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  1. Very clean & efficient rig, I'm impressed!
  2. A significant advantage. The Hornet is a nose authority dogfighter. The only jet in DCS that can match it in that area is the MiG-29. However, the MiG-29 can only do that if he can maintain his corner speed (750ish KPH). A decent Hornet driver will tighten down his turn which forces the 29 to either match it (which slows him down opening his turn allowing the Hornet to out rate him) or maintain his turn giving the Hornet a snap shot when the 29 crosses his nose. The 29 still has some tricks he can pull but all things being equal (pilot skill). The Hornet can currently beat every fighter in DCS in a guns dogfight. That will change when the Typhoon gets released. Its is the best Gen 4+ NATO nose authority fighter in the world.
  3. The whorenet drivers are wringing their hands & gnashing their teeth about this.
  4. Yeah the HP cables are allot heavier than Oculus ones. My solution was to do a loop with the cable behind the headband secured with zip ties. This provides some slack to the cable preventing it from wearing out the socket (a significant problem with the G1), provide a counterbalance for the weight of the headset making it balance on my head but it also makes the cable fall down my back so its out of the way & I dont notice it.
  5. I actually figured out why I wasnt able to fire the outboard rockets, I was suffering from a near terminal case of cranial-rectal impaction. On the Mirage you can select which pylons are active. I forgot to select all 4 pylons
  6. Yogi


    The scammers are getting smarter. I am convinced if they put 1/2 as much effort into making a living as they do into scamming they could probably make a decent life for themselves.
  7. Ive got an used MFD (just 1). Free to a good home if anybody wants it?
  8. I go to Dayton almost every year (it's close) but I've been meaning to check out the Naval Aviation museum for awhile.
  9. It is a fun jet, a real joy to fly. The issue is getting airborne. With its anemic engine & the payload you see it took the better part of a 6000ft runway to get enough speed to get airborne. On a positive note, throttle management is easy. Leave it firewalled until you are ready to land!
  10. Decided to give the trainers a little love tonight.
  11. No rust to be found here... My bombing was even pretty solid. No mean feat doing it using compression angles. Low level bombing is all about speed & sight picture though.
  12. Interesting... Razbam is working on one as well. Ive heard they are extremely capable aircraft but it just doesnt trip my trigger for some reason. A Bronco though...
  13. A little more Viper love. I believe I have sufficiently knocked the rust off now. MAGNUM! Need a cpl bit of fuel to make it back to base.
  14. I have always had an odd fondness for the H-19 & H-34. I must have flown them in a past life.
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