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  1. I did not know that Klai. I knew that Beard and Hill were already playing together when they got together with Gibbons. Gibbons was playing in a band called the "Moving Sidewalks" in the late 60's. Sounded NOTHING like what they would become. I recall picking up an album called "Flash" thinking "cool, Gibbons early stuff!" It was awful.
  2. That lil'ol band from Texas. This is some of their early stuff, (Before MTV made em stars) This has more of a "Blues rock" sound, and isn't as over-produced as their later stuff. I think it's great. Jimi Hendricks once called Billy Gibbons one of the best guitarists he'd ever heard.
  3. Thanks for the Leon Redbone Vonrd. Not really my genre, but my Dad used to love listening to him. Brought back some fond memories. On a side note... I used to go out with a girl who did his mother in laws hair.... just thought I'd toss it out there.
  4. Would you guys take this outside... all this technical jargon is ruining everybody's drinking.😀 (jest kiddin')
  5. This is great to hear! Appreciate all that you guys put into these things. Thanks!
  6. As far as the painting goes, I see no difference working with one or the other. The Alpha layer in BOS however, is what makes that "Shine". TBH... It's wayyyyy too much for a WWI skin. So yes, the P47 will Shine, Shine, Shine.
  7. Overthinking it IMO. No different as far as I can tell, but I've just started as well.
  8. Excellent! And I thought rigging a 1/48 Alb was fun!
  9. At first I thought it quite a gimmick, but the guy is fantastic. Delta blues, Blues rock... even a little rock-a-billy, he does it well. Has a couple of albums on Amazon if you care to check him out.
  10. HA! Sorry Davjack but but it just doesn't compare. I mean, hell, even I could clang an anvil. (but I have seen Steve~N~Seagulls before,Good stuff!) This guy is playin' a shovel with 3 strings! Best I could do with that is lay out a garden... a very small garden. In this video, he's playing an ironing board steel guitar, I've also seen him with a cigar box guitar,oil can... all kinds of crazy guitars. I bet if you gave this guy a roasting pan, broomstick, duct tape and a box of rubber bands he'd have your party rockin' in no time!!
  11. when going back to the cockpit view from external, hit ctrl+F1... takes you back to the default cockpit view GC
  12. OK... Unbelievable ... I mean It's a shovel with strings!!! https://youtu.be/VBa...t=RDVBagA0PxVUo
  13. All in all, a well fought campaign. Very close score and some great fights! Hats off to everyone who makes this them main reason I stick around here.
  14. Access denied means you will have to change the security or ownership settings for the files in question. What ver. of Windows? New computer I assume you are running Windows 10, in which case I can't be of much help (8.1 here). you could try looking here... Hope you get it worked out. GC
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