Rise of Flight, I know. But in BoX / FC there is no launcher... Only an Icon on desktop that first starts up steam (I have bought Battle of Stalingrad via Steam) and then starts BoX. I do not have any idea where could turn on any special mode before starting the game?
  12. How can mods be turned on from player-side in Il2?
  13. Would like to do some online flying tonight... probably somewhen between 9 and 10 pm UTC either WWI or WWII, depending on which server looks promising; Will be on our TS server then
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