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question about how DCG decides initial occupation zones


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In the custom campaign I am trying to get running, I am a little confused on a couple of items. I have set the following, thinking it will give me a clear division in which side occupies which part of the map, but it doesnt. DCG breaks it up into 3 different zones no matter what I do.



I get this:


what I would prefer is an initial zone straight across going through Moa Island, and a little "occupation are" at the beachhead at Jardine River. How do I set this up?

next problem is in the tutorial I followed setting up the supply routes part was very confusing. I followed it as much as I could but blue forces only go to the same point every time. should the attacking force supply route go all the way to the beachhead? In the tutorial it seems to me he is saying to do three seperate shipping routes, with none of them all the way from origin to invasion point, but I think I have interpreted that wrong. Is this why they arent invading? What is happening is when DCG generates the mission the blue force shipping always stop at Mount Adophus Island, which coincidently is the last waypoint in one of the 3 supply routes. So would making only one supply route from the blue force port to the beachhead make DCG set an inavasion force on the beachhead or do the settings in allcampaigns have to reflect this as well? That's another confusing thing in the tutorial, can someone explain the Locale settings please?



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The easiest way to learn is to get the basics from a tutorial and then just make the rds files of e.g. stock campaigns visible.

In your case I suggest the normandie map of the stock camapigns.

Take the normandie.rds files and do the reverted way for location creation.

Thay way you will be able to see how a route system should look like.


If you find blue locations in a supposed red territory you probably forgot a location to be added to the allcampaigns.dcg or you got some typos. Maybe your mapaxis is wrong. I your case it should be mapaxis=north in the map.dcg file.

Eg. [city to village] and [vilage to suburb] creates 4 different locations obviously.

In your case at I-6 I guess you got a typo if the blue location is not suposed to be located there.


I created a small scetch, it is an overview how I create my transports abroad, maybe it helps.




Btw you are using


That wont work, as it should be an airfield.


Maybe you should start with something much simpler to learn at first.

Take a simple map like smolensk and create a working campaign of maybe 8 Locations.

Keep the mastertemplate small with 1 tank & 1 column and 2 squadrons eac hside, a radio car and 2 aaa.


Next step, after you get that one working correctly, add a corresponding train net for you road locations and get that proper working.Oberserve how DCG spawns and unloads columns at certain locations.


After you have done that you can give a transport over sea a try, but again keep it simple as possible with just a few location.

Most time you will spend in creating campaigns for DCG will be wasted by testing.

I create my campaign files within 2 hours. Getting the campaign then working to my liking another 30 hours will be added.


You dont do yourself a favour in starting with a big scene like you are trying to do with the invasion of the Japanese Fleet.

From my point of view you should get the basic knowledge first before ending frustrated in an advanced project.

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Here's my advice on sea routes.


Only make one and make it circle on itself.  So if you want three landing sites, set them up in succession.


For example:  Depending on whether the Japanese map edge is in the North or the East (as defined by "axis" in the map.dcg file), I would have my locations go like this (generic names).


Japanese_Sea -> Coral_Sea_1 -> Invasion1_Harbor -> Coral Sea_2 -> Invasion2_Harbor -> Coral Sea_3 -> Invasion3_Harbor -> Coral Sea_4 -> Japanese_Sea


Of course, you'll probably have more locations, but you get the idea.  It goes from the Japanese edge of the map down, around and back up hitting all the areas you want it to hit.

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It's a bit abstracted.  DCG will advance a unit/ship from one location to the next between missions so you'll have to set up the distances between locations to suit your time setting for the campaign - the default is one mission per day, but you can slow it down so you have two or three mission per day. 

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