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Just curious


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Hi Kojack,


The sims have changed, but we are the same JG1 from Red Baron II. :)


Moritz retired in the early 2000s, as did Kroll and Wolfgang.  vonLeep came back active for a while, before eventually retiring circa 2007.


However, there are still a few of the old guard around.  Butzzell, Wurger and Lowengrin are still active in the community.  And RivRat and Degelow float through every once in a while.


JG1 is actually 24 this year!  Old enough to still get in trouble, but perhaps wise enough to regret it the next morning.


If you fly Rise of Flight, IL-2: Cliffs of Dover, IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, or DCS World, you should join us online sometime.


You're more than welcome.  Let me know, and I'll send you our TS information.

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Hallo, Klaiber.


I appreciate the offer, but alas, these days I'm a console peasant. I decided to look you guys up because I saw the announcement for Battlefield 1 and it made me think of my old friends in JG1 and I wondered if they were still around.


Perhaps one day I'll build a new PC, I've been drooling over YouTube videos of Rise of Flight for some time now. Until then, I'll stick with my PS4. :/ Somehow I doubt it, but if any of you are on PlayStation, you're more than welcome to add me, my PSN name is jasta6.



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That was the Jasta you were in, right?  Jasta 6, I mean.  When I first joined JG1 in 2001, that was the Jasta that I was assigned to as well.


Have a lot of good memories of flying with Moritz, Wolfgang von Welhausen and Graser.


Btw: I just thought of something - when you mentioned Wolfgang earlier, did you mean von Jager?

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That is correct, I joined JG1 about a month or two before RB2 was released and was assigned to Jasta 6 under BlackKnightofDoom's command. After Ben left, I was made CO of Jasta 6. Wolfgang von Jager (I believe, there were two or three Wolfgangs then) was in charge of Jasta 10 at the time, and moved up to Ritt. after Kessler left. I stayed on for a little while longer, but I had just graduated in 2001 and was looking to begin college, so you must have joined right after I left.

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I've been attempting to record JG1's history.  Specifically, who was in command at what time.  It's a project that I began years ago.


But as time has passed, the available records have become harder to come by.


Do you mind if I send you the Excel file?


If you had any additional information or dates, I'd be very appreciative.  I have the broad strokes, but there are of course gaps.


Let me know.

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