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  1. No it was not me, though I had my share of one shot kills. I thought we have met. Somebody is then using a similar name to yours.
  2. Welcome Boslandschap. You would be surprised how many pilots here remember and used to fly Red Baron Its allways good to get more FC pilots from Europe. If you fly on the J5 FC server i'm sure we have already met .
  3. DWM.exe is the desktop windows manager. Not sure if this error message is helpfull as dwm is running all apps in system. Now it can be almost any part of your system that is causing this.
  4. The DLL is version 14.15.26706.0 so it came with VC++ 2017. I would install the x64 version. it should install the latest VC++ 2019.
  5. Hi Luftritter That DLL is part of Visual C++ 2015 Runtime. It is possible that some other game did a overwrite. Try to download it again and reinstall https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  6. Good to hear it helped. Was fun yesterday, we should repeat it.👍
  7. I did see balloons that flare when spotting enemy aircraft on the J5 server. No idea how the do it, i'm not a map maker.
  8. Not sure if they help because I have them in Slovak language 😀
  9. I have Nvidia 1070 and older type of i7 and I have no problem running it on almost max settings.
  10. I had stuttering after update of Nvidia driver. It was related to the low latency mode. Strange was that sometimes I had no stuttering and sometimes it was unplayable. Disabling the low latency mode solved the issue.
  11. Aaah yes the usual case of server being realer than reality. In reality it was less of a problem as you could move your head more than what is allowed in il2 and you have 2 eyes. But lots of 109 pilots removed the top of the backrest because of better vision on 6.
  12. You know you can remove the top part of the armored backrest right? The sight on your 6 gets much much better.
  13. Raz the 109 had trim on axis since long time. It's just called "adjustable stabilizer Bf 109" and not trim.
  14. I have one set from Monstertech for my Warthog hotas but I have the stick on the right side so I don't need/have the pitch adapter.
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