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  1. I have one set from Monstertech for my Warthog hotas but I have the stick on the right side so I don't need/have the pitch adapter.
  2. I predict lots of angry pilots that die from rear gunner fire. We had a quick session with new 2 seaters. Both gunners are extremely dangerous. No matter if single or double gun. Both can fire also in forward arc. I had a dogfight with a camel driver in the Halb CLII and I shot him down twice.
  3. We will be there today if more than few pilots will assemble. Sunday is more an exception.
  4. Very high (7 km) and straight. They have to climb to you and the belly gunner is having a field day. After they climb up they meet your top gunner.
  5. I think the crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt didn't like to have Maverick on board. https://scientologymoneyproject.com/2019/02/13/us-navy-scuttlebutt-on-social-media-anger-towards-tom-cruises-arrogant-behavior-as-he-films-top-gun-2/
  6. The gunners are the reason why the Heinkel 111 H16 is such a beast to shoot down. With 13mm machine gun on top and the twin down all belt fed it can shoot down any fighter. One time I shot down 3 fighters attacking me and went down only after the 4th one rammed me.
  7. Hmm.... how to describe this. I bet you never imagined that there is a Mongolian folk metal. Here it is. And more Mongolian singing with bagpipes.
  8. You can start with DCS without buying anything. Su-25 and T-51 are free. Install and jump in. If ground pounding is your thing the Su-25 is a good start. After that you can decide where to go.
  9. I was flying in the Mi - 8 for a few months in my time as aircraft mechanic in the army. Then the base was closed down and I was suddenly a Sapper.
  10. You can buy a normal chair and just don't install the wheels.
  11. I went the easy road and removed the wheels from my chair.
  12. Hi guys. I'm back again! Thanks for all tips and especially for Squamish. We had a great time. We have visited most of the locations here mentioned and sooooo much more. The nature in Canada and Alaska is amazing and I think we will visit them again.
  13. Thanks Fawlty Both look good. We will visit Victoria for a day with the ship cruise. If you see Queeen Elizabeth at anchor in the port then Jasta 6 is there.
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