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Team Fusion 4.0 due out tomorrow


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If my archaic computer doesn't take any performance hits with this new patch you will know where to find me.





Team Fusion Version 4.0 readme






* Historical markings for all marks of bf 109.

* Removed the black line under the nose bulbs on all marks of bf-109

* Corrected 109 gauges

* Full size Revi C12/C & /D in German aircraft

* Corrected light switch position in german aircraft

* Corrected RPM gauge in Bf 110

* Added NJG 1 (Bf110) with skins

* Corrected Hurricane cockpit lighting

* 'Cleaned' windscreen of Hurricane NF version

* Increased the intensity of the revi sight reticle at daytime

* Removed the blue revi sight reticle when sight turned off

* Added aircraft: flyable and non flyable

* Added the possibility to display any picture of choice to the cockpit dashboard




* FM adjustments: high speed maneuver, low speed roll rates and overheating characteristics.

* Stall characteristics adjusted for Bf 109, Spitfire, Hurricane and Bf 110.




*Changed background pictures, used with kind permission of rOEN911. Full credit belongs to rOEN911. His work can be seen on his DeviantArt, here: http://roen911.deviantart.com/

* Added Teamspeak interface to the in-game windows.

* Added two new configurable keys to zoom in and out. These keys are under the "Camera" menu in the options.

* Added driveable tanks and artillery. This is a BIG WIP but we decided to let you in on the fun. (Note: Not all tank models and artillery are driveable)

* Clouds blend into view instead of "popping up"

* Clouds no longer cause whiteout when flying through them at night

* Contrails now have the same colour as the high clouds

* Removed the "white puffs" from tracks

* Removed a bug causing sun whiteout on inside of spitfire cockpit glass

* Lowered the "leakage" of the revi sight and other light sources inside the cockpit

* Optimised code for clouds, fire, explosions, water splash and smoke for less FPS drop when close

* Explosions and fires are made more emissive at night

* Runway lights no longer shine though the cockpit

* Searchlights are re-introduced but we still have a bug left that makes them only work for the first mission per session

* The moon no longer looks like a light bulb

* Night time now desaturates the aircraft and terrain

* Made the water slightly more reflective

* Improved spotting of mid-distant aircraft

* Increased the effect of exhaust flames

* Rebalanced building light levels

* Corrected available ammunition for German 20mm MG FF and MG FF/M to match historical records

* Various corrections to incorrect ballistic properties

* Tracer visuals more realistically sized

* Various tweaks and corrections to tracer and smoke spiral look

* Change to "DeWilde" properties

* Removed shadows from explosions and smoke

* Tweaked hit effects from incendiary and HE rounds

* New and much more realistic looking aircraft reflection

* Fixed a bug causing the sirens of the Ju87 and spinners of the Blenheim to turn into a square

*Changed bomb sounds

*Changed artillery/tank impact sounds

*Changed bullet impact sounds

*Changed plane impact sounds

*Changed ground rolling interior sounds

*Changed interior bullet/flak impact sounds

*Changed train explosion sound

*Changed interior wind sounds

================================================== ====

* Enabled czech localization.

To turn on Czech language, add "GameLanguage=Czech" to the "MOD" section in the confuser.ini.

Should the MOD section not exist, Simply copy and paste these lines to the bottom of the file.




================================================== ====

* Clouds drawing distance has been increased 3x


Note: To enable extended clouds distance, add "ExtendCloudsDistance=yes" under the "[MOD]" section on the "confuser.ini" file.








================================================== ====



* Maps re-textured, LOD, lighting and colors reworked


New Missions


* 2 QMB night missions added.




* Historical markings for all marks of the bf 109.







* Added aircraft:




Bf-110C-4NJG (Nightfighter)

Bf-110C-7 Late

BlenheimMkIF (non flyable)

BlenheimMkINF (non flyable nightfighter)


BlenheimMkIVNF (Nightfighter)

HurricaneMkI-NF (Nightfighter)

Sunderland with bomber capacity (non flyable)

* Corrected Revi C12/C and C12/D (Bf 109 E-4/B, Bf 110 C-7) reticle to full size in german aircraft (move foreward)

* Corrected light switch position in german aircraft

The white arrow now points to "Aus" when off

* Aircraft reflections

You will still get a less reflective aircraft when setting the weathering to 100%, but the difference between 0% and 100% is no longer huge and even the 100% weathered plane will reflect light and the environment to some extent.

