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Russian map


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S! All


We have a new area.  It is an area that involves what would become southern Poland and the Ukrane.


The map is called Tarnopol in the mission editor. This is a city in the northern part of the map. The Carpathian mountains are west and south. It looks like a much more interesting place. The problem is the amount of forest cover limits target positioning. There are no trench lines to make a visual cue for where home is. There are plenty of rivers.


I have made a preliminary map for FiF. It is smaller than we normally use. It is 35 km X 35 km. The purpose of this is to let people fly on a new area and become familiar with it. While the Blue Areas of Influence are shown as straight line fronts, I placed the balloons and artillery positions in a Zig Zag pattern. This is to show the lack of a trench line and that the lines were not so straight and solid. There is no low level AAA along the front at this time.


The mission will be running on the JG1 server for peole to check out. If you destroy a target within the first 20 minutes, you will not get an immediate target destroyed message. It will be counted and pop up on the updated mission objectives list.


Targets are:

1 hidden recon 

1 Aerodrome attack-  Must bomb the oil drums. They are the real target.

1 bridge

1 ship sailing on a river

1 factory

1 Front line recon - Entente only

1 Spy mission  - Central powers only 

1 Arty spot

1 Arty spot secondary - Kill front line troops, either a group of tanks or a stationary ship at a location.

1 Recon secondary - Either a group of tanks or a group of trucks.

1 Spy or Enemy lines recon secondary - Kill Reserve Unit, either a group of tanks or a static ship at a location.

 10 missions for each side

There are no trains or road convoys.


The names of locations are in Russian with Polish translation underneath. I have made some new locations. I made up names that may look Polish. I have very little familiarity with the language, mostly food, peoples  names, some cities and some curse words.

Apologies if any of the phony names offend anyone. Please let me know and I will correct them.



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I ran into trouble switching the sides and the targets. The mission has some glitches. Part of that is also some plane changes during the mission. I did that to give people to see what it is like in different planes.


The ILYA Muromets Is a wonderful bomber platform. It is also slower than sh*t. Not very well armed with defensive weapons. Hope they get some mods soon.


Navigation is very difficult as many of the rivers and forest look similar.  The trick is to find one you can usually recognize at altitude and use it as a reference.


Labroisse suggested more balloons along the front lines for better deliniation.  I will give it a try.

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S! All


You may have to hit the refresh button.  The Russian map has mountains. DUH!!!  Well golly gee.   



The problem for level bombers is that the elevation of the target must be subtracted from the plane altitude when put into the bomb drop mechanism.


I went back and added the elevation for many, not all targets.  There are enough to give you a general idea of the local elevation for nearby targets.  The map above displays the updates.  The elevation numbers are easier to read in game where you can zoom in.

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