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  1. Hi folks Sorry been absent from the forums and flight nights of late, works been busy and on top of that I've managed to catch the dreaded COVID. Currently waiting for it to bugger off and die. My symptoms are realtively mild at the moment, but the next few days will tell which way things will fly. Thankfully I received my Pfizer vaccine, however it doesn't reach 50% efficacy until 10 days post injection, which is tomorrow. I'm on day 7 of COVID since becoming symptomatic so I'm hoping that it's done something to keep my symptoms from progressing to the point where I need any more in
  2. A belated Merry Christmas to you all. Wishing everyone good health in 2021, hopefully we'll hit COVID on the head by the end of the year and get back to normal!
  3. I'm so relieved, I was worried I was going to be out of action until at least Febuary next year because they're simply sold out everywhere I look. That and it would have been darn pricey to replace it. Just went for a short flight in the Harrier and had a good time :).
  4. IT'S ALIVEEEEEEE!!!!! Rejoice!!!!
  5. It's always handy having somebody around who knows what they're talking about lol. I'm free on TS whenever you're available bud. Still trying to coax some life into this throttle.
  6. That's fine by me. See you then.
  7. I just tried what you suggested. Uninstallted target, unplugged my devices and did a fresh install and second reboot. Reinstalled HOTAS drivers. Joystick and Rudders are showing up fine in devices. However, the throttle still shows up as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). Target however is showing the stick and rudders but no throttle. EDIT: Now it's showing the throttle in devices but still has a driver error. I'm not very good at working with this software, possible to meet on TS sometime tomorrow perhaps and try to troubleshoot it?
  8. When you say backup files? What do you mean precisely? I've removed it under my devices in windows settings. Do you mean tinkering with the registery?
  9. I have a really bad feeling my Warthog throttle quadrant is fried. My entire rig is plugged in using a surge protector, so it should be fine. However we just had a power outage, when I booted up my system a while after it came back on the throttle has no signs of life. Target GUI doesn't register it at all. Win 10 settings under devices shows it still, but just says "driver error". I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but to no success. It doesn't seem to be powered up either none of the LED's are working. I'm really worried it's been fried and is just a paper weight. Any s
  10. I feel your pain. Just paid out for a MOT and full service on my car, as well as getting the front two tyres changes AND brake pads. It's safe to say I am now broke beyond compare! RIP wallet.
  11. Just a heads up, in case anybody is looking for more storage space. Amazon currently has some mad discounts on the Samsung 970 Evo range of M.2 SSD's. The 1Tb stick is currently 50% off, at £120 with the 500Gb only £69.99. For their performance it's pretty nuts how cheap they are. I just snagged the 500Gb one, as I can't even install half my modules atm because of a lack of SSD space! I can finally get the Syria map!
  12. Thanks for the tip, I seem to be unaffected thankfully.
  13. Is anyone playing this? I picked it up today out of curiosity, and an itch that needed scratching for those old X-Wing vs TIE Fighter games. So far it's been bloody good fun, although I feel like there could be some performance improvements. Frame rate feels half of what it should be, like the renderer is only pushing to 60 FPS or something despite running 144mhz refresh. Optimisation issues aside, it's pretty faithful in many ways to the older games... although not perfect by any means. My biggest gripe, is that there's no Track IR support... despite it being able to fully support VR. Se
  14. I do wonder what shape this will take. The F-35 is only just coming into service for many nations, touted to be the "next-gen" for decades to come and potentially one of the last manned fighters. It's as bad as the GPU market, you just ordered the current range and bam the next series comes out xD. It's interesting what they say about work flows and how they're prototyping stuff. The JSF program has been going on for YEARS now, taken far too long really. I mean the Typhoon was started in the 80's and took almost 20 years to get out there if I'm remembering right.
  15. Teds I would imagine that will absolutely happen. There were plenty of military aircraft available to fly in FSX, so no doubt this will be the case in FS2020.
  16. Snaggle you're really making me want to get this game lol... my backlog is already completely unmanagable haha! Crusader Kings III just came out too... ahhhhhh.
  17. From what I remember of my flying days the 152 feels very realistic for stalls. I never did spin recovery but for a regular stall with wing drop it felt very lifelike. I'm trying to learn how to use the G1000 systems but all my IRL flying has been with the traditional six pack of instruments. I bet guys who are used to the SA afforded by the moving map display get REALLY disorientated when they're forced to fly without it. Being able to place yourself on a map using traditional methods is a skill every pilot should know like the back of their hand. GPS is cool until something happens or t
  18. @Firefly Seeing as you mentioned it I thought I'd check out Warsaw from the airfield you listed. How does this look for a comparisson? Perhaps not quite the perfect position for a 1-1 comparisson but close enough I'd wager. This isn't a "hand crafted" location either, the building/tree placement is purely auto-gen based off of satellite imagery.
  19. Painfully accurate. I do honestly wonder what rock home buyers are under when they buy property along the flightpath of a major airport or military installation then complain about said activity. The aircraft were flying overheard long before you arrived to the area, yet now you feel as if you have the moral authority to complain about it? Le sigh... In relation to the trees. Asobo have said they're already working on improving the AI for tree placement (and the types of trees it renders). So I would perhaps expect things to improve as they gather feedback from a wider audiance. It
  20. Have you gents had much chance to do some flying? I'm hooked, been flying all over the place. Been doing the Yosemite bush challenge, flying VFR in the Cub which was very gratifying. No radios, no GPS. Just you in the most basic aircraft you've ever set eyes on... and a MAP. Completed the first leg with no issues, great fun! Note: I'm flying on primarily "high" settings, with a few "ultra" for things like volumetric clouds at 1080p resolution. Getting upwards of 75-80FPS here. Can recommend flying out of Innsbruck to Fusen, via the Neuschwanstein castle. I visited Fusen a
  21. From my understanding there isn't much at all in the way of water physics or effects sadly. I watched a video I think from Obsidian Ant which is just a few weeks old in the icon, he set it down on the water fine but there was no wake which was a little disappointing. I guess as it's the only amphibious aircraft currently they decided it wasn't a priority feature for the time being. I just did my first flight out of Fenland (EGCL) in the Cessna 152. The runways were just as they are IRL, however I was a little disappointing the club building was just a flat texture. Seemingly not picked up
  22. I'm curious, what types of aircraft are you gents most looking forward to flying? For me it'll probably be the light aircraft like the Cessna 152 etc. I like to fly low to medium altitude VFR, but confess to wanting to give some of the larger aircraft a fair shake like the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. The Cubs look great fun too, basic but you can take them ANYWHERE. Would be nice to see some gliders too and more amphibious aircraft. Currently installing, 12.5Gb down another 80 to go! Leaving it on overnight will pick it up in the morning I think. Can't afford to buy
  23. I've been watching footage of it on YouTube a lot, the graphical fildelity is really on a level I never thought we'd see in a flight simulator. Even the "default" aircraft have a level of detail I'm used to from A2A Simulations, especially in the audio department. You can also download the terrain instead of streaming it if you know you're going to frequent a particular area of sky. I'm going to download my local area around Fenland airfield where I flew from. Getting the Deluxe edition for the 152 Aerobat. So excited! Was even looking at peripherals like a throttle quadrant and flight yo
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