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  1. Thanks for participating and to all the other SCGs.
  2. IMHO it's quite a bit better. BTW, I'm able to run MSAA at 8 without any discernible performance loss. GTX 1080 Ti, I7-7700K@4.2GHz
  3. JG1_Vonrd_J10 JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) PDT
  4. The issue is that you will be the only one able to see the skins (I'm pretty sure). In ROF, the Devs collected the submitted skins then hard coded them into the game as an anti-cheat measure.
  5. I woke up to eerie orange skies and it just barely got light enough to read a newspaper outside around noon. This is the view by Lake Merrit close to my house. The word that kept popping in my mind... "Armageddon"... which in my usual twisted way of association made me think of this classic urban legend... which lifted my spirits.... "ARMAGEDDON!" 😈 tT
  6. Vonrd


    Posted on SCG forum: Please accept my condolences also to all of SCG, Diana, Joe's family and all who knew him. So very sad to lose another compatriot in this hobby that has so many rewards beyond the gaming. Many of us are at that certain age that it's comforting to know that we will be remembered by our friends in the community upon our taking that last flight.Blue skies Joe!
  7. Vonrd

    For BernTeas

    The first few pretty capture the experience... 😆
  8. Vonrd

    SCG Discord

    Yes, thank you! I posted that we would have an initial mission this Wed on SCG discord "General" and "Combined arms"
  9. I haven't had the windows switching issue for quite some time but this is what I did when it happened regularly for me. I had 3 files saved as joy0, joy2 and joy3 since those were the ones that got scrambled and I just pasted the appropriate one in the folder. Back up your control files... i.e. current.map in \data\input for BOx in a separate folder and re-name it something else just to be safe... backup_current.map or something like that. In that file you should have inputs mapped to "joy0" "joy1", "joy3" etc. Like this for gear... action("gear","State","joy3_b6"); If your joysticks get scrambled, first go into game and identify what the new assignment is. For example, that action for gear is my throttle quadrant. If the game now wants to assign it to joy0, simply go into your backed up file (maybe make a copy just in case you mess it up) and use "ctrl F" to open a search window, type in the old assignment ... joy3 in this case and go through the text replacing joy3 with the new assignment ... joy0 (I copy joy0 to the clipboard and just use ctrl v to paste it in.(It actually goes relatively quick... faster than re-mapping in game). Re-name the file what it's game name is... in this case current.map and paste it over to the game folder allowing overwrite. All should be reassigned correctly.
  10. Be careful Gen... with the turbulence they have on that server it might foam out all over your lap when you open it... 🤣
  11. Or an aircraft mechanic? 😈
  12. Gotta say that I'm mightily disappointed at the flight models for the supposed aerobatic planes. I can't get them (Pitts - Extra) to spin or snap roll at all (let alone any flat inverted spin... something the REAL Pitts does with little effort). I tried the Carbon Cub... no spin. Same with the C152. I tried modern and legacy FMs with no joy. Am I missing some setting? I flew around my local area and there were similarities but also glaringly weird stuff... the bridge to Alameda was COVERED in foliage (looked like something from Planet of the Apes). This happens with many urban structures. Yeah, I understand the limitations... they can't render the complete surface of the globe realistically... but the SF Bay area is a major urban site. I guess I'll hold on to it but I doubt that I'll spend much time in it.
  13. I just discovered her... a very tasty cover...: Another one: She also did a bunch of Jim Morrison two years ago at his 75th birthday.
  14. Damn... that's got to be disappointing! But how much more disappointing (terrifying) if it was a Pitts at 50 feet AGL over desert scrub and arroyos at Reno... 😲
  15. It has always been like that, after an update your tracks become unplayable. This has been the case since the Rise Of Flight days. Have a nice day. EDIT: Just to note... the above words are a copy / paste from the 1C forum... not my words. I didn't know it had been that way since ROF
  16. Nice Gen! I would try increasing either the size of the font or brighten the red (without making it "neon"). Maybe without or a thinner outline? Would just like it to be more identifiable and it gets a bit lost in the camo. It might not be doable though. Bottom line... thanks!
  17. RL ALWAYS comes first. Still hope to see you there.
  18. Of course, register! This is not an official dead is dead event, it doesn't count to your JG1 scoring and is just a fun (though a butt killing 3 hrs each session) event.
  19. Looking forward to meeting another pilot from the "best coast" 😉
  20. I answered as "either way" as did Gen and Lee so far. We have historically wound up flying as Entente as I recall.
  21. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64274-register-black-september-v-campaign/
  22. I'd have loved to have attended this... Joe is so weird looking but soooo cool. Yeah, it's very long... almost 2 hours. At least check "Is she really going out with him" @ 1:34:00... just a delightful version. The hits are @: 4:30 15:00 43:00 1:21:00 (and that's where I stopped... still more after) BTW... he's just 3 months older than me.
  23. It looks really good and I will probably get it but there seems to be nothing happening for equivalent opposition, i.e. the Cobra / Apache: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=243071 There is a Mod: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308112/?sphrase_id=2685414 As for the Cobra: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229471 This issue is where DCS somewhat falls flat for me... they bring out these amazing modules but there is no equivalent opposition or there are missing aircraft to fill the concept. i.e: MiG 21, MiG 19 needs a Phantom or Thud WWII needs dedicated ground attack aircraft / bombers. Mig 15 / F 86 is pretty good for Korean era but I'm still hoping for some carrier action. Still... the premier combat flight sim at present.
  24. As the title says
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