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  1. Seemingly the 2.7 update massively increased performance on Syria for a lot of people, I was watching Spudknocker on YouTube and he said it performed much better since the update with vastly reduced stutters.
  2. I bought Syria last night, spent forever downloading it so didn't really get to play it until today. Holy hell... WOW! After flying on the Caucasus for so many years this is a real step up in fidelity. Frame rates seem to be alright too all things considered, so much low down detail flying the Mi-8 over Damascus and towards the Golan Heights etc was a real treat. The Hind is going to be unreal fun on this map, same goes for any low level work. I hope somebody does a full IAF paid campaign with voice overs etc, so many historical events you could cover with the IAF's F-16 fleet.
  3. Seconded, I've always been a mud mover at heart. Plinking MiG's from 25 miles with AMRAAM's gets boring after a while, wild weasel runs NEVER get boring lol.
  4. Su-22 would be rather cool :). Would be a great attacker aircraft!
  5. Again... not helping . Maybe next month...
  6. Oh man don't show me that lmao, I'll want them! EDIT: This is the A-10C UFC I was talking about. Very reasonably priced and looks the part. https://www.buddy-fox.com/
  7. I finally threw caution to the wind and splashed out on a pair of the TM Cougar MFD's, tragically however I only had one spare USB slot on my hub so I've ordered a larger one. Too many peripherals for simming!!! As a result only one is powered up but it looks really awesome. Will have to print off some inserts that better reflect the F-16C in DCS, think I'll print off one for the FCR page and one for the HSD which looks quite a bit different. I fear this is but the beginning of me building my own sim pit as I've been looking at UFC panels too, there's a nice one for the A-10C which
  8. I want this module so bad xD. I have a real soft spot for the Flogger. It was the first aircraft I made as a model kit with my dad when I was a wee lad and I've had a fascination with it ever since. This game sorely needs more high fidelity REDFOR aircraft and this will be a really great addition for Cold War servers, give those F-5's something to think about xD.
  9. I'm looking to fly this evening, anyone wishing to join will be welcome. Platform: DCS Airframe: I'll be flying the F-16C, but bring whatever you like. Scenario: Can either try our hand on some public servers, or do some general practice privately. I'm still learning some of the finer points of the Viper, but am open to both options. Time: 19:00 GMT+1 (BST)
  10. A while back I bought myself a new 500Gb M.2 drive to boost my storage capacity. Was a bit lazy and didn't get around to installing until today. I opened the case and realised there was no screw in the box it came in. There was no spare screw in my motherboard either, just the mounting screw by the second M.2 slot. I checked the box my MSi board came in, no spare screw. So the question is where do I find one of these little buggers? I find it ridiculous Samsung can't even supply a bloody screw in the pack, I can't even mount the damned thing as it is.
  11. It was featured on the F-22, however the F-35 does indeed have a canopy frame by the front of the glass like most aircraft (even though it's hinge is mounted frontally it always looks weird being backwards). I'm wondering if it's an issue with structural strength or something. Given the awareness benefits it gives, there must be something we're missing for them not to continue it on other models.
  12. I bought the F-16C. It's super weird to fly. I'm used to traditional control systems in my aircraft, this fly by wire shenanigens doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like my inputs are quite correct, I keep releasing my rolls to account for the natural inertia of the aircraft but there's just none of that. You stop moving the stick and the aircraft snaps to that position... I don't know if I'll get used to this! One thing I will say though, holy cow the visibility with that bubble canopy! No frames or anything feels like there's nothing there almost, I wonder why this design wasn't repeat
  13. Yeah I only fly Open Beta, I think most people do given how almost everything is "early access" these days lol.
  14. The difference with Steam typically is that it's a bit behind the standalone, at least that's my understanding. Honestly I would just use the standalone client, that way ED gets 100% of the sales instead of Steam taking a hefty 30% of the cut.
  15. Title says it all, it's a hefty patch chaps so better download somewhat ahead of time if you plan on flying. Patch notes: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/ On a side note, the DCS 2.7 launch/Spring sale is now live for the standalone version of the sim, up to 50% off most modules! Tempted by the Viper tbh.
  16. Does anyone have a link to where they say it's out in two weeks? All I'm seeing is late Q2 2021, which would be late May or early June?
  17. Hmmm. I might give it a miss then, not sure. The ED maps can get a bit choppy with lots of units, so I can’t imagine how bad Syria would be. The fact folks with 32Gb of system RAM are struggling is showing some glaring issues in my opinion. It’s still very much an excessive amount of RAM to have for most games, I realise DCS is something of a unique case on the market but ouch...
  18. .... *proceeds to throw money at screen* I had no idea it was so close. Will pre-order later today lol!
  19. Haha the hype train is indeed heading to orbit at this point xD. I'll be pre-ordering too before long, probably when I get my next paycheck. Did ED give a release window yet?
  20. Hi folks! With the Hind just around the corner, I've been once again looking at the Syria map and wondering if I should get it. My concern is that I've noted on the ED forums there are many people, with high spec machines, stating they're getting poor performance and lots of stuttering (even with a RTX 2080 & 32Gb RAM). I'm running a similar system setup, with an i7 9700K. Developer feedback is non-existent on the ED forums, seemingly they're a non-english speaking team so ED handles communications "when they can". This has lead to more than a few frustrated players dealing with
  21. Curious if any of you gents have any aviation artwork hanging on the walls? I confess I'm a sucker for stuff like this, if I bought every piece I went "ooohhhh" and "aaaaahhhh" at I'd probably need a second mortgage and a small section of the national gallery gallery to hang them in . I've got one relatively "cheap" print from the folks at Aces High in Buckinghamshire (next to RAF Halton where I used to live), they had a signing event and I managed to get lots of former RAF chaps from WWII service (BoB and onwards) to sign the print for me so it's a bit special. I imagine most, if
  22. Damn, that's rough luck. Will the place you bought it from be able to provide a replacement for you?
  23. My "Aircraft" folder just got a little bigger lol. Some gorgeous wallpapers in here! My current wallpaper: Have quite a thing for the Spitfire at the moment, been reading quite a bit of material about her as well as getting to grips with the LF Mk.IX in DCS. Some other shots from my wallpaper folder are in order however! Hope you like them :). By the way, @Firefly do you have any higher resolution shots of those pictures you listed? The E model 109 and the Spit look stunning!
  24. Vogel

    BOx Sale

    Aye, they only just recently finished a sale too! I picked up the "Achtung! Spitfire!" campaign, and the one featuring the A-20. Also got the Spitfire Mk.Vb and P-40E collector planes :). I thought about getting the 109 G-6, but given we're getting the G-6 late in Normandy I didn't think I'd bother. The value is ridiculous to be honest, the base game is like £5.50 or something bonkers.
  25. I picked up Roland Whites new book "Harrier 809", following 809 NAS's antics during the Falklands war. It's been extremely fun to read so far. The way he writes makes it flow like a fast paced story, but manages to cover a lot of historical details on events in a very factual way. A welcome break from some books which are very turgid and hard to read. His previous works including "Vulcan 607" on the Black Buck raids and Phoenix Squadron describing Ark Royal and her Buccaneer squadrons flight to Belize to disuade Guatamala from invading the isolated colony. All great books and recommended
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