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  1. There are lots of interesting technical questions and explanation of procedures regarding Mig 21 and 23 and the inner working of a squadron. He was part of the Aerobatic display team so he got chance visit air shows in the west with Mig 23 and some unusual flying experience for a Cold War pilot like flying the Mirage F1B in example. Later are there questions and explanations of workings of Engine, Radionavigation , Autopilot, Weapon system. The info is just pouring out of that guy. I guess after so much hours flying that stuff is just hardcoded in his memory. The subtitles for the entire video should be done by end of July.
  2. Interview with Lt. Col. Josef Miler Former fighter pilot in Czechoslovak and then Czech Airforce. Serving on L 29, L39, Mig 21, Mig 23. Video is in Czech language but with English subtitles edit: subtitles are WIP and now only for the first 50 minutes.
  3. Oh you mean all those charities and Nigerian princes and African Banks that wants to give me millions are not real?
  4. Those chevron are the insignia of the Hungarian airforce.
  5. The gyro effect is so extreme due to weight ratio between engine and the rest of the airplane. The engine and prop in Camel and DR.1 is the most heavy object in the plane. The rest is only light wood and canvas. So when rotating at such high speed it behaves like a gyro and when the rotating object has more mass, the gyro forces are more significant. How close the valves are to the shaft has little influence. The rotation and the mass of the object are key here. We don't have centrifugal forces but gyroscopic forces here. The blade of SE5 is light in comparison to the engine and the rest of the plane. You can feel the gyro effect like in all prop planes but much less significant because the rest of the plane has more mass to compensate.
  6. I don't fly J5 organized events since I had to fight SE5a in a Fokker EIII. After we complained it was called "historically accurate". Thank you but not interested.
  7. I was testing the A6 yesterday on CombatBox. Great fighter. Faster in level than A5 and A8. Climbs better than A8. Dives better than A5. About the same firepower as A8. Didn't miss the MK108. 4x mg151/20 are great. Had no death wish to miss the gunpods. In fact I don't know anyone who used them on MP server and survived. The Fighter/Bomber options are also nice.
  8. I guess only on RWR. Mig 31 has much more modern radar.
  9. Mig 31. You need to look at the main wheels. Mig 31 has double wheels. Mig 25 single.
  10. I think there was talk about Midway or Okinawa for Pacific.
  11. I have them and use them now about 3 years. I needed some time to get used to them as the pedals are so close together. What you need is training.
  12. Music like from 80's italian Star Wars copy movie.
  13. I am software developer and use laptop in home office and in office... no need to pretend "I need a new pc for work" I just tell my wife I need a new gaming pc
  14. Did you expect some? The improvements are replacing the alternative visibility server setting. What did change is that you can set the MSAA to 8x. Looks nice but you will get a fps hit. For me it went from 144 to 130-135 fps. As for visibility I can see on the J5 Flugpark from Beugnatre a dogfight going on over Arras. Not bad I think. The aircraft are more visible over the front and dont blend with the lanscape textures that much.
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