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DCC 0.4


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Long List of changes:

  • Add the first Syria scenario: Operation Northern Shield
  • Add Carrier
  • Add Mission Briefing Kneeboard
  • Add Mission Type CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) - Pick up a downed pilot and bring him/her back to safety
  • Add Automated Update Check
  • Add the option to enable persistence automatically
  • Add Title Bar & Menu
  • Add Airdrome Capture
  • Add Trainings Mode
  • Add no bad weather option
  • Add map specific dynamic weather
  • Add Korea War Factions(without SAMs)
  • Add SK-60 Mod
  • Add Sweden Faction
  • Add Helicopter Map Symbols
  • Add Escort In-Game communication menu
  • Add Sync flight group position between mission and DCC
  • Randomize the state of the campaign at the start
  • Reworked CAS In-Game communication menu
  • Improved escort mission(BRAA call via communication menu and kneeboard information)
  • Improved flightplan
  • Improved package planning
  • Improved F-15E Loadout
  • Improved F-18 Loadout
  • Improved Su-33 Loadout
  • Improved App Security
  • Fix: Harrier Loadout
  • Fix: MiG-15 Radio Frequency
  • Fix: F-4 Radio Frequency
  • Fix: Communication Callsign
  • Fix: Helicopter Spawn Altitude
  • Fix: Missing Mission Parameters(Compatible with DCS Web Editor)
  • Fix: Dedicated Server
  • Fix: "Something went terribly" wrong in the Map
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