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Found 4 results

  1. First of all thanks for this cool mission design utilizing many of the FC features and for the very comprehensive objective description. Anyhow, based on the objectives descriptions ...and also on the ruleset there still some things not completely clear to me which I'd like to clarify: Q1: Will the refligth rule of 5 Minutes now be enforced by server settings? I think this would make sense now, and based on the re-arm and re-fuel feature now pilots who land the plane on an active field and manage to reach the service area will benefit accordingly. And as FC shows after every mission clearly if you are captured or killed, it is much clearer for the pilots if they are allowed to fly again or not thus unintentional breaking of re-flight-rules should not happen any more. Also checking the completion of the rules after the session can be simply reduced to a check of V-Lives of each participating pilot, if comply to reflight-rule is ensured by the server Q2: I did not understand, if the server selects one of the primaries „Supply Depot“, „Factory“, „Bridge“ and „Aero-Dromes“ as the active one to be destroyed or if they are all active and each side can choose freely which one they go for to collect the point and activate depending secondaries? And if second is the case, just to make it clear: If you destroy for example all 3 factories, it will not bring you any benefit, correct? Q3: Is the primary aerodrome target also an active aerodrome that is in use for enemy planes to take off? When I interpret the map correctly, this is not the case, but the note „Destroying the oil drums will deny the enemy of the aerodrome's use“ in the objective description is a little confusing? If it is an usable field that just becomes inactive after destruction of the oil drums: Will it be repaired or will it stay inactive for the remaining mission? Q4: Can the regular fighter and 2-seater bases be destroyed and become inactive? If yes: will they be repaired? Q5: Recon missions say the base for landing and deliver the plate „….does not have to be active.“ => Does this mean e.g. also the primary aerodrome targets or any other airfield (even not shown with an icon on the map) are possible landing points for recon flights? Or can you even land anywhere on friendly territory as long as the plane will not suffer to much damage? Q6: HQ Destruction: What must be destroyed for completion? (All buildings or all vehicles or both or a certain part of?) Q7: Also just for complete clarification on HQ secondaries: Description says „A secondary recon objective will then be announced within the game.“ I guess this secondary ojective becomes active after of landing the plates of HQ savely and not after the destruction of the HQ. So after recon is done and the plane lands successfully, 2 additional icons will apear on the map: The one of the secondary recon objective and the HQ location itself (meaning: Once the HQ is shown on the map it can be destroyed) => Is my interpretation on the overall logic correct? Q8: Regarding the Spy/GenCap Missions - just for clafication: Pickup of Spy or Gen brings the first point and destrcution of the 1st secondary objective brings another point for the team , no matter if the plane will be shot down later on or not; landing on friendly side is only needed to activate the 2nd secondary target and enable the team to collect a 3rd Point of those missions => Correct? And finally some comments: 1st: I absolutely like the solution (meaning the background info) on the general capture and the spy pickoff very much 😄 2nd: Also the fact that Icons now simply become active and show what needs to be done is great, will make communication and organisation much more easier… 3rd: /smartassmodeon/ You are really sure that architecture style of the hospital is „Gothic revival“?? 😝 Thanks very much for the work on Butzzell, Klaiber and every one else supporting this tournament, really looking forward to it… 😄 PS: For easy reading please feel free and use admin privileges to edit my post and place the answers directly under the questions.... if you want to... 😉
  2. FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Objectives: FIF 2020 has 29 total possible objectives, which are shared and/or divided up between the Blue Team and the Red Team. During a mission night, each team should have 17 objective types available to them, often with multiple target opportunities within each of those objective types. In order to confirm that they are in fact attacking an active target, pilots should verify a potential target against the in-game map. Machine gun emplacements will make any attempt to bomb objectives extremely difficult. Thus, bombing aircraft will need to be prepared to make several sorties to rearm and re-attack. This will undoubtedly increase the bomber's chance of getting intercepted by the enemy. Part of a team's strategy will be in prioritizing what objectives should be attempted within the two hour mission window available. A complete description of how to complete each objective can be found below. . . . Primary Central Objectives: Destroy moving Entente Targets [trains on railways] Destroy Entente Supply Depots Destroy Entente Factories Destroy Entente Bridges Destroy stationary Entente Targets [waterway barges / ships] Destroy Entente Aerodromes [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Entente HQ recon Strategic recon [pre-selected by High Command] Espionage [spy mission] Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Central Objectives: Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Destroy Entente HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Entente HQ Recon secondary objective Espionage Target [Espionage Secondary Objective] Destroy Entente Reserve Unit [Espionage Tertiary Objective] Destroy Off-Road Entente Convoy [Strategic Recon secondary] . . . Primary Entente Objectives: Destroy moving Central Targets [trains on railways] Destroy Central Supply Depots Destroy Central Factories Destroy Central Bridges Destroy stationary Central Targets [waterway barges / ships] Destroy Central Aerodromes [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Central HQ recon Central Trench Map Capture the Central General Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Entente Objectives: Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Destroy Central HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Central HQ Recon secondary objective Central Trench Attack [Trench Map Secondary Objective] Destroy Tanks at Factory [Capture the General Secondary Objective] Destroy Central Reserve Unit [Capture the General Tertiary Objective]
  3. FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Map: FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" is a completely fictitious event with little historical precedent. The default map of the Arras sector within the IL-2: Flying Circus game is used. The combat area is centered around the city of Lille. This is a region that historically saw fierce fighting, with Lille being only 20 km from the battlefield. The plane-set is 1918, with an attempt at some progression. The Central Powers are in the East. The Entente Powers are in the West. Two-seater bases are underlined in yellow. Unlike past maps, there are no hospitals icons shown. Hospitals will only appear when the enemy ace has been killed. Only a single map is used, eliminating the need for an odd-session map and an even-session map. Targets will be randomly assigned from session to session. Every icon on the map is a live target. The only target not actively shown as an icon is the moving train. Finally, there is no flak fence. Flak guns are stationed at the front to act as spotters, alerting you to the presence of enemy aircraft. The real danger are machine guns, which run along the trenches and can reach approximately 5000 ft. . . .
  4. Here are the current pilot assignments for FIF 2020. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ltdnqeaajz5gs18/FIF2020_registered.xlsx?dl=0 There are two tabs at the bottom. One for the Blue Team, and one for the Red Team. . . . This document has been created in Excel 2016, but should be readable in OpenOffice Calc. As new people register, or change squadrons, the document will be added to and corrected. Since pilots only need to register to FIF once, pilots will be carried over from year to year. Please make sure that you are on correct team before you start flying within a tournament mission. Player sides will be strictly enforced. Should anyone have any questions, let @Klaiber know via email or PM.
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