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  1. Music like from 80's italian Star Wars copy movie.
  2. I am software developer and use laptop in home office and in office... no need to pretend "I need a new pc for work" I just tell my wife I need a new gaming pc
  3. Did you expect some? The improvements are replacing the alternative visibility server setting. What did change is that you can set the MSAA to 8x. Looks nice but you will get a fps hit. For me it went from 144 to 130-135 fps. As for visibility I can see on the J5 Flugpark from Beugnatre a dogfight going on over Arras. Not bad I think. The aircraft are more visible over the front and dont blend with the lanscape textures that much.
  4. I bought a new computer this year. I installed W10 and plugged in my warthog and pedals. After Il2 install I copied the config files from old computer. The game asked me the first time I started it that it cant find warthog controller and if the one it can find is the right one. After choosing yes it asked me the same for throttle and pedals. After this all worked fine and no need to reconfigure anything. So the probability is quite high that you don't need to do anything or that you need simply to map the old ones to new one.
  5. 1080p display (much cheaper than any 1440p or 4k kit, plus it gives you the option of running a lower-end GPU); - agreed , if you don't have GK to support higher resolution it makes no sense to buy 1440p Vsync, Gsync or Freesync compatibility (depending on what GPU you have); - Nvidia = Gsync, AMD = Freesync. If you are ok with 60 FPS you can buy whatever you want. Freesync monitors are cheaper. At least 60 Hz refresh rate, the higher the better; - 60 Hz is the minimum you get out of a monitor without Freesync or Gsync. So if you are ok with max 60 fps you can buy wh
  6. I have Tobruk and my opinion is that its about 8 years too late. If CLOD was like this when it came out it would be great and I would not regret buying it. Tobruk is nice addition to a failed game.
  7. Well.. too bad for you then.
  8. If you bought a ticket for Duxford 2021 you can win a flight in a Spitfire
  9. 8. In a multiplayer game, the next steps have been taken to eliminate the problem of invisible planes that appear only at the moment they start to shoot. Because reproduction of this problem is extremely difficult, please help: if you encounter this problem again, be sure to report it and attach a flight record to your message;
  10. This happens when you have some temporary heavy lag. When you lag out the server can't sync your position properly for some time and you are somewhere else that the server thinks you are. When you fire it get suddenly synced. Its not a visibility issue but a net code issue. I was one of those invisible planes once. After a reboot and the lag stopped it went away.
  11. A bit late but I hope you had a happy 4th july .... for me it was just another saturday
  12. You have short memory I remember clearly chasing Breguets, Bristols and RE8 with Albs and not able to catch them in ROF. No wonder you cant catch Bristol if you have the 2 slowest aircraft in planeset. I have no such problem with DVII or DVIIF. Same here. If was great but can't compare to FC.
  13. Thanks for the info Lipfert I ordered one set from them. That minijoy was allways getting on my nerves, with this I will be finally able to use it properly.
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