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  1. Monday night I was doing some helo flying on Syria (Gazelle). Just to see what it would do to my system I cranked all my settings (except civ traffic & smoke stacks) to max & ran the new clouds at overcast 4. Flying low level I was delighted with the detail & surprisingly my frames didnt get below 70. Admittedly I have a pretty high end system but some of the ppl with performance problems on Syria also have good systems so I really dont know what underlying problem is?
  2. Pretty cool! I love google earth, its cool as hell being able to catch glimpses of things all over the world!
  3. There are several RedFor aircraft coming. Obviously the MiG-23 from Razbam. MiG-29 from ED that I expect will be released at some point this year & I recently saw a MiG-17 being worked on by a new Dev group.
  4. Not sure if anyone noticed but RAZBAM recently changed the order of their module listing on their Discord. It used to be farther down on the list. Now its immediatly below 3 already released modules. Hmmm anything to be taken from this change? Let the speculation begin...
  5. 89gig patch for me (I own all modules). Its going to take me days to dl this update.
  6. I succumbing to they hype as well. I spent a cpl hrs flying the Hip yesterday as a salve of sorts.
  7. @Vonrd & I knocking things off the Greenie Board
  8. I got it working by unlinking my acct from Steam & downloading it direct.
  9. Welcome @Spartan071 If you decide you want to do more than dabble, we will train you. Schmenkel wants you!
  10. Thanks for the HU! I picked up tank battles just because.
  11. I was just deleting some screen shots & came across several I took when I made the toss bomb gif. I thought I would post them before I deleted them.
  12. Doing a little night work & really liked how this came out.
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