The axis aircrafts are slightly more reflective/glossy compared to allied ones as we are led to believe this to be historically correct.

* Reflection on Aircraft Glass scratches and imperfections added.


Bf 110:


* Corrected the RPM gauge to the historic RPM gauge(FL-20286-3) and set the d/30'/5' (or 1-2') marks to the correct position


Ju 88:


* Fixed JU88 crash when moving to bombsight view.





Stall modelling Changes


1) 109 Stall Characteristics adjusted. 109 Stall now more benign, instead of 'snapping and dropping a wing' at the point it enters stall, the aircraft 'mushes' into stall and unless pushed very hard, simply loses altitude without noticeable loss of aileron control, wing drop or spin. This more closely reflects historical tests. Aircraft does not turn better, simply when entering stall, flight effects are different.

2) Spitfire Stall Characteristics adjusted. Spitfire stall now displays more extreme 'Snap and wing drop' characteristics if pushed too far, especially in high speed stall situations, as per historical descriptions. Number of rotations required to exit spin adjusted to reflect historical tests. Again, turn capability not affected, players who 'ride' the edge of the stall will see the same turn performance.

3) Hurricane Stall Characteristics adjusted. Number of rotations required to exit spin adjusted to reflect historical testing.

4) 110 Stall Characteristics adjusted. At the stall, it now shows less of a tendency to drop a wing or enter a spin, as per historical testing. Turn capability is unchanged.


High Speed Maneuver


All aircraft react more slowly to control inputs at higher speeds, whether in lateral (rolling) maneuver or longitudinal. (elevator responsiveness) These effects vary from aircraft to aircraft, depending on the historical characteristics.




Pilots will notice gradual reduction in aileron response beginning at approximately 320 kmh. At 600 plus kmh full aileron will only provide limited response. Elevators see a reduction beginning at approximately 400kmh continuing to close to terminal speeds when full back elevator provides only very incremental pitch change.




Spitfires roll rates at high speed follow a very similar pattern to that of the 109's, with a slightly slower decrease from a slower starting point, with both aircraft responding similarly at speeds over 600kmh/400mph. The Spitfire elevator remains effective right up to high speeds, but pilots need to be cautious as the early Spitfire high speed characteristic of being able to pull more G's with elevator inputs than the airframe can sustain is a critical factor to balance against attempts to turn that little bit tighter. Wing loss can easily result from ham handed efforts.




The Hurricane sees a slower reduction in aileron effectiveness at high speeds, with elevator response falling between the Spitfire and 109. There is a potential for structural damage, (less than the Spitfire) if pilots are unwary or overly aggressive with the Hurricane elevator.


Low Speed Roll rates


Based on very careful examination of the historical documents, 109 roll rates at low speeds are improved in relation to Spitfire, and especially to Hurricane. Players will notice a distinct advantage in this type of maneuver for the German fighter.


Overheating Characteristics


All aircraft's overheat characteristics have been adjusted to better reflect the historical accounts. Aircraft will now be more likely to overheat at altitudes under 3000 meters/10,000 feet, players can no longer run full open throttle at sea level almost indefinitely. Conversely, aircraft are less likely to overheat at higher altitudes especially over 6000 meters/20,000 feet.


109 Climb and Supercharger Full Throttle Heights


All 109 climb profiles have been adjusted to reflect more historically accurate performance at lower and very high altitudes. Players will see more performance at low altitudes, less performance at high. Overall climb times to ceiling are the same.


All 109 Supercharger Full Throttle Heights have been reduced to historical levels. In TF 3.0 and TF 3.01 FTH's were elevated higher than those which were provided by the actual superchargers to allow the game's 109's to reach close to their historical ceilings. However, improvements in TF's understanding of the game systems has allowed a reduction in FTH without a loss of ceiling or climb. This change also allows for more historical overheat patterns at high altitudes and the use of higher rpms over 6000 meters as per historical. (see below)


All of these changes will improve the historical accuracy of the Sim, as well as making both Red and Blue side aircraft closer in performance and more competitive against opposing types at all Altitude levels.


