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  1. Gus


    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!
  2. Wow, so far I thought I am the only one buying their records :-). There are really great songs coming with "Relaxer", but personally I would consider the first two albums more enjoyable as a whole album. "It´s all yours" is fantastic, as there are songs in it, which might appear unusual when hearing first, but the more you hear the better they get... something I love about music.
  3. Gus


    Me too looking forward to fly together. It´s so much more fun, than single player only. @Etzel I do hope to get into IL-2 at a time, but I like the clickable cockpits of DCS very much. There´s so much to fly and so less time, even when it comes to DCS only. Anyway I got IL-2 BoX installed and am prepared 🙂
  4. Gus


    Hi Britchot, thank you for welcoming! Yes, we have made contact before registration to the forum, but the organisation within JG-1 and everything else is very new to me. With the upcoming cockpit updates for the MiG21 and also with the upcoming Hind module, there will be fantastic times for being into the redfor cold war era. I think the Hind was also flown at the NVA. With thanks to google translator, writing in english is always easier for me than speaking.
  5. Great music found here... Do you know the band "Alt-J" already? I like their music very much: Bloodflood PT1 and PT2 Tiny desk concert
  6. Gus


    Hi guys, good day to you! I´m Marc from Germany, 46 years old and enjoying flight simming as a hobby, since the first VR headsets came up. Especially the DCS MiG21 is an all time favourite module of mine. But I´m not fixed to one module only, as I´m also still learning the DCS Tomcat and also waiting for the cockpit update of the KA-50 to have fun with helicopters again and eagerly looking forward for the Mi-24 and probably later for Razbam´s MiG23. I´m using the Warthog HOTAS Throttle, Virpil WarBRD base and Mongoose T50-CM2 stick and some extras. Flying in VR only. Also got IL-2 BoX installed, but never found the time to get into it, as DCS and it´s more modern jet modules are more satisfying and already very time consuming to me. I´ve read the info in the recruitment section in the DCS forums about JG-1, had a look inside and just followed an inner call to get in contact with you :-). For being in touch online, I´ve got all the stuff installed needed for. Joining an online group for me is more to make friendship on the long term and not so much being supported by learning and practicing a specific sim/module. Looking forward to join the JG-1 Fritz Schmenkel Squadron and wish a wonderful weekend to all, Voight P.S. my spoken english skills are not so good as in writing, but hope you could deal with a strong german accent and sometimes using ´unexpected expressions´ in coloquial speaking 🙂
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