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JG1 Application


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      I would like to join your Jasta if you will have me , ...

       Current Information as follows :

            : Time Zone - US Eastern Standard Time 

            : Joystick : Logictech  Extreme 3D Pro

            :TeamSpeak not installed as of this posting but have it on the to do list as well as getting a headset ASAP.

               (Fixed income disability so it may have to wait until after the middle of the month as of this posting)

            : Do not have TrackIR or a free track system , will research and install if possible.  

            : Flying and/or wrecking planes in ROF only ,,, currently only my own plane

            : Found JG1 via the ROF Forum and request for help and a home ...

            :  I have always liked WWI aircraft since an early age and had to dream of flying them until the reality of such made it clear it would never happen , both from the fact I could never afford a pilots license /training and the technical aspect learned from personal research and from those also interested and knowledgeable in what was and what is todays or was back in the late 60's/70's and my first childhood. ....lol .  So after having life turned upend from both a divorce and disability from spinal stenosis , C3-C6 are fused ... I am left with caring for my aged Mother , what is left of the family farm after the divorce. I have a small computer system not a gaming race horse but it's better than what I had for RB3D back in the day Verizon dial service internet ,,,, (Town did not get enough kick back to let them install FIOS,.. and we don't want Comcast cable) Other than a few chores my time is my own I play a few online games at Pogo most evenings ... My other interest is my Argo 6x6 and a gift for gabb


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Klaiber, our Commanding Officer, should be along shortly to convey some traffic to this regard. 


            : Flying and/or wrecking planes in ROF only ,,, currently only my own plane


I do hope things workout and I'm able to fly with you when I return.  This line, in particular, makes me hope to meet you!

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So glad to see you here, VonWrecker! :)


Teamspeak microphone/headsets aren't too spendy. I got mine for around $20 over a year ago and it's still kickin'. The Teamspeak program is free to download as well. When you want to try setting it up, this article might be helpful:



TrackIR is a little more expensive...to the tune of about $150 last time I checked.  :wacko: However, it is one of the best flight sim investments I ever made, although I had to save up a while before I got it lol.  ;)

Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!



- Hotlead

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