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  1. Well.. too bad for you then.
  2. If you bought a ticket for Duxford 2021 you can win a flight in a Spitfire
  3. 8. In a multiplayer game, the next steps have been taken to eliminate the problem of invisible planes that appear only at the moment they start to shoot. Because reproduction of this problem is extremely difficult, please help: if you encounter this problem again, be sure to report it and attach a flight record to your message;
  4. This happens when you have some temporary heavy lag. When you lag out the server can't sync your position properly for some time and you are somewhere else that the server thinks you are. When you fire it get suddenly synced. Its not a visibility issue but a net code issue. I was one of those invisible planes once. After a reboot and the lag stopped it went away.
  5. A bit late but I hope you had a happy 4th july šŸ˜.... for me it was just another saturday šŸ˜‰
  6. You have short memory šŸ˜€ I remember clearly chasing Breguets, Bristols and RE8 with Albs and not able to catch them in ROF. No wonder you cant catch Bristol if you have the 2 slowest aircraft in planeset. I have no such problem with DVII or DVIIF. Same here. If was great but can't compare to FC.
  7. Thanks for the info Lipfert I ordered one set from them. That minijoy was allways getting on my nerves, with this I will be finally able to use it properly.
  8. No it was not me, though I had my share of one shot kills. I thought we have met. Somebody is then using a similar name to yours.
  9. Welcome Boslandschap. You would be surprised how many pilots here remember and used to fly Red Baron Its allways good to get more FC pilots from Europe. If you fly on the J5 FC server i'm sure we have already met .
  10. DWM.exe is the desktop windows manager. Not sure if this error message is helpfull as dwm is running all apps in system. Now it can be almost any part of your system that is causing this.
  11. The DLL is version 14.15.26706.0 so it came with VC++ 2017. I would install the x64 version. it should install the latest VC++ 2019.
  12. Hi Luftritter That DLL is part of Visual C++ 2015 Runtime. It is possible that some other game did a overwrite. Try to download it again and reinstall https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  13. Good to hear it helped. Was fun yesterday, we should repeat it.šŸ‘
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