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custom folder campaign wont start


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I have made a custom campaign for a new map following the "create of an externalDCG campaign" tutorial. AFAIK I have done everything correctly, but when I click on "Generate" the button pushes in, but then IL2 sits there for about a minute, then there is a "ding" in the background and the button pops out.

DCG error log has about a hundred reoccurances of the following four lines:

[2014/11/15 12:28:37.95] Target Locations processed.
[2014/11/15 12:28:37.98] Set Target Nation Began.
[2014/11/15 12:28:37.101] Set Target Nation Ended.
[2014/11/15 12:28:37.103] No campaign path located.
[2014/11/15 12:28:37.106] No campaign.dcg file found.

So what is the "campaign path" it can not locate? Is this why DCG is not generating the "campaign.dcg" file?  It is generating the folder for the campaign and a couple of other files but not the campaign itself




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I found some issues.  Firstly, your missing an underscore in the .rds file (Cape_York_Invasion...).


Second, you haven't enough waypoints between locations in both your .rds and .srd files.  You need at least 8 waypoints for each route.  For example, this one only has two:


[Cape_York_Invasion_Beach to Cape_York_Invasion_Beachhead]
  87133.79 55235.73 120.00 0 2 2.6388890743255615
  86471.82 56152.94 120.00


Finally, if you've modified the class and payload files, you'll also need to update the allpayloads file as well.


I'm not sure that's all the issues with your files, but those are the things I've noticed at a glance.

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havent got it going yet, fixed the errors and copied the allpayloads over but still no go, so I am going to redo the rds and srd and allcampaign files from scratch. Though I am thinking I may have completely stuffed up the shipping routes for supply. The tutorial is very confusing about this part because it assumes you want red to attack blue whereas I want blue to attack red

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I reedited the campaign a bit and fixed some errors.

The _seaplane location comes into the srd file. I deleted it from your rds file, you have to add it to the srd again.

Dont use an _airstrip but airfield location as homebase.

Space inbetween location names create errors e.g. Cape _York

_Ocean should be used in the prd file ,however it shouldnt be a showstopper here.


I aswell re edited the allcampaigns and map.dcg file, I suppose there was the main  error, as the allcampaigns.dcg pointed to ag_australia although it should be australia.


I am at work atm, so I am not able to test it here.

Maybe you want to give it a try. The easiest way to keep an eye on your folders is to create a campaign in coop or dogfight mode (just for testing sake), as the folder is created in the DCG folder. You willl find all created missions (mark "safe copy of mission" under mode)


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thanks Nephris. we are close, very close. it starts to generate then locks up and DCG pops up a little box and says "" is not a valid integer. when you close that IL2 locks up completly. I am going to try standard class and weapons files, it is also generating errors about units and types not being valid. Also, in the error log, it mentions "kokoda1.mis"  wtf!

If you look at the last bit of the error log it is very close to working, units are allocated and ships are transporting



[2014/11/18 13:24:44.808] Master Log routine begins.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.850] Copying Eventlog to log.dcg.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.873] Mission Path = campaign\ra\dgen_&_australiadinalt6\
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.878] Mission log is not for active campaign: [14.11.2014 3:31:25] Mission: kokoda1.mis is Playing
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.897] Mission log is not parsed as new campaign: [14.11.2014 3:31:25] Mission: kokoda1.mis is Playing
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.949] Check for Game Mode.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.958] Master Log routine ended.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.963] Checking Bridge Status.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.969] Read Territory information.
[2014/11/18 13:24:44.974] Checking for campaign transfer (2/2).
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.164] Campaign Data Files = E:\IL2_UP3\Australia\
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.169] Campaign Backup Files = E:\IL2_UP3\Backup\Australia_RA\
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.350] Campaign Info processed.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.357] Campaign folder (E:\IL2_UP3\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\missions\campaign\ra\DGen_&_Australiadinalt6\) selected.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.382] Ship Info processed.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.490] Target Locations processed.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.497] Read Territory information.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.502] Set Target Nation Began.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.510] Set Target Nation Ended.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.515] Checking Stationary List
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.577] Stationary Objects Check.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.601] Tramp_0 is transporting 4-MatildaMkII_AU_16 from Pacific_Sea.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.616] Tramp_5 is transporting 4-HaGo_18 from Katatai_Harbor.
[2014/11/18 13:24:45.654] 21_Chief [100%] moves to reserve.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.163] The  assigned to IJA_F_H_38z0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.171] The  assigned to IJA_F_S_1z0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.178] The  assigned to IJA_F_S_4z0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.185] The  assigned to IJA_F_S_10z0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.192] The  assigned to IJA_F_S_11z0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.291] Squadron base routine ended.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.299] Check for Duplicate Squadrons.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.304] Load Pilot Information.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.618] ErrorWarning before MasterLog Check =
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.628] Territory Capture Check.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.644] Stationary Objects Check.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.710] Get Squadron Information.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.715] Advance time.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.720] Begin Time Table Initialization.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.724] Begin Time Table Check.
[2014/11/18 13:24:46.763] End Time Table Check.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.17] End Stationary Front Routine.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.22] Creating column paths.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.95] 19_Chief has reached a beachhead.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.107] Offset armor's first waypoint.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.114] Check/Fix Distance between waypoints.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.119] Set up static tank/artillery columns.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.216] Squadron base routine ended.
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.225] Generate Flight Missions
[2014/11/18 13:24:47.231] Campaign Preferences Saved.

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kokoda1.mis must be the mission you played previous to testing your DCG Australian campaign.  All DCG is reporting is that the log file shows a campaign that it shouldn't bother parsing for results.


Usually the "integer" error is the result of using a character or characters somewhere DCG is expecting a number.  If you repost the files, I can run them through the compiler/debugger and narrow it down.

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well it seems you were both on the right track. I have finally got it working using the files Nephris edited and by deleting my master mission and making a basic one from scratch with just one sqn each (stock planes) and 1 transport , armor and artillery each all stock game objects. so from here on it will be a matter of working out which mod items work and which ones cause errors and lock ups, most likely an error in the payloads or class files judging by what Lowengrin said about the " " is not a valid integer error. I also suspect the modded transport ships might be a conflict

thanks fellas.

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In case of the modding objects you must use the mod files, I can up mine when back home.

However you should consider not use mod objects as there is basically no reason for them to use which couldnt do a default object aswell.I can see sometimes the reason of modplanes but even those are almost never used by me.

Means I am using th emod only for effects, not for additional content.

However it is everyones own decision.


Good to know the campaign is working now.

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