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  1. Thats the procedure I'm talking about Von. Even if not discovered until late in WWII, perhaps devs were not aware of that. Just thinking out loud here.
  2. My ex-brother-in-law was a pilot and author and had flown along with some stunt team for an article he was working on. In high G maneuvers, he was instructed to tighten the diaphram in the chest and"grunt" to keep from passing out. (didn't work,we all got a laugh of the video with his head bobbling about while unconscious).. Perhaps that's what they are trying for.
  3. It's my understanding that we are going to try for 60 this week. Keep yer fingers crossed!
  4. Klai- you are more than welcome to join in if you get the opportunity. A few things... Next week the serrver password WILL be in effect. Also, the timer for death penalties will be running so there will be no questions as to whether or not you can re-fly. Hope everyone is having a good time, we are and we're learning a lot as well. GC
  5. Will we get FCII? I don't really know, but the fact that he specifically called it FC1 makes me optimistic.
  6. Evidently, the roster above was made directly from the poll. If you answered that you wish to fly Central only or Central preferred you were put in the Central column. Those that answered either side or both were put into the Merc's column. Of course we know that JG1 would all like to fly together, and it will probably not be an issue... but remember that slots are assigned on a first come basis. Any late arrivals may have to choose to wait for a slot to open up, or join the opposing side if there are open slots there. It really depends on how many show up at any given time. We have about 80 signed up to fly and 60 or so slots to fill. My advice... be early if at all possible. We need to remember too, that this is a "beta" campaign of sorts, (for lack of a better term), and may not be as "intense" as campaigns in the past have been. We wanted to see what works and also to include, (or attract), as many players as possible to generate interest. Most of us in J5 would like to fly Central, (for a change), but I know that some of us may need to switch also if things get too lop-sided. Bottom line is we want to give as many players as possible a chance to participate,including many newcomers who haven't flown in an event like this before. It may take more cooperation and understanding on everyone's part, but we should have fun. GC
  7. Just wanted to congratulate our Red counterparts on their victory in the Spring campaign. It was well fought by all, even as numbers began to dwindle it remained exciting throughout. Looking forward to renewing the competition next Fall... Enjoy your Summer everyone! S! GC
  8. I'll be taking advantage of this as well... Thanks!!
  9. I did not know that Klai. I knew that Beard and Hill were already playing together when they got together with Gibbons. Gibbons was playing in a band called the "Moving Sidewalks" in the late 60's. Sounded NOTHING like what they would become. I recall picking up an album called "Flash" thinking "cool, Gibbons early stuff!" It was awful.
  10. That lil'ol band from Texas. This is some of their early stuff, (Before MTV made em stars) This has more of a "Blues rock" sound, and isn't as over-produced as their later stuff. I think it's great. Jimi Hendricks once called Billy Gibbons one of the best guitarists he'd ever heard.
  11. Thanks for the Leon Redbone Vonrd. Not really my genre, but my Dad used to love listening to him. Brought back some fond memories. On a side note... I used to go out with a girl who did his mother in laws hair.... just thought I'd toss it out there.
  12. Would you guys take this outside... all this technical jargon is ruining everybody's drinking.😀 (jest kiddin')
  13. This is great to hear! Appreciate all that you guys put into these things. Thanks!
  14. As far as the painting goes, I see no difference working with one or the other. The Alpha layer in BOS however, is what makes that "Shine". TBH... It's wayyyyy too much for a WWI skin. So yes, the P47 will Shine, Shine, Shine.
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