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  1. @Snaggle received the G2 today and took a first glance: This is really a beautiful image in VR - instantly fell in love with this piece of hardware For the first time I could read the MFDs in the F-16 properly without leaning in or zooming. Very, very good! About the FOV I had expected another shitty one, but in contrary: the FOV doesn´t even bother me the slightest, what was an unexpected experience after many years of using VR. By the way, did you know, that you could get 50,- € Cashback from HP for the delayed preorders, well, at least in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  2. Well done! And if the lights don´t show up, you always know who to blame.
  3. Good that you could have fixed it. May I point to Erhard´s post in the practice section: we´re going to a start a campaign on friday and you with the Harrier would be perfect addition. Don´t worry if you´re not a super-duper pilot with the Harrier, me am neither, but we all are looking for having fun together. At least the Sidearms of the AV8B are easy to handle and a good SEAD weapon.
  4. Thanks for your advice @Lipfert. Appreciate your professionalism.
  5. You could also try to update/reinstall the firmware. Maybe the power outage has messed it up. Take a look at the Thrustmaster homepage for the newest firmware and how to update.
  6. Me too am wearing glasses - my IPD is 63,5. I would set the IPD in the G2 like intended to my actual IPD as it should be accurate in the G2.Take a look at http://vr-lens-lab.com/lens-adapters/ . There should be soon prescription lenses be available for the G2. I had prescription lenses for the Vr headsets before ( HTC Vive and Samsung Odyssey+ ) They worked fine and I didn´t need to wear my regular glasses under these VR headsets anymore.https://vroptiker.de is a provider for VR prescription lenses in Germany and they already got prescription lenses for the G2 available. The VR prescription l
  7. There´s not so much you could do wrong with a WMR headset. A dark room is not the optimum environment for tracking, as the tracking cameras of the device are not infrared tracking, but visual tracking. Means the cameras are looking for contrasts in their views, like dark furniture at a white wall, to define the position of the headset in space. The additional two cameras at the Reverb G2 for sure improve the accuracy of tracking. A dark room would work counterproductive as the perceived contrasts in the environment is reduced. As well mirrors, glass ( windows without curtain ) or just plain wa
  8. These improvements to Windows Mixed Reality VR seems to be resulting of the development on the upcoming VR patch for MSFS2020 by Asobo. As the improvements effects the algorythms of the WMR API, it is a good move to implement the improvements for VR into the official Windows Update and not only to the VR Patch for MSFS2020 not only for the benefit of all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, but also to all VR applications running with a Windows Mixed Reality headset. As far as I remember in this Video the developers are pointing to these improvements:
  9. Recently I´ve read the Windows October Update 20H2 would improve visual quality for the Reverb G2. If Windows did not automatically updated, it might be worth to push the update. https://www.roadtovr.com/latest-windows-update-includes-visual-improvements-hp-reverb-g2-wmr-headsets/ Got a notification of HP about delivering my ordered G2 end of November
  10. MRTV made some comparison videos between the preproduction model of the G2 and the Index some month ago. He and a friend of him considered the G2 prototype more advanced in terms of picture quality to the Index, what in fact the G2 is with its resolution of 2160 x 2160 compared to 1440 x 1600 pixels of the Index. There seems to be really a lot of improvement being made for the optics ( displays, lenses ) and sound to the G2. The difference to the Index aside from the superior resolution and with this its sharpness, is the FOV of the Index, which could be increased by dialing in the lense
  11. HP begun to deliver the first Reverb G2 preorders and first user reviews are online. Looks like a great VR headset is upcoming in particular for flight sims. Me am still waiting to get mine delivered and am mostly interested in how the better visuals and smaller FOV of the Reverb G2 effects the experience in VR in comparison to the Pimax8KX. For the JG1 comrades located in the US: Microsoft offers the Reverb G2 @ 599,99 $ in their store ( currently out of stock ), which is a pretty good price for the piece...keep a look: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hp-reverb-g2-vr-headset/
  12. Thank you very much and thanks to everyone for liking; finally a big thanks to Klaiber! So, hopefully the time of sweet words will pass without diminishing the meaning of these words in future. Thanking is and always was a rare interpersonal act without expecting something in return. It´s the true base of friendship.
  13. Mostly appreciate, that the ´21 will get a graphical update of its interior and exterior. Also like very much the F-8 and F-4U as modules in development. Overall sounds like very nice guys at Magnitude.
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