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The Only Sherman to Drive


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How is War Thunder?  The aircraft don't interest me, but the tank war definitely does.




Tanks are fun, somewhat unbalanced at times but at certain Battle Ratings your in for a good fight. Grinding the higher tier tanks can be a chore. Maps are really good and here is a bit more detailed drop using Pz.II C & F.





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Warthunder or Ragethunder... I have spent many an hour in that game. The airplanes fly like shoes and the Russians will always keep their tech tree packed with the best planes. The Russian version of anything is the best in WT. So the American P40 is worse then the Russian because of the holy Stalin wood. Don't get me started on the bullsh#t bomb loads of the bombers!


Now the tanks, boy where to start. Some people give WoT crap because it's an arcade game, and it is which is why I stopped playing it after a while. However atleast they stayed true to what they advertised. I respect WoT for that and in someways would rather play that game again before even looking at the unpleasant arcade game of WT. The over bias Russian devs made sure that anything anyone wields can be stopped by their tanks.


 I played the tanks in WT when they were first released. With in about 4 days I had reached tier IV German tanks. This was all when Realistic battles were popular in the community. This was the best game play for a tank enthusiast like myself. I hate Hubs, and I hate hit markers. I was a tanker for 8 years and I wanna feel at home. The first big problem I have is the Russians believe on their tests during WWII. They keep falling on data from the USSR and only the USSR. Numerous posts and battles in the forum were fought to have them see reason. We provided testing of Armor and ballistics from Germany, US, and UK. which those three nations all had pretty similar results. IE the Tiger's 88L56 and it's penetration. The one thing the Russians never can accept is that their metal ore is not as strong as the three I mentioned before. So 4 inches of German steel is naturally better then 4 inches of test steal the Russians used to test to penetrate the Tiger's frontal hull. So from the very start the Dev's hunted down the German armor. Heck the JadgTiger for the longest time was 1 shot able in the front hull by shooting the toe hooks. Which brings me to the final bullet of WT, everytime the "fix" one thing the break 5 others. Their code is too long for them to keep up and after the fired their international Devs, sold themselves to the money and not the promise of staying historically accurate. Closed beta it had so much potential! The tanks still are plagued with issues and they don't say anything about this in the patch notes. The Tiger II "105" for example has had a broken lot of pzrgt 40 and 39 for the longest time. If you grind that tank those round will not explode! They broke one of the top German tanks almost a year ago and just like the FW 190 D 12, won't fix it. I can keep going tank by tank, but mostly the community has watered down the game. Too many want quick arcade games instead of the realistic game mode. Using a stadia reticle is too hard for most people, and sky lining a tank is suicide in the tanker world.


 So again, I'd rather play WoT if you want a good tank game. At least they are not full of broken codes and false promises.


Just my two cents. ^_^

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