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  1. S! Butzzell, Is there any way to get weather info prior to Saturday launch?
  2. Really just curious, (I ran one Red S.O.B. outta there wondered if someone came back.)
  3. Quick question... Did Red get the Trench attack completed? Saw Klai had listed it complete, but it wasn't shown in the screen shots.
  4. Think you missed this one Klai.
  5. Snaggle, I've been using a TV for years. Started with a 32", now using a 42" since buying a new TV for the den. I've noticed no difference at all from a standard monitor. I will tell you that the one I'm using is several years old, refresh rate is only 60hz but even that has not been a real issue for me. FWIW I'd say give it a shot. GC
  6. Glad you guys liked that. If you haven't yet, take a listen to "Wolf Totem". Pretty cool what they can do with "traditional" Mongolian instruments. ( I mean come on... 3 instruments, 7 strings??) I've actually been listening to "Tuba Skinny" lately. Surprised myself but I found that I like 20's Jazz. (hey I'm nothing if not diverse😉) They've been busking on the streets of New Orleans for about 10 years now and are really just starting to get some recognition.
  7. One of the drivers that we see regularly was in a hurry to get back home so he could go see these guys. (In Nashville of all places) The Hu. Best I can describe them is a Mongolian heavy metal band. On his next trip around he showed us some footage from the show, he claimed they were great live. They also use the "Throat" singing style. Not really my thing... but I was impressed.
  8. Odd... it looks like all the screen shots omitted the text. I have 7 shots of the cockpit of a Halb. and nothing else.
  9. Yes. Fastest fill up I ever had.
  10. It was a good turn out. Hope to have more next week. No lag or frame issues, did notice a few dropped players. 'Dromes are just harder to find in general. It's a navigation skill, part of the game AFAIC. I had one contact that did seem to disappear as I zoomed in. Someone said that alt vis was on, that's when I commented. I think it was just more of the normal zoom issues discussed in forums. Spy pick up was a misunderstanding I think, maybe an icon issue. We did the pick up, and he said it was successful. The problem,(I think), is the icon failed to be removed and was tried again by someone else. Just as you said about Hospital icon. Cuban also did the HQ recon, but was shot down while RTB. He did it again, but couldn't get a subtitle on his 2nd or 3rd pass. *edit* Is it possible that the plane that the plane doing a mission like the Hospital or spy has to LAND at a field before the icon is removed? Did anyone get hit by flak? We had 1 or 2 damaged by ground fire but no casualties that I know of. Enemy Ace was not very aggressive. Had to get REAL close before he would engage. (and that aint easy when tryin to catch a Spad w/ Dr1's & PD3's) Some players,(including me), are a bit hazy on some of the objectives, we shall have to remedy that ourselves. Flyin Central isn't going to be very easy in this one!😉
  11. True blue to the end. Better dead than Red.
  12. I agree with Adler, core sides should try to stay intact unless numbers dictate a reorganization. JMO
  13. Question. Since the 11/9 mission is to be reflown, will we be using the odd or even map for the session on 11/16?
  14. Thats the procedure I'm talking about Von. Even if not discovered until late in WWII, perhaps devs were not aware of that. Just thinking out loud here.
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