109 RPM limits over 6000 meters


In the Fall of 1940, the Luftwaffe issued a notification regarding RPM limits for the DB601A and DB601N engine in use over 6000 meters. Pilots were authorized to raise the RPM limits to the following:


DB601A: 2600 rpm over 6000 meters (109E-1, E-1B, E-3, E-3B, E-4, E-4B)


DB601N: 2800 rpm over 6000 meters (109E-4N)


There is an indication these limits were already in use by Geschwader pilots prior to the official announcement, in any case, pilots can use them at any point during the campaign. Pilots should use caution and ensure overheating does not occur when using high rpms.




In TF 3.0 and TF 3.01, the E-4N was limited to 1.35ata, based on reports indicating the DB601N engine was de-rated by the Luftwaffe for maintenance reasons. However, it seems the time period of this ratings is not conclusively known, and it is quite likely the de-rating happened after the battle was over.


Further research has also indicated the TF 3.0/3.01 E-4N performance was overrated, the climb and speed performance were not achievable with the reduced power settings seen with that aircraft.


In the interest of providing a more accurate FM, but also a competitive aircraft for the Blue side which can match up with the Spitfire IIA, the E-4N now has 1.42ata WEP power enabled as well as the increased climb rate setting. The E-4N also has a more critical window for overheat modelling, so pilots should exercise caution and use appropriate radiator settings when using WEP power or Accelerated Climb settings.


This new E-4N model is now modelled as accurately as research and available documents can provide.


New Power Settings:


30 minute climb: 1.25ata/2400rpm

10 minute Accelerated climb: 1.35ata/2400rpm

5 minute rating: 1.35ata/2600rpm

WEP power 1 minute rating: 1.42ata/2600rpm


Rudder Trim default setting adjusted


All 109's have their rudder trim set to historical default position. This gives normal trim at 344 kph in level flight. (previously the original game 109's had been set to 510 kph for normal trim)


Spitfires and Hurricanes have their rudder trims also set to default.


Hurricane Flight Model


The Hurricane's Flight Model and Engine performance has been extensively revised with changes to the climb pattern, (although times to altitude remain similar) and its stall pattern, turn and roll. Initial turn rate has been reduced, but sustained turn is improved. All of these changes should make the aircraft more competitive, especially at higher altitudes.


There is also a Night Fighter version of the Hurricane Mk I Rotol 100 octane introduced.


Fiat G-50


The Fiat G-50 has its Climb, Roll rate and High Speed Maneuverability revised. The G-50 was under-modelled in particular in climb rate in TF 3.0/3.01 but now has a sustained climb to 3000 meters which is superior to the Hurricane.


Tiger Moth


The Tiger Moth has its Engine, Speed, Climb, Maneuver and Overheat characteristics revised to model more closely the delightful acrobatic trainer which the real aircraft was, one which pilots like "Buzz" Beurling loved to stunt in when not on Ops.




Blenheim IVF


Blenheim high speed maneuver and overheat characteristics revised.


Two new flyable models introduced:


Blenheim IVF: This is the standard Day fighter, with under-nose gunpod of four .303's.

Blenheim IVNF: Night fighter version of the above.




All Bf-110's have had their High Speed Maneuverability, Roll, Climb and Overheat revised to better reflect the historical record.


Four new models are introduced:


110C-2: This is the earlier version of the C-4, lighter, but less well protected with armour. It operated in the spring and summer of 1940.

110C-4N: This is a C-4 equipped with the DB601N engine, the same as equips the 109E-4N. The 110C-4N operated from approximately October of 1940.

110C-7 (late): This is a 110C-7 with WEP power enabled, as well as Auto Prop Pitch control. This aircraft operated in the Fall of 1940

110C-4 NJG: This is a standard C-4 with Night fighter colour scheme.






The BR20 has revised Climb, Maximum Speed, Overheat and High Speed Maneuverability. It has Level bombing autopilot enabled.


High Speed Maneuverability


The following Twin and Four engine bomber or attack types have their High Speed Maneuverability revised:


Heinkel 111H/P



Dornier 17/215








Blenheim Bomber


Blenheim Bomber has autopilot added and default aileron trim adjusted.





