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Order of Battle: Morning Sun


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Great game, gotta ask have you tried Panzer Corps II ? The original Panzer Corps (PZ 2 uses an updated engine, more animation) is very similar to Order of Battle. Gotta say the turn based strategy games are old school and very satisfying to play.

BTW My favorite campaign on OOD is the Kriegsmarine DLC


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@Stahl, I have never tried Panzer Corps II, as it came out right after I got all the DLC for OOB.

I like turn based games better gives me time have a drink while I play...

After Morning Sun, I will be moving on to the European area of operations, and the Kriegsmarine might be next, right now leaning towards the desert. Yes I know that isn't Europe. 😁

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The Desert campaign in OOB is fun. Like I mentioned, Panzer Corps II is just as much fun and same turn based strategy. My vote if applicable is the KriegsMarine DLC, quick, extremely challenging, and you are definitely out gunned, classed, and underwater 😬

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