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  1. Welcome Richard, happy to see another european Il2 Pilot joining us 🙂
  2. Herzlich willkommen Anstennje
  3. At the moment it's lazyness to be honest... I have 2 250 GB SSD, 1 where I have the operation system, several tools and general programes (office, etc) and 2nd one for games dedicted... all other stuff (like media) I have already on a additional hard disk.... If I'd buy a new one I need to get rid of the old one, meaning I have to ensure that the data is transferred properly, Steam needs to be re-installed and all the other stuff there... so overall there would be some work to do which I'd like to postpone to the time when I'll buy anyhow a complete new machine... 😉 Regarding the management of skins: Well, I could clean up the skin-folder on myself but therefor it must least to be clear, which one is the Main-Skin for the Pilot... otherwise I delete this one and have the other (maybe just rarely used one) still on the disk....
  4. Just few words from my side: First of all I need to say that I am really impressed by the creativity and the skills of all you skin-builders. But for me unfortunatly disc space starts to become an issue... I have steam installed on an 250 GB SSD drive and despite I have uninstalled most of the steam games there are only about 30 GB left on that drive. Considering that with each new update of IL2 the space used will increase more and more, esp. when further Maps will be rolled out and also as 1GSC announced further improved graphic details on maps, pilots, etc and also more official skins.... Now I am totally agree with the approach, that 2K vs. 4K doesn't make the huge difference space-wise BUT the simple number of skins do...! So I kindly ask if we can go with the approach, that our skins are 2K by default only BUT with the strict rule that the official JG1 skin pack contains only 1 personal skin per pilot per plane and when any new skin for a plane is added the existing older skin for this pilot and plane will be overwritten? Otherwise sooner or later I won't be able to install the updates any more.....🙄
  5. Same here... I created the folder \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\swf\externalmedia\ and the result is the same like for Reinamann: I get no error code any more and the loading screen shows up, but then I am kicked back to the Coop / Dogfight page (without any message). I'm on Windows 10...
  6. Having the same problem, tried just 5 minutes ago... J5 server had this issue too in last Oct and it had something to do with the sound files, according to an answer by Matthias it was connected to some custom sound files: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42199-jasta-5-server-flugpark-new-year-new-work/?do=findComment&comment=834618
  7. Thanks guys for clarifying all my Qs (and for moving them in the correct section)! Most surprising/interesting from my point of view is the fact that now we have multiple bombing targets, thus overall 29 collectable points for each side, as Butzzell meanwhile clarified also in his post "FiF Winter 2020"... will see how this will affect overal campaign (and difficult for me to imagine how this is will be shown on the mission results pages at the end... 🤔) @Klaiber: No need for any explanation or work on your language; documenting all this stuff down is a huge load of work and you did it a great job on it.... it's only natural that not every possible question or possible interpretation of any possible reader (esp. the not-native speakers) can be foreseen in the first version.... 😉 Regarding the architecture of the hospital: I have no idea at all (and I am no expert on architecture), but in gothic revival I would expact more ornamentation or decoration and not such a minaret-style tower... anyhow, nevermind => I am not sure if this style is assignable to any architectural category at all... just wanted to be funny 😂
  8. Ah.. and one more Q on the enemy ace: The Ace must not be specifically triggered by the wreath plane; he flies around in any friendly sector from the very beginning; the subtitle will be triggered by any plane who flies close enough to the ace => Correct? And the subtitle is only hint where to find the ace, or will an icon appear on the map after he is spotted?
  9. First of all thanks for this cool mission design utilizing many of the FC features and for the very comprehensive objective description. Anyhow, based on the objectives descriptions ...and also on the ruleset there still some things not completely clear to me which I'd like to clarify: Q1: Will the refligth rule of 5 Minutes now be enforced by server settings? I think this would make sense now, and based on the re-arm and re-fuel feature now pilots who land the plane on an active field and manage to reach the service area will benefit accordingly. And as FC shows after every mission clearly if you are captured or killed, it is much clearer for the pilots if they are allowed to fly again or not thus unintentional breaking of re-flight-rules should not happen any more. Also checking the completion of the rules after the session can be simply reduced to a check of V-Lives of each participating pilot, if comply to reflight-rule is ensured by the server Q2: I did not understand, if the server selects one of the primaries „Supply Depot“, „Factory“, „Bridge“ and „Aero-Dromes“ as the active one to be destroyed or if they are all active and each side can choose freely which one they go for to collect the point and activate depending secondaries? And if second is the case, just to make it clear: If you destroy for example all 3 factories, it will not bring you any benefit, correct? Q3: Is the primary aerodrome target also an active aerodrome that is in use for enemy planes to take off? When I interpret the map correctly, this is not the case, but the note „Destroying the oil drums will deny the enemy of the aerodrome's use“ in the objective description is a little confusing? If it is an usable field that just becomes inactive after destruction of the oil drums: Will it be repaired or will it stay inactive for the remaining mission? Q4: Can the regular fighter and 2-seater bases be destroyed and become inactive? If yes: will they be repaired? Q5: Recon missions say the base for landing and deliver the plate „….does not have to be active.“ => Does this mean e.g. also the primary aerodrome targets or any other airfield (even not shown with an icon on the map) are possible landing points for recon flights? Or can you even land anywhere on friendly territory as long as the plane will not suffer to much damage? Q6: HQ Destruction: What must be destroyed for completion? (All buildings or all vehicles or both or a certain part of?) Q7: Also just for complete clarification on HQ secondaries: Description says „A secondary recon objective will then be announced within the game.“ I guess this secondary ojective becomes active after of landing the plates of HQ savely and not after the destruction of the HQ. So after recon is done and the plane lands successfully, 2 additional icons will apear on the map: The one of the secondary recon objective and the HQ location itself (meaning: Once the HQ is shown on the map it can be destroyed) => Is my interpretation on the overall logic correct? Q8: Regarding the Spy/GenCap Missions - just for clafication: Pickup of Spy or Gen brings the first point and destrcution of the 1st secondary objective brings another point for the team , no matter if the plane will be shot down later on or not; landing on friendly side is only needed to activate the 2nd secondary target and enable the team to collect a 3rd Point of those missions => Correct? And finally some comments: 1st: I absolutely like the solution (meaning the background info) on the general capture and the spy pickoff very much 😄 2nd: Also the fact that Icons now simply become active and show what needs to be done is great, will make communication and organisation much more easier… 3rd: /smartassmodeon/ You are really sure that architecture style of the hospital is „Gothic revival“?? 😝 Thanks very much for the work on Butzzell, Klaiber and every one else supporting this tournament, really looking forward to it… 😄 PS: For easy reading please feel free and use admin privileges to edit my post and place the answers directly under the questions.... if you want to... 😉
  10. Would like to do some online missions tonight, planning to start as usually between 9 und 10 p.m. UTC No preference if WW1 or WW2 => anyone else in the mood for some action?
  11. Won't go online for flyin tonight anymore, but plan to fly online tomorrow (Friday) eve. Probably will go online somewhen between 9 und 10 p.m. UTC and would be happy to meet anyone to fly either WW1 or WW2.....
  12. Hello, Wellcome and how Pfeil already wrote: ...sems our CET pilot quota is increasing! 🙂 Looking forward flying with you
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