Overall, damage changes were meshed with Weapons changes to create a better synthesis of values. In most instances, twin engine bombers were strengthened. In combination with weapons changes, it will now be more difficult for players to shoot down enemy bombers in the numbers seen in the Vanilla game. Players will also notice far fewer pilot kills from the dead six o'clock position. Historically, except for 20mm AP rounds, most ammunition of the era was incapable of piercing multiple layers of single engined fighters aluminum and armour, or the heavier aluminum structures of bombers.


Single Engine Fighter Aircraft


Single Engine Fighter aircraft have had the most attention paid to their damage models. Based on known construction details, the 109's, Spitfires, Hurricanes were very extensively revised to better reflect the level of durability of each aircraft. In the case of the Hurricane, the aircraft was generally strengthened. In the case of the Spitfire, it was brought down to a more realistic durability level. The 109's values remained much the same, but changes were made to sections where the original game undervalued or excessively strengthened the structures. The Fiat G-50 was subject to fewer changes, as information on this aircraft is less available and still being accumulated.


Twin Engine Fighters


Both the Blenheim and Bf-110s saw reductions in their overall structural strength, but increases in the durability of the engine mounts and the engines themselves.


Twin Engine Bombers and Attack Aircraft


Changes to Bombers and Attack Aircraft was generally in the form of strengthening their engines and engine mounts. The Vanilla game exaggerates the ability of players to damage engines or shoot the engines off these types, in fact these were some of the strongest structures in these aircraft. The only aircraft in this category to see large scale changes to other areas was the Heinkel 111H/P, which sees the vanilla game's immense structural values brought down to more reasonable levels.





Players now can man some of the various vehicles and artillery/Flak in the game. Unlike the Aircraft in the game, the same level of detailed accuracy is not possible at this point, (although the game would allow us to develop very sophisticated vehicles if we chose) so our decision at this point in time was to focus on playability. The vehicles and guns are a way for players to relax and take a break from the sometimes intensely serious business of flying one of CoD's aircraft, and just have fun. They can also be incorporated into online scenarios in a way which can add excitement and interest. Players should understand they are a work in progress and not finalized by any means.


At this point, vehicles and artillery are really only useable in multi-player online gaming.



The following types are enabled:






Sdkfz 251/A Halftrack

Sdkfz 222 Armoured Car

Pz Mk IIC Light Tank

Pz Mk IIIF Medium Tank

Pz Mk 38T Medium Tank (captured Czech)

Pz Mk IVD Heavy Tank




Somua S-35 Medium Tank

Char 1 Bis Heavy Tank




Guy Mk IA Armoured Car*

Vickers Mk VIC Light Tank*

Valentine Mk I Medium Tank

Matilda IIA Heavy Tank


*Work in progress vehicles, currently have gunsight bugs





Bofors 40mm AAA

Zwillingssockel Twin 7.92mm AAA

Flak 30 20mm AAA

Flak 32 88mm AAA

3 Inch AAA

105mm Artillery


All vehicles and artillery have had the AI engagement ranges reduced to allow the players to compete against the AI with the limited gunsights currently available.


Many of the vehicles have had their armour values modified, and the weapons penetration and effectiveness has also been adjusted to better balance the sides. As it stands now, without these changes, the heavier French and British vehicles would have very significant advantages which would be difficult to overcome. Until we can enable some of the less effective and more numerous French and British types, we have to take this step. Players will still find the French and British heavy tanks to be superior, but this is balanced by the better Ground attack capability of the German aircraft in the game.




With the changes to the high speed maneuverability of the games aircraft, this has also introduced a problem for the AI aircraft. The changes result in a tendency to 'Lawndart' or crash during landing.


To counter this, the AI default skill levels have been adjusted to allow the non-human pilots to better manage their aircraft.


The skill levels for 'Rookie', 'Average', 'Veteran' and 'Ace' have all been changed. Missions which were constructed prior to the changes in TF 4.0 will automatically have the default skills of the pilots in those missions changed to the new standards. Custom skill settings are unaffected.


It is recommended that Mission Builders use the new default skill levels whenever possible to avoid unnecessary AI loss.


We do expect in the future to examine the element of AI in the game in more detail.




