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  1. Will try to make it tomorrow, although as usually probably ~1 hour late...
  2. Well, when I went online the FC map was running on our server... 😉
  3. This! +1 ... as long as there exists no plane that offers different ways of elevator trimming and stabilizator adjustment together I see no reason for offering different configuration options... ??? 🤔 inmho it only increase complexity for implementation and for configuration without adding any value...😏
  4. Thanks... and well, at least 2 buttons will be available for alternative use... 🙂
  5. This trim topic is very interesting for me: In my actual hardware setting I have some axis left that I cannot use properly while all buttons are used, thus some (more or less) frequently used functions are still bound to the keyboard... And the point Vonrd explained brings up something I wanted to ask for a long time already: I allways wondered why there are different trim controls in the settings for different planes but as I was not completely sure if there are (or will be) planes that offer both trim options with slightly different effects I wanted to avoid to map both settings on the same keys... leading to the situation that overall 4 buttons of my joystick are used for the evelator trim... Now Q1 is: Does a plane in the IL2 universe exist, that has both trim options?? If not, than at least I can map both settings to the same buttons and will gain 2 Buttons for other functions And Q2: Is it possible in the latest release to map ALL versions of trimming to an Axis? Or is one Version still useable with buttons only?
  6. Guys, I can only repeat myself: If testing needs to be intensified please think about let the server with the mission run in UTC evening times and distribute test tasks via private forum (incl. the PW to the server)! At the moment I fly most time scripted campaigns offline as flying allone on WW2 servers (where other pilots operating in teams) comes close to suicide missions most times. I would be really happy to have some variety in my playing time and can contribute something usefull... Here in good old europe we could execute the test cases that should produce a certain situation on a specific object and post mission reports (=tast case results), before you use your practice events to check if the outcome after mission rotation is as expected. One thing that would be very helfpull of course is a working stats page to be able to check mission logs, etc.
  7. I should be able to join this time... well, as always it will be pretty late when I show up, but better then never.... 😉
  8. No problem with flying Entente. I just hope that at least in one of the remaining sessions I have the chance to fly the Dr.I in my personalized Skin ....😉
  9. For todays session I won't make it, looking forward to next week were I should be able to participate again! Salute & Have fun guys, hope to see some vids from this session 😉
  10. My words: The BoX/FC series including the Projects that _are_ in pipeline already now providing more gaming possibilities then I can fully utilize considering IRL time constraints... So the best thing on all the ideas and possibilities is that there is plenty of stuff we all can happily look forward to! 🤗
  11. Regarding the Pacific War: Well, the only (but for sure huge) completely new feature as I see it is the implentation of carriers and the needed planes for this. This is definitely a very complex thing if they would try to have it as realistic as possible (as I would expect from 1C/777) but if they manage this I think creating new maps then can be done with reasonable efforts as all the islands are very small with just lots of water around them. So they could easily sell then the Pacific War in packages of islands groups... The issue of long flying times in my opinion is fully in the hand of the mission-builders... If someone one likes it ultra realistic, then put few carrier fleets into the open water with a distance of 150 kms in between them, turn the plane icon on the map off and let's start the match based on the primary target "which side finds the enemy first?"... For the pilots who still want to play pacific based scenarios, but not really having much fun with flying 2 hours over open water you can place the carrier 40 or 50kms next to possible target islands and let's go.... so that should not be the issue to limit the scenario I guess... However, that is all just gueassing or dreaming around, let's be patient and wait whatever will come.... As my personell project of setting up a fully VR-ready system properly will become releavant in 3 to 5 years only I have anyhow no problem at all if I see the product pipeline of the IL2 series filled up for many years... 😁 There I fully aggree: What is wrong with the existing engine? 😯 Maybe they need it to make use of features of the newest GPU generation? 🤔
  12. ...well, just want to say that this is nothing new... it was anounced from the very beginning as "Volume 1", so I am curious why this specific FC1 now should indicate something special??? Not to get me wrong, I am also confident that content for FC will be added over the time, I just do not read anything special on that topic out of this posting... 🤔 However, if I judge the complete situation from a business point of view a possible vision could be: Bring a channel map into IL2 BoX! Why that, considering that there is already Cliffs of Dover? => Well the answer is simple: Synergy Effect! As far as I understand it Team Fusion is working already in some form of loose collaboration with the IL2-Team, they know the channel map pretty well and probably have also collected lot’s of ressources on the specific planes (that are not in the product scope of BoX now), so I would expect if Experts of Team Fusion and 1C/777 would work together to „migrate“ Cliffs of Dover to an „IL2 Battle of Great Britain“ this might be a first step to create somehow a reservoir of additional resources for 3rd-Party developments based on the IL2 BoX Engine. An the benefit of starting with a Battle of Great Britain: Beside the fact, that this Scenario is very very popular (I would not think a second to buy the pre-order), I would expect that making a channel map for FC out of this would not need twice the efforts, but finally can be sold twice… In the mid and long term furture the Team Fusion then could migrate map by map to BoX, the sub-contractor that is working on FC1 now could continue with other parts of the western WW1 front while the Core Team of 1C is working on the pacific theater. => That would create a continious cash flow for the development... And in all that scenarios you can also use the Tank Crew and all the other features that are already or will be available in BoX (e.g. the VR-ability or this mysterious air marshal feature (whatever this exactly might be)) …. continue that thinking some years in the future and considering the progress on other technologies, I see online Air/Ground battles at various locations around the world running over days with several hundreds of Players involved in the Air and on the Ground and in organizational/commanding roles. No idea if this is realistic, nevertheless I’d like to stick to that dreaming….🤗
  13. Just checked all my skins now and they are wonderfull !!! Thank u so much Vonrd for this outstanding work! ☺️🤩
  14. Outstanding!!! ... Many thanks!!!! 😍 Re Alb: Both are very pretty, but in doubt I prefer the dark one... 😉 Can't await using them in the upcoming BS flights (if I manage to show up in time at least on some of the saturdays) or any other chance to fly FC !!!
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