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Thank You!!


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in setting up FIF XVIII.


Thanks to the mission builders for the “Time†it takes to build a complex mission such as FIF. Especially for including the heavies and making them air starts (2.5K would be perfect IMO). Now if the Syndicate and Wargrounds would do the same.


Thanks to No.42 Squadron for hosting, the server for me was stable and presented no issues.


Thanks to my fellow central pilots, even though we were outnumbered, we never gave up and continued the good fight. Special thanks to my escorts who got me to the target all but once!


Finally looking forward to the next engagement!



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Yes, thanks to all who made this possible.  Special thanks to Butzzell and Stubby for your tireless work putting this together.





Next I would like to show my appreciation to all those who became my victims being shot down in combat by me.  For bearing this burden for my benefit I will happily buy you a steak dinner at the restaurant of your choice, and provide first class transportation to there and back.  And the lucky recipients of my gratitude are… er… ah… well nobody.  Seems I’m saving some money in this lousy economy.  Ok, ok, I realize that many of you are so impressed by my generosity that you feel compelled to reciprocate.  I fully appreciate this so I will not argue with you, but rather graciously accept your invitation.  And as it turns out there are two lucky winners who have the privilege and honor of providing me with a first class trip to an expensive steak dinner and I will even consent to their accompanying me and buying a dinner for themselves as well.


And the two really lucky winners are...  

JG1 Wurger J11 and... BH von Schmidlak


But wait!  We do in fact have another winner!  There was a certain Dr1 pilot that felt the need to strafe my crumpled plane and dead carcass in the last minutes of the tournament.  And a quick review only shows 3 pilots were in Dr1s at the time of my unfortunate and pitiful demise.  Since 2 of them were scoring hits on Vman at the time in question that leaves just BH Loopy as a possible culprit.  So!  Loopy wins the privilege of providing me 2 steak dinners with first class transportation, per month for four months.  And given your bloodthirsty nature I may have to insist that you not accompany me.




..... Why the scowls?  Yall are winners!  You should be happy!

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The previous post notwithstanding, I would also like to thank all those involved with organizing FiF XVIII.  It was a lot of fun, during a time when any fun was extremely welcome.  My only disappointment was that it seemed to end far too soon.  Especially good to me personally was the opportunity to fly the Dr.1 in an organized event atmosphere.  I found it surprising that so few also seemed to see this as an advantange, although to be fair it did have pretty capable competition: the D.VIIf.  The server stats do agree with the majority on that point.


I hope that those most in charge will regard and pass on the thanks and congratulations of Black Haze to No. 42 and all the Entente Cordial team for their skillful and well earned victory.  I personally found the opposition of opposing Camels to be much tougher than I envisioned it would be; I will not underestimate No. 42 squadron and friends in the future !!!

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