* Searchlights

The searchlight will work the first time you run a night time mission. After that you will need to restart the sim to fly another one, or the search beam will simply not be visible. It's a very hard bug to crack and we didn't make it for this release.

* Fixed the excessive lighting of the bulkhead behind Instrument panel when cockpit lights/ gunsight are switched on.

* Altered the transparency of windscreen/ gunsight glass for the Hurricane NF version so it does not 'black out' in low light levels (night)

If flown in daytime this will look slightly too transparent but makes night interceptions possible.

* ASI is changed to correct 700Kmh type, not the later 900kmh version .

Some variations of ATA gauge types in different models

FL numbers and manufacturers markings added.

*British303_B_Mk6z "DeWilde" round changed from an explosive to incendiary round to reflect historical properties. It now contains a thermal delivery of ammonium nitrate that will ignite on contact making a flash and penetrates white hot into the target.

================================================== ==============

* Added a Teamspeak interface to the in-game windows. Hopefully this can solve some of the issues with the notifier.

To use it:

1.- Copy the "CLOD TeamSpeak Integration PluginXX.dll" to your TS plugins folder and enable it in TS.

2.- In any in-game window, edit the properties and add the "TeamSpeak" tool.


The tool allows to choose seeing only those talking or every one on the channel.


Since the plugin can stop working with new TS versions, users should check the TF site for new updates.

* Added an in-game window tool to show the heading when driving a tank.

* Artillery selection screen will now show the grid location of each gun.

================================================== ==============

* Pic of your loved one

This mod is turned off by default. To select a picture to use go to the folder [my documents]\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover -MOD\DashPics

Here you will find the following folders:

* Selected -the mod will use the pic named "1.tga" from this folder (PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS FOLDER EMPTY WITHOUT A "1.tga" FILE)

* Templates -some "stock" pictures. To use one, copy it to the "Selected" folder and rename it to "1.tga".

This folder also includes a photoshop template. If you do a coustom picture, please note that you need to edit the alpha layer as well (included in the template) and the picture MUST be in tga format.

================================================== ==============

* Corrected available ammunition for German 20mm MG FF and MG FF/M to match historical records:


-Sprenggranate L'spur m.Zerl (134g AP round with small HE payload, with tracer and self destruction)

-Panzergranate L'spur (134g AP with tracer)

-Panzergranate (134g AP)



-Panzergranate (115g AP)

-Panzerbrandgranate Phosphor o.Zerl (115g AP/I without self destruction)

-Panzersprenggranate L'spur m.Zerl (115g AP with small HE payload, with tracer and self destruction)

-Brandsprenggranate L'spur m.Zerl (115g HE/I with tracer and self destruction)

-Brandgranate L'spur o.Zerl (115g I with tracer without self destruction)

-M-Geschoss m.Zerl (92g HE with self destruction)


Please note that;

1. the change of the "Panzerbrandgranate" with "Panzergranate" is purely a name change as it was a pure AP round even in "vanilla Clod".

2. we removed the "Panzerbrandgranate (Elektron)" and filled it's place with the "Panzersprenggranate" since there is no reason to keep both the "Phosphor" and "Elektron" variants of this round (The game engine can't model the "Elektron's" historical payload of elektronthermit)

================================================== ==============




* Winter map

* Autumn map

* English Channel Summer alternative map re-texture.

* Clip maps re-texture for map beyond distance Lod.

* Spectral horizon lod changed for distant buildings.

* Removed Yellow Lod bug on buildings at night.

* Removed building lights at night.

*Tree Color changed

* Bomb Craters texture changed.

* Bomb Craters added to FMB for mission creation.

* Vertical grass textures re-textured.

* Runways and taxiways re-textured.


New Missions


* Night time intercept over London mission. Blenheim and Hurricane NF intercept of single bombers.

* Dawn Patrol-defense of invasion barges over Boulogne against multiple RAF bombers. 110 NF version (airstart) and a 109 (scramble). Use flak and searchlights to find targets.




* Historical markings for all marks of the bf 109. Historical paint schedules for the different stages of BoB will be supplied as separate downloads.


BF 110:


* Added NJG 1 to the Zerstoerer/Destroyer selection menu with a skin for each Staffel

Warning: the installation of the hakenkreuz mod will cause a failure with the balkenkreuz (swastika instead of crosses)

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