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  1. And I remember you, and we for sure did fly together. Very cool seeing folks from 10 years still here.
  2. Appreciate the warm welcome. Klaiber it probably has been 10 years unfortunately, definitely good to hear from you again. That was really fun visiting with you and the Mrs., my wife still talks about the pizza we had in your city. And you have a great memory as I had forgotten about the follow up plans, but I now remember talking about taking the train and meeting half way to do it again. I have been getting the itch and thinking about getting back into flying again. My gaming rig recently received an overhaul and am currently getting my "kit" in order as most of it is very old (around 10+ years..lol) or missing. I'm guessing it's safe to toss all my old IL2 1946 stuff, yes I still have it saved...lol.
  3. You guys probably shouldn't leave the door open as vagrants like myself can just wander in. It's been quite awhile now and would expect nobody would remember my stint with the group, but for me it's very cool to see familiar faces. I hope everyone is well and had a good Christmas. Priller
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