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  1. @Britchot just undone the settings for the DCS.exe and Run.exe and took the exact flight on your server, we did yesterday. After a while the same black screen appeared again.... So the VR optimization settings could be excluded as a source of the issue. Guess it has to do with the new Pitool beta I had installed shortly before I left home for some days. I´m pretty sure now my issue has to do with Pitool. Need to investigate more...
  2. Did not set it back yet, but will do next time and test in the simpit. It´s very likely that it depends on the hardware/software in use. I´m running a Pimax5k+ newest Pitool (beta), SteamVR. Will report back after I had the chance to revise the settings.
  3. Yesterday, I´ve set up a few of the other tipps mentioned in the video, but with questionable results. Setting MSAA up in the Nvidia driver had not nearly the same positive effect in visual quality than setting MSAA 2x in DCS - I would assume, that deactivating MSAA in DCS lead to most of the performance improvement noted in the video. Beside this I have experienced several black screens, in which the VR headset doen´t receive any more signals after adjusting the settings in accordance to the tips in the video - I could only guess, that the black screens in VR resulted of modifying the DCS.exe and run.exe to not allow the optimization for full screen ( DCS.exe -->properties ). Before the modification in the DCS.exe I had never experienced the symptom of black screens in VR before.
  4. That sounds really beautiful. It just came to my mind, how much I´ve ignored good music in the last 10 years; rarely looked for buying new records. Music is such a great source for inspiration, leading into a self-reflecting state of mood. ... ´Death Growl´ ? So, there is a name for it :-))) Just tried to imagine Abraham Ben Jacob arriving in Denmark and a bunch of raw men with beards, long hair and leather clothes welcomed him with death growls. Also very funny, that there was mentioned Tom Waits in the linked article :))) Hope to meet you in one of the new sunday´s practice sessions. It´s really a much more convenient time to fly together over the continents.
  5. I´m always sceptic to bands which appear a little overdressed, but like the tribal sound inbetween... somehow meditativ. But in the middle of the song the guys ruined the song for me, when starting to sing/speak with a deeply faked voice, like the Black Metal singer used to have. Apropos heavy metal ... do you know Catpower? Chan Marshall is a wonderful artist, unfortunately she ruined herself in her late career with alcohol and drugs, but her music still is wonderful. One of my favourites songs and a good one to enter the music of Catpower is "Metal Heart"... wonderful lyrics, wonderful music. An early version of "Metal Heart" was released on one of her early albums "Moonpix", later she released a new and more intense version of "Metal Heart" on the album "Jukebox" which made the song more succesful. She don´t has any bad albums, they are all different and great.
  6. ... currently watching youtube videos like this 😝🤣: https://youtu.be/7dPAklBFyXs
  7. Some interesting tipps... I would have expected more of a performance gain by this mod, but if you're already tested and don't see any advantage by the mod, I could gladly skip the mod stuff. In one way or another, mods in DCS always gave me more worries than less. Didn´t come to practice flying very much in the last months, but as still being off from home for over a week now, I seriously start missing flying and the practice sessions. Youtube Videos of DCS Mig21 help a bit to avoid hard withdrawal symptoms.
  8. Welcome Anstennje Sause!
  9. These guys do rock the cello! Always great to hear pop songs by classic instruments. Another one of my favorites is ´Sigur Ros´. A group from Iceland... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCAQ0MZTJmg
  10. Already looks very complete. The years end is a thankful time to enjoy the hobby. I wish I would be back in my twenties with the Simpit, where there was more free time and less daily duties :-)))
  11. S! Lipfert, enjoyed the private insights you gave - it does make online contacts to JG-1 members much more personal and enjoyable. The nice thing is, even with a long distance between members, we´re very much the same ... Recently we also bought a MB C300 coupé - it´s such a beauty and joy to drive. In Germany there is partially no speed limit on the highways and you could push it to the limit of 260 km/h. It´s such powerful for a 4-cylinder in-line engine. 0 - 100 km/h within 5,8 sec! I love it! The new car is a gift my wife and me made to ourself for our wedding, which was on 19.09.19 this year. Most wonderful day in my life! Finally as well our Simpits are very similar. Built and configured it for the MiG21bis and the F-16C Viper in DCS :-))). Wishing a wonderful weekend to everyone! Gus
  12. Gus


    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!
  13. Wow, so far I thought I am the only one buying their records :-). There are really great songs coming with "Relaxer", but personally I would consider the first two albums more enjoyable as a whole album. "It´s all yours" is fantastic, as there are songs in it, which might appear unusual when hearing first, but the more you hear the better they get... something I love about music.
  14. Gus


    Me too looking forward to fly together. It´s so much more fun, than single player only. @Etzel I do hope to get into IL-2 at a time, but I like the clickable cockpits of DCS very much. There´s so much to fly and so less time, even when it comes to DCS only. Anyway I got IL-2 BoX installed and am prepared 🙂
  15. Gus


    Hi Britchot, thank you for welcoming! Yes, we have made contact before registration to the forum, but the organisation within JG-1 and everything else is very new to me. With the upcoming cockpit updates for the MiG21 and also with the upcoming Hind module, there will be fantastic times for being into the redfor cold war era. I think the Hind was also flown at the NVA. With thanks to google translator, writing in english is always easier for me than speaking.
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