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freezing and crashing


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for some reason even when i lower the number of planes in the air and stuff on the mam my game freezes and crashes, totally new, dont wanna have to totally re install everything cuz i dont even remember what i did to the steam version to make it work it took me days....  i know thats the only real solution just wondering if anyone knew of any specific way to configure everything so i dont have to keep doing this ... i had a copy of it working that i would just copy and paste from my hdd whenever i wanted to play, i figure that may be corrupting some of teh files but i read that that should be fine.... and teh game is a pain to get working.... is there any good walkthroughs the ones ive found are for older stuff 

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I haven't a lot of experience using IL2 from Steam - my copy is so old, I have a CD....

I do know that if your Steam game is corrupt, you can always try verifying the integrity of the files.  Do this by clicking on the game in Steam and selection Properties and then Files...

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