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  1. Kameraden, I've been teaching myself the TARGET Programming interface. The goal is to mimic cockpit controls as closely to aircraft as possible and also have it make sense to me. My starting point was excellent work done by NOiD work available on the DCS download pages for various aircraft. First goal was using the shift state to open switch covers, then have be able to press the button. So basically, multiple presses of the same button gets it done. Good in Russian aircraft for Gear, Drag Chute and any function with a cover. I've also been working on long press & short press. This allows for same button with three different functions. Working through it here, it's actually fun in a twisted way. S!
  2. Lipfert

    Zuper VR!

    Kamerden, I just signed my company up to be a reseller, I'll let you know the wholesale margins. S!
  3. Kameraden, Did a bit of streaming during our testing last night, this was a very impressive start. S!
  4. Gen, I'll run a test tonight, weather is pretty nice out and I'm hoping to get some yard work done. S!
  5. Gen, First attempt here, no rocket science, use full screen. S!
  6. Gen, Give me a little while, I'll take some screenshots. S!
  7. Kameraden, Out of the box, this looks like a good update for NVIDIA users. Contact spotting is excellent, water looks good and performance is acceptable. More testing this evening, right now I'm running on a monitor and I'll checkout VR on the weekend once I get more feedback. S!
  8. Mother earth has really had enough of our sh*t.........
  9. Did you request a replacement from Delta?
  10. Make sure it's plugged into a USB 2 port.
  11. Klaiber, In the video, he manages to extract the original one with just his finger. I had to use a flat screwdriver on the bottom and loosen it up, minor pressure though (not a concern). S!
  12. Kameraden, Never been happy with the slew axis on my Warthog, so I did this today and am happy to report it's well worth it. Going to come in handy for all sorts of functions in the pit, if you've got this throttle I recommend it. The Mod Before In progress Complete Where I got it Delta Sim Website Good post about the install and configuration S!
  13. Kameraden, Not sure 100% what year the Kunos track dates from, but here's me just working on getting a Qualification setup for testing. I'm still working on some corners, they are challenging to say the least. I'm also getting some pauses on Twitch. The game is fine. S!
  14. Kameraden, I've been pretty good at avoiding problems on track up until this race and I'm actually pretty happy that I got 7th considering. This race was different, had a big impact on the first lap in the fourth corner and damaged my front wing, this really plagued me during the whole race. Congrats to Obviousman for a terrific result. S!
  15. Kameraden, Here's the last race we did on this track. S!
  16. Kameraden, This is a tough track, practice is required. Let me know, I'll try to help. S!
  17. Updated with new personal best.
  18. Kameraden, I will be around today if you'd like a walk through, this is a high speed circuit with very few places to pass. You're going to have to pretty much wait for the person in front of you to make a mistake. Should be late afternoon. S!
  19. Kameraden, Here's my part of the race, was pretty happy with my result.
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