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Proposition: Alternate game nights


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Here's my proposition,


Alternate game nights.


I'm thinking even though we are a flying game squadron we should consider having a night every two weeks or so dedicated to some other game.


I'm thinking games like ArmA, Verdun, or Red Orchestra 2 could be good examples.



Maybe go roll independent on ArmA 3 Wasteland? :P

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Somewhere around here are some calendars with the different practices and event schedules, I believe in the SOP section for each squadron. Saturday is open across all three squadrons. Anyone that shares your interest in any of those games is more than welcome to join up, asking around is definitely the way to go.


I play ArmA quite often at random times but nothing consistent, Trev plays more but he recently bricked his Warthog and is waiting on a reponse from TM. I loved RO2 but after playing so much ArmA, I don't find any FPS/3PS enjoyable without TrackIR, even Skyrim. However, I have a wife and three kids so I have to pick my battles wisely and currently my focus is on Ghost Skies and Cliffs of Dover.


The issue is that we fly three squadrons and not all pilots fly each one. Meaning that taking one of the established nights away from one will reduce participation disproportionately. However, if you find someone not flying in II./JG1 in CloD, for example, they have three additional nights a week open or those without DCS World have Fridays.

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That is pretty much why Saturday's are open already, so we don't fly 7 days a week.  It used to be Fridays, too, but MiGs are sexy.  B)


We won't set that down as an allotted time for "other gaming" but I believe it would be hard pressed to ever fill that day in with another encouraged flying night.  BoS/BoM would fall under II./JG1's calendar, Sunday/Tuesday/Thursdays